Saturday, 31 January 2009

love is in the air(17)

I didn’t want to upset my heart so I said yes. Yet I did upset my mind. I went to my parents room to get my passport, dad was out of town as usual, mom was in the bathroom. I opened the drawer of the family's documents, all four passports were there. phew! I thought, I took my passport and ran out of their room.

I put on a long white gypsy skirt, sleeveless white tank top and a small missoni cardigan. I let my natural waves down , skipped make-up since I don’t do make-up on summer, took my large bottega tote and went downstairs.

I was putting on my earrings when I saw Mother in the livingroom, I approached her and kissed the crown of
her head. " shemga3dech hal 7azza yumma?" she said.

" mama elyoum 3eed melady shfeech?"

" kel 3am wentay eb5air 7abeebti wana agool ana nasya shay, wain ray7a?" she forgot, great.

" ba6la3 , ra7 at2a5ar shway mama"

" laish ba3ad?" typical!

"mama! Ba3ad its my birthday!"

" enzain, bas still latet2a5erain wayed obooch mayertha"

"mama a5af bas oboy bel bait! you know what? whatever , ana mashya"

I ignored her "te7el6em" behind me and left. I heard this conversation million times and I was in no mood to argue, especially when it came to my dad, he was never here, why bother and talk about him! And I was even more furious with her because im her only daughter and she forgot my freakin birthday!


I arrived at terki's old house, great! He wasn’t in his car, I dialed his number and waited.

"haa wainek?" I yelled.

"besmella shfech! Nezlay lel7en ma5ala9t" he said.

" uff, okay okay" I was seriously mad.

i got out of my car, locked it and headed to the big brown gate. I pressed the buzzer. His voice came through the intercom right away. "deshay its open"

I made my way upstairs to his room, I knocked on his door. "Are you descent?" I said.

"ee baby deshay" he said.

To say that my heart stopped would be an understatement. he was in only his jeans, his brown body was even browner , I couldn’t help staring. Seriously broad shoulders, a perfectly smooth muscular chest, a taut flat stomach and those deep hip lines. The guy had a body of an Olympic swimmer. I gulped.

Before I knew it he pulled me into a deep soft kiss. He pulled away slightly "happy birthday" he said. And I had this feeling that this birthday was going to be the best birthday ever.

"9ayra Rosalinda elyom madry Maria Mercedes madry shesamonha " he said with a big grin on his face.

" shtabyy 7elwa tanoorty!" I giggled.

" wenta shdarak ebhal sowalef, no3ek etabe3?" I teased.

His face turned crimson " la shako, elwalda kanat edman 3ala hal sowalef"

" sure" I winked.

" wallah I don’t watch soaps sheno mako sh'3el!" he looked like a seven year old, I couldn’t help laughing at him.

I pinched his cheeks, his eyes were so green against his brown skin, katkooot,summer did a great job on him. I thought.

" a77 wa5ray eedech! Sawai shay useful o 6al3ely shirt min el kabat" he said.

The idea amused me at once. His scent slapped me when I opened the closet's door. His clothes smelled so much like him that I wanted to kiss the shirts.

I picked a white Armani shirt; it would look striking on his brown skin. " try this one" I said handing him the shirt.

" hmm chenna thayej shway" he rubbed his hair. Honey that's the point. I thought.

" I liked it, I don’t think its thayej" I said nonchalantly.

" okay, labseenyah" he grinned.

"laish mat3aref talbes?!" I grinned back at him.

" la ma3aref" he said.

No problem sexy. I put the shirt over his head, pulled his arms through the holes of the sleeves and straightened the shirt at his stomach.

" gorgeous" I blushed when I realized that I said it out loud.

"3yooonech el gorgeous 7abebti" he said.

" tarookii, wain benroo7?" I said softly.

"wait and see" he said.

" wallah mayendara 3anek, madry laish gelt yes!"

"lat5afeen I promise that you'll be okay, I wont let anything happen to you" he smiled. Where the hell was he taking me?


The sign of Kuwait airport stopped my heart. What the hell are we doing here?! I couldn’t travel with him! no I would never do it!


" hehe wallah el3atheem ena I wanted to take you to paris wela italy wela somewhere bas adry ena you cant so I picked a place nearby" he said calmly.

"sheno nearby!!!!! Oh my god! redny baitna!" I was freaking out.

he pulled over the car, and looked deep into my eyes. " janoona you trust me, 9a7?" he held my left hand.

" eee but.."

"mako buts" he interrupted " benroo7 el ba7rain, for a few hours o radeen, 3ady tara 7dha gereeba , etha bel sayara no9al within five hours, let alone a plane, enshallah 3al 10 e7na benkoon bel Kuwait, etha mu abchar ba3ad"

I sighed and looked away.

