Saturday, 30 January 2010

akheeraan etgarra2t!

short story of someone I know who needs help, please share your openion ;*

I hated my curly hair, mainly because he preferred straight, silky one. I ran my delicate fingers through my black, natural curls, checked my reflection in the rearview mirror and finally turned off my car's engine.

when I opened the chalet's front door , he was lying on the sofa , with the remote control in his right hand, snoring. he was asleep.

I touched his hand gently , freeing the remote control from his grip; he pushed me away involuntarily while he was still fast asleep. I sighed, he's a baby; my big baby.

"Khalid?" I called his name softly.

No response.


"Mmm" he murmured.

"Wake up 7abeebi"

"wakhray...wakhray 3anni banaam"

"yeet broo7ii , ana segt le hnii brooo7ii!" I muttered excitedly.

He finally opened his eyes. "laish waayed mestansaa? Awwal marra teyeen broo7ich or what?"

I was taken aback. "yes Khalid, ana akhaaf amshii masafat 6weela broo7ii , remember? especially le el chalet, ma7eb a..."

"shhh latagregeen 3la rasii wayed. yo3an" he said, interrupting me.

"oh, d-do you want me to cook you something?" I hid the pain I felt in my chest with my soft, loving words. I have never gotten used to his sudden, cold behavior towards me. He was like this most of the times, but I never had the ability to build a shield to stop getting hurt, although we have been together for six years.

"sheno eb te6bekheen y3nii?! mako shai bil kitchen and it's not like you're a great cook!"

"Why are you always so angry at me??" the words escaped my mouth , surprising both of us. I had never questioned the way he treated me, I never asked for answers neither did I complain, I was okay with everything as long as he was mine. I was so scared of losing him , but this time I didn't know what happened to me. Maybe I was PMSing or something , I really can't remember.

He watched me with shock and confusion in his beautiful, big brown eyes, but for my utter dissapointment and before he could open his mouth I walked out of the small living room and rushed into the bathroom, I locked the bathroom's door behind me and rested my back against it. Oh god, what have you done Muneera? what have you done??

A gentle knock on the door interrupted my thoughts and made me jump with fear. My eyes started getting ready to water when his masculine, familiar voice muttered my name. "Muneera" he said. " open the door 7ayaati"

"o-okay" I opened the door without hesitation and found his hand touching my cheek as soon as I was in his sight.

"I'm sorry, okay?" he muttered the words in an obvious difficulty.

"I don't believe you" I managed to shock myself again.

he sighed and rubbed his head. " Muneera! latnarfezeeni akthar min chethy!"

"excuse me?"

"what do you expect from me y3nii?? I'm khalid Al-fulani , et3rfeen sheno y3nii khalid al fulani?? y3nii I'm good looking, kil bnayya tetmanani! I'm rich, you're...not! I'm..., tadreen shloon? enty elmfrooth ta7mideen rabich enich weyay ANA!"

I stood there before him shocked beyond belief. I couldn't say a word, I wanted to cry, to beat him, to run! I didn't know what to say or do. My legs shook furiously but I managed to stand still. I closed my eyes for a moment , took a deep breath and opened them again.,

"Um, Khalid "AL-fulaani" yemken ana "not" rich , or yemken enta "a7la" menni o kil el banat yaboonik bes lo etlif el kuwait kellaha, KELLAHA maraa7 etlaagii wa7da faithful o zaina o tet7amelek nafsii! enta meno yet7amelek?? enta a9lan matta3ashaar! yallah take care!"

I took my purse and rushed outside his damned chalet.

that was a month ago. he still calls me and begs me to get back together with him. What should I do? forget him and move on or give him another chance although he does not deserve it?
yours-moi ;*


Average.Q8i said...

'Ma Aredd Lel Jamraa; o Asheelaha Bkaffee; Jara7tenee Marra O A9'ennaha Takfee .. ;/ .. ' ..

moi said...

average: I ab. agree with you!

Anonymous said...

if you love someone u'd never think of the materialistic stuff - ohwa shayef nafsa and she def. deserves better
beyeela youm o y3aref that money is not everything

Um Mit3ib said...

ewaly ma3alaihaa minaaaa

L said...

ur crazy if ur considering giving him another chance.. btw do u know how many people would die for curly hair? its sooo hottt i would die fot curly hair!! el straight hair 7elo bas curly is very exotic and attractive se2lay ay a7ad.. ok off track ;p min kalamech ur an amazing person feech wayed saber w ga3ed ete7ammelain akthar min ma ur supposed to.. im sure u hung on to him 3ashan he was probably a good catch w u felt lucky being the one to get him.. bas 7abeebte materialistic things and names and money dont matter lema et3ashreen el ensan.. floosa mara7 tfeedech wala his looks wala manseba wala shay.. its how he treats u.. w since he treats u badly khassattan enech entay sabra 3alaih w mray7eta w ur taking such good care of him.. sara7a u should have left him a long time ago.. latredeenla i guarantee u he'll keep acting the way he used to.. ekhtheeha menni i know from experience.. wenshalah alah we3awthech 3ala hal 6 yrs good luck sweety ;*

caramela said...

forget about him o move along ra7 tilgainlich wa7d i7biich o nafs mostawach a7san min wa7d kil shwai itmanan 3alaich ana mino o wild mino o a7la minich o swalif ilkids

miss u moi ;**

Une Fille said...

Forget about him, no one deserves to be treated like that, especially by an obnoxious person. Walla let her forget him, winshalla alla yarzigha billi 9ij i7ibha wira3eeha. Aham shay karamat'ha.

FourMe said...

what an arrogant asshole! love could be blind at times but this fool doesn't deserve to be loved..

Move on dear he ain't worth a penny.. he could be rich as hell still that does not mean it makes him a good human being.. anyone that thinks money makes a person is an absolute moron..

ely khalga khalg alf ghaira.. you will hurt but you will get over him in time..

as horrible as it may sound but in his eyes you'll never be good enough for him. he will beg for forgiveness but once he gets it you're back to being the girl that's beneath him..

i wish you all the best..

FourMe said...

ok that bastard pissed me off and I forgot to mention that am loving the new header! nice one..

M.R. said...

foolish idiot.. she deserves better..

Anonymous said...

Do You really think you can have a HAPPY life with this person?
Can you see yourself having his kids? (7ata law he treats you the same way even infront of them?)They ALWAYS say they'll change ! w e7na dayman en9adeg madry laish!
en7ss enah our case '3air 3an il nass w enah it's "special" when fee wayed nass nafs 7alatna!
I say you deserve better ! Because mahma kan el 3thr NO MAN should EVER treat a women like THAT especially a faithful one...

Shushu said...

if she really LOVES him she should give him another chance