Saturday, 3 July 2010

my name is Nouf (4)

sorry for the long wait my dear readers but alot have happend and I'm...sorry? :$ , hope you enjoy the post ;*

I inserted the bunny ears on top of my head and applied another coat of lips gloss. I was all dolled up and ready for the annual costume party at my friend Zaina's house.

I was a playboy bunny, sexy, funny and something Faris would like. Yes I had planned to show him my costume, I'd excuse myself from the party and we'd work something out.

Shaikha's driver was already waiting for us downstairs, Shaikha and Noura were already at my house since we always get ready for parties together, it's something we used to do since we were in high school and it became a tradition. Shaikha was dressed as Jessica Rabbit, she was ravishing, sexy and her tiny waist made me slightly jealous. Anyone else wouldn’t look this gorgeous wearing a bright red wig, I thought. Noura on the other hand was a "manoush" as she referred to it; she was a gypsy girl.

Girls looked like dolls in all shapes and sizes. I made my way between a packed crowd of swaying bodies, different colors, different shapes, sizes and looks. My head spun so I looked away and focused on Zaina's welcoming, warm grin. Zaina looked gorgeous as ever in an orange, sparkly retro, one shoulder jump suit. She extended her arms towards us and we all hugged her at the same time. "waaaai I'm so happy that you're here! I thought you couldn't make it because of jetlag" she yelled.

"walaw! Of course we'll make it!" I said and kissed her cheek.

" haw 6umasha shlon en6awif" Shaikha said and we all laughed. We chatted for a few minutes and then Zaina excused herself to greet more guests and we sat in a place right before the dance floor.

The girls danced, chatted and ate while all I did was glancing at my phone every now and then. I wanted to go see Faris and I wanted to do it while I still looked fresh.

"eshfeech et7ineeen??" he texted me.

"don’t you wanna see me?"

"aren’t you suppose to be in a party??"

"yes but I thought we agreed on…you know ;) "

" what? Why cant you just enjoy your time without including me in everything?"

" :S "

"fine, 6il3ay!"

"ok ;*"

I excused myself and rushed to my car and perhaps told a little white lie to cover what I was about to do. I told Faris to meet me somewhere nearby Zaina's house.

I parked and waited for him to arrive. Twenty minutes have passed and he didn’t show up.

Fifty minutes.

An hour.

I had to call. I dialed his number and he picked up on the second ring. "wainik?!!!"

" on my way" his voice came at the other end of the phone so calmed and that erritated me.

" Faris tara sarli sa3a an6ir!!" I yelled.

"latsarkheen! Getlich I'm on my way. Bye" he hung up on me. HE HUNG UP ON ME!

Blood rushed to my veins and I started grinding my teeth. I felt like screaming on top of my lungs but I sighed heavily and rested my forehead against the steering wheel instead.

A few minutes later I heard a gentle knocking on my car's window. I quickly looked up and saw his face.

I rolled down my window. "Why don’t you come inside?" I offered.

He got in the passenger's seat and closed the car's door behind him. " entai min sijich 6al3a chethi with your bunny ears?? fiskhay ba3ad??"

" 3adii mako a7ad!"

" kil hatha mako a7ad! ekoon eb 3ilmich its 9:30!" he yelled.

"you're the one who made me wait!"

"chub!" he said and I couldn’t believe what I heard.

"wh-what?" I said almost whispering. I was utterly shocked.

" getlich chub! Why are you so selfish?? It's all Me-Me-Me with you! You think life revolves around you only?? For your information I have a life! Moo bes ental eb 7ayati! Grow the fuck up! You won’t change ever would you?"

I started to shiver but I wasn’t cold. " I… I'm sorry"

"I don’t want a girl like you Nouf. I need an independent, real woman. You hear me? Real woman! Bes 3iftich entai mara7 ete3adelain, wela ebnayya hal 7azza te6la3 chethi?? entai kellish mu san3a!"

A single tear crept down my cheek and I looked down. "I can change, I can be better! I am the one for you Faris, I can prove it! Please Faris…I love you!" I was sobbing hysterically now.

"Drama queen" he said. "lawa3tai chabdi I should have known that you are just a mindless, selfish girl who cares about nothing in the world but herself and the new season's shoes!"

"You know I'm not like that" I croaked. My voice has disappeared and I wasn’t even sure that he heard me.

" I love you" I said between sobs.

"spare me"

"I swear! Wallah el3atheem amoot 3alayk…you are my life Faris! Please give me a chance!"

" you are pathetic" he said calmly. " go back to your party allaa yastir 3alaych"

"r-right" I mumbled.

" I don’t want to hear from you ever again" he said without looking at me. He unlocked the door and left the car.

you could say I learned the true meaning of the words "cry me a river".