We entered the airport, after parking the car in the departures parking. He held my hand; we were like a cute young married couple.
I felt dizzy and nauseous in the airplane, I was worried, I couldn’t relax. Terki couldn’t stop touching me; he'd play with my hair and kiss my cheek every now and then.

I finally managed to relax when the air hostess served us tea.


love ;** said...

she should relax, a7is he has the most romantic day planned out for them....cant wait till the next part ;**

Cuteness said...

alaaaaaa wanasa !!! Ana wayid b3d et7ooshni 7alaat aroo7ilb7rain il9ib7 o arid belail...hehe;))) oo maria mercedes sha5bariiii :D

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i knew it!

ba7rain is always the destination of choice for a one day trip ;)

moi said...

love: she should, he really loves her;**

cuteness: lool eee:P, ana b3d kella asaweha:P

moi said...

dandooon: feh '3airha yan3y;p

S said...

aawwh.. 3uqbal ma we all pick what they wear ;)

sa said...

heheheh ya7ilwa! hope nothing goes wrong:p

Anonymous said...

WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!:P ba7raainnnnn , coool ;p

fahad said...

love the story! love the writer! keep it up:)

PaLoMiNo said...

Cant wait for the rest!!:***

Khaled KEM said...

Very nice style of writing.

No0oDy said...

woow !!

next part next part next part PLzz

Lost b2amreeka. said...

-.- TERKI TAKHITH-HA W MA TAKHITHNY?!!!! AFAAA!! 6ila3 7adda naas w naas hal turki -.- ilovehim *squeals*

moi said...

s: looool ameen:P

sa: enshallahh:P

anony: ee im jealous:(

fahad: hehe thanx love u:P

palomino: soon-ish;p

khaled kem:merciii

nooody: tonite!

lost:ma3alesh enshallah el sfra elyaya enty:P

Anonymous said...


shoosh said...

shkla bwdeeha banayn tree!! lool ana gilt dubai mat5ylt btyoona!

Silhouette Crime said...

Shu 3nda T in Ba7? what has he planned?

moi said...

sugar: lool eshwaya;p

shoosh:bahrain agrab;p

silhouete crime: bday gift;p

Candy said...

yepee! 7adee met7amsah !!
laikoon bas ra7 yel3ab 3alaiha wallah la athba7a hal turky @@

Limited said...

sounds like he has something interesting planned in bahrain .. they should come to dubai =P

Starlight<3 said...

Oh my god!

I love this, I am in desperate need of my own Terkii!

and Limited yes they should come to Dubai ;) Although I don't quite think it would be much of a quiet romantic getaway not that Bahrain is but it sure beats dxb ;P

Post soon ;*


moi said...

candy: e5aaaaaasyyy yel3ab 3leha:@;p

limited: dubai ab3ad shwaya:P

starlight: lool madry lesh he picked bahrain:P, i'll post tonite enshallah;*

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

mmmaadeeriii laaaish a7is be9eer shaay hnaak oo yitwahgoon... ;s !!

moi said...

7aleeb kakaw: enshallah la2:O!;p, im boreddddddddddd shaswy?:(

Gutter Flower said...

3ashaaaw 3ashaaaaw.. beyoooonaaa il bahraaaaain! anaaaasaaa! haahahha its the last place that crossed my mind ana b3ad 7asait bewadeeha dubai aw shay! allaaaaaay i love u more now kz u picked bahrain =p hmmmm 7adi interested abi a3arf wain bewadeeeehaaaa!

eshda3wa said...

what happened when they got to bahrain??

angel face said...

way ya5teee!! that sso cute !! cant wait to know what happens ! ;*

moi said...

gutter flower: loool ;*** i love u morer;p

eshda3wa: they die:P, la kidding, i'll post part 18 b3d shwy

angel face: soon 7bebti;*

Ruby Woo said...

taa7liff??? ya3ni galaha yeebay jawazich? Shino bisawe feeh mathalan ibarwiza? Akeeda bisafroon!!

eee eeeee mi7tara!!

Gutter Flower said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Ruby Woo's comment theba7ny mn il '6e7ek!

Gutter Flower said...

wain part 18? =(

sexy_sour_sweet said...

I love <3 <3

moi said...

ruby woo: haddai a39abech:P:P;*

gutter flower: loool, enshallah today ams i went to the hospital:$

sexy sour sweet: who?:P

3anooda said...

i had found your blog min zaman lakin i lost it again wal7een radait oo kamalt il story - next part please. oo laish hal ashya ma t9eer li?? ana aby bf ysafirni for a few hours for my birthday

Gutter Flower said...

7abeeebtiii! 5air inshalla whats wrong?!?

moi said...

3anooda: el7ath yaw5aity:P

gutter flower: 6e7t 6ai7a gashra;\!

Gossip Girl said...

Lol. Bahrain? What is so romantic about it?:P

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