Monday, 2 January 2012

It happened one (new year's) night (1 of 2)

Helloo dear readers! merry christmas and happy new year, this is my gift to you...much love xoxo

Finishing her creamy rich mushroom soup, she sat the tray on the other side of the four poster bed and put her throbbing head back on the soft pillows. She sighed heavily, a sense of relief and comfort sweeping over the areas around her stomach and back. Even the treacherous coolness in her little toes dissolved to delisious warmth. After three hours of insufferable period pains, a handful of pain killers, hot water bottles and soup, she was finally begining to feel slightly better.

She reluctantly left the inviting warmth of the hotel bed, with trembling fingers she put the empty bowl back on the tray and made her way to the bedroom door with the silver tray in her hands.

The whole thing happened too fast, one second she was simply opening her hotel room's door to dumb the tray on the floor, but as she opened the door a rain of blinding sparks fell over her vision and she swayed heavily, dumping the tray on a pair of big, masculine shoes instead. But before she hit the floor , she became aware of a pair of strong arms steadying her frail body. She shook her head to clear her vision, blinking hard and fast. "Are you okay?? is there something I could do??" He kept saying over and over again. She tried to talk but failed and could only manage a groan, clutching his strong arm with all her remaining strength, she felt herself being carried back to her room, she closed her eyes wetting her parched lips over and over again.

He carried her all the way back inside her hotel room and placed her gently on the bed. The girl looked so small and thin, a seventeen year old or not more than eighteen perhaps, he thought, she was just a child, a child who happened to lose conciousness in the hotel corridor, right before him and he had to help yet...yet an uncomfortable unfamiliar feeling tugged at his chest, a feeling he couldn't recognize, he had to leave her bedroom right away, it wasn't appropriate and she looked arabian, no she looked damned kuwaiti!

" Miss" He said. " Are you here with a parent or..a..friend? shall I call someone for help?"

She shook her head, unable to speak, her dried mouth and tingling face driving her mad. " Water" She finally managed in a husky, small voice.

Shit. Why do such things have to happen to simple, busy man like himself? where the fuck where her parents? was she here alone? He was suddenly furious with himself and with everything.

He went to fetch a bottle of water from the mini bar, and came back to her bedside emmediatly. He lifted her head up and helped her drink the cold, relieving water. She drank and sighed heavily, finally managing to open her eyes. That's when he noticed the beauty of her round, thick lashed light brown eyes. So big, so astonishingly golden around the irises, he instinctively leaned closer to take a better look. She suddenly became aware of his closeness and the heat of the stranger's body around her. staring down at her was the largest and most handsome male she had ever seen. His shoulders wide and beautiful in a gray, expensive suit, his black hair tousled and thick, framing a handsome tanned face with features so vivid she had to swallow hard to keep from swooning again, a beauty mark on the corner of his full pink lips caught her eye and she slowly colored, she self conciously tried to set up, making him jerk his dark head back in surprise and something else she couldn't read.

"I-I'm s-s" She stammered like an idiot, unable to perform actual words. She shook her head and tried again. " Thank you..I.."

" What's your name?" He suddenly asked, startling them both. He felt an odd curiousity towards this young girl, he wanted to know as much as he could about her. He wanted to know her favorite food, her favorite color, her name and age..good god, what the hell was wrong with him?

" L-lulu..and you Mr...?" She blushed hard, unable to look at his penetrating black eyes, her shy eyes settling on his tie.

" Yousef" He suddenly smiled, revealing startingly white teeth, contrasting the smooth of his tanned skin. Slight wrinkles appeared in the corners of his eyes, making him look more human and approachable, a touch of humanity and vulnerability for a face too perfect.

" What happend out there Lulu?" He asked, frowning slightly. " Are you ill?"

She shook her head, the color rising in her cheeks. " Just a bit tired, I'm fine now..thank you for everything.., this is really embarrasing" She let out a shaky laugh.

" Its okay" He said. " Should I call someone for you? a mother or a-"

" I'm here alone" He heard her say. " But thank you"

Wait a second. " Alone? how come you're alone?" He asked, one eye brow arched in surprise.

" With work" She grinned. "My work place sent me here, to you"

"How old are you?!" He found himself askng, shocking them both yet again.

" Twenty four" She chuckled. " And you?"

"What? I mean sorry, um..." He cleared his throat. " I thought you were no more than 18 years of age"

She laughed. The sound musical and soft, making his heart clutch in a funny, unfamiliar way. He couldn't help but grin back at her.

" I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing" She said, jokingly.

" I don't know either" He said and gave her one of his charmig, heart warming smiles.

The next day she pumbed into him in the hotel lobby and then the next and the next until he told her, in that sexy deep voice of his. " I think that we are unconciously dating"

The fact that she was recieving attention from a gorgeous gentleman for the first time in her life, amused and frightened Luluwa, if only her sister knew, she smiled mischevieosly. Luluwa's sister Lujain was definately the one with good looks and charm. With only one year of seperation between the birth of the two girls, they looked nothing alike. Lujain, with her striking good looks, voluptuous curvy figure and stubborn, strong personality.While Luluwa the  younger sister, painfully shy, easily overlooked and forgotten with average beauty and a small, narrow boned body of a little girl. Men naturally preffered the older one, even their mother liked Lujain better; a fact Luluwa bitterly accepted since childhood.

She rarely if never recieved any attention from the other sex, except for that skinny, boring cousin of her's whom her mother already contemplated as the only potential husband for her unlucky daughter.

Everything changed for Luluwa in that particular night. It was a night of new beginings and passion, the night she agreed to meet him over new year's dinner. They were both lonely and away from their families and friends in a merciless, impersonal city. The invitation seemed so innocent and casual at the time, but deep down Luluwa knew that there was nothing casual and innocent about him. He was the man every young woman fantasized about, the man mothers didn't approve of, the man she'd fall in love with in a heartbeat.

The fact that she spent two whole hours getting ready for the small, casual dinner was beyond her. She'd never spent that time getting ready for anything, yet she desperately wanted to impress him, she craved this stranger's attention, she wanted him to look at her like a man look at a beautiful woman and her own unlady like desire appalled her.

She finally settled for a red, cashmere dress that flattered and warmed her body. She even put on effort on her hair and make up. Her shoulder length, naturally straight brown hair was in gleaming waves and curles. She applied a little make up,due to her inexperience with cosmetics and therefore avoiding the risk of looking like a clown and she was honestly satisfied with the results.

Her heart thumping hard against her chest, she made her way inside the restaurant she promised to meet him in. He was already there, looking all relaxed and informal, the first two buttons of his crisp white shirt unbuttoned, showing the smooth skin of his tanned throat, the sleeves rolled to his strong forearms, the hairs and muscles made her swallow hard, perfection indeed. Luluwa felt out of place with her overdressed state, it was indeed a casual dinner. She colored with embarrasment.

He was deathly handsome and he was so out of her league.

She was not a great beauty yet he found himself furiously attracted to her. Maybe it was the way she looked, so young and innocent...she made him want to be very, very bad.

She took off her coat and sat on the chair opposite him in the round dining table. "glad you made it" He said, his smiling eyes meeting hers. A mistake...

" It's not like I have anything better to do" She said teasingly. Her glorious eyes glittered like liquid velvet, he wanted to stare at them forever.

The meal seemed to go on all night, they talked about nothing and everything and ate...a lot. And by the time they were finished, it was already five minutes before twelve. Five minutes before new year's. Everyone was gathering outside waiting for the fireworks and countdown to start, he paid the bill and took her outside to join the crowd.

" Oh my god this is insane!" She said, giggling.

His hand brushed against her's and she felt his warm fingers circling around hers. Maybe it was the magic of the night or being caught in a moment of sheer excitement, but she applied preasure on his fingers and they stood there, looking at the sky, fingers entwined.












They were standing so close, she could smell his aftershave and the deep underlying skin of clean male. The crisp scent of his wool coat and fragrance invading her nostrils. And before she comprehended what was happening, his powerful arm had brought her against the heat of his hard masculine body, his other hand travelling to her hot, pink cheeks. " Happy new year" He said leaning so close to her face, their noses touching, and he took her mouth in his.

She gasped and tried to push him away with her powerless fists but he didn't relent. He kissed her deeper, his tongue sliding tentatively across her lips,urging them to part and to her utter surprise, she responded, kissing him back with timid inexperience at first, and his hungry, urgent mouth gentled, now kissing her softly, savoring her as if he had all the times in the world.

She felt herself going limp, her senses drugged. Her traitorous fingers curled into the thick, soft hair at his nape, then moving to his powerful shoulders, clutching hard for support. Panting heavily, he slowly took his lips from hers and his hand brushed lightly against her cheek.

That was the last memory she had of him. It was the last time she saw him, the man she loved so violently for eleven months, for endless nights she thought and fantasized about him but didn't dare look for him. Until this day, when she saw him in her own home.

The man her sister was marrying..

To be continued...