Saturday, 30 January 2010

akheeraan etgarra2t!

short story of someone I know who needs help, please share your openion ;*

I hated my curly hair, mainly because he preferred straight, silky one. I ran my delicate fingers through my black, natural curls, checked my reflection in the rearview mirror and finally turned off my car's engine.

when I opened the chalet's front door , he was lying on the sofa , with the remote control in his right hand, snoring. he was asleep.

I touched his hand gently , freeing the remote control from his grip; he pushed me away involuntarily while he was still fast asleep. I sighed, he's a baby; my big baby.

"Khalid?" I called his name softly.

No response.


"Mmm" he murmured.

"Wake up 7abeebi"

"wakhray...wakhray 3anni banaam"

"yeet broo7ii , ana segt le hnii brooo7ii!" I muttered excitedly.

He finally opened his eyes. "laish waayed mestansaa? Awwal marra teyeen broo7ich or what?"

I was taken aback. "yes Khalid, ana akhaaf amshii masafat 6weela broo7ii , remember? especially le el chalet, ma7eb a..."

"shhh latagregeen 3la rasii wayed. yo3an" he said, interrupting me.

"oh, d-do you want me to cook you something?" I hid the pain I felt in my chest with my soft, loving words. I have never gotten used to his sudden, cold behavior towards me. He was like this most of the times, but I never had the ability to build a shield to stop getting hurt, although we have been together for six years.

"sheno eb te6bekheen y3nii?! mako shai bil kitchen and it's not like you're a great cook!"

"Why are you always so angry at me??" the words escaped my mouth , surprising both of us. I had never questioned the way he treated me, I never asked for answers neither did I complain, I was okay with everything as long as he was mine. I was so scared of losing him , but this time I didn't know what happened to me. Maybe I was PMSing or something , I really can't remember.

He watched me with shock and confusion in his beautiful, big brown eyes, but for my utter dissapointment and before he could open his mouth I walked out of the small living room and rushed into the bathroom, I locked the bathroom's door behind me and rested my back against it. Oh god, what have you done Muneera? what have you done??

A gentle knock on the door interrupted my thoughts and made me jump with fear. My eyes started getting ready to water when his masculine, familiar voice muttered my name. "Muneera" he said. " open the door 7ayaati"

"o-okay" I opened the door without hesitation and found his hand touching my cheek as soon as I was in his sight.

"I'm sorry, okay?" he muttered the words in an obvious difficulty.

"I don't believe you" I managed to shock myself again.

he sighed and rubbed his head. " Muneera! latnarfezeeni akthar min chethy!"

"excuse me?"

"what do you expect from me y3nii?? I'm khalid Al-fulani , et3rfeen sheno y3nii khalid al fulani?? y3nii I'm good looking, kil bnayya tetmanani! I'm rich, you're...not! I'm..., tadreen shloon? enty elmfrooth ta7mideen rabich enich weyay ANA!"

I stood there before him shocked beyond belief. I couldn't say a word, I wanted to cry, to beat him, to run! I didn't know what to say or do. My legs shook furiously but I managed to stand still. I closed my eyes for a moment , took a deep breath and opened them again.,

"Um, Khalid "AL-fulaani" yemken ana "not" rich , or yemken enta "a7la" menni o kil el banat yaboonik bes lo etlif el kuwait kellaha, KELLAHA maraa7 etlaagii wa7da faithful o zaina o tet7amelek nafsii! enta meno yet7amelek?? enta a9lan matta3ashaar! yallah take care!"

I took my purse and rushed outside his damned chalet.

that was a month ago. he still calls me and begs me to get back together with him. What should I do? forget him and move on or give him another chance although he does not deserve it?
yours-moi ;*

Friday, 1 January 2010

happy new year :D

happy new year my faaaavorite cyber people ;p hehe, shsawaytaaaw hal new year? :D ana I spent it in kuwait ;p with my family and my dear husband :*, we had a barbecue at our house and everything was perfect and cosy :*...and I must say the weather is amaaaazingggg!! hehe I'm happy ;**

love you people o enshallaa this year etkoon fat7aat khair o sa3adaa 3lena kelena

love-moi ;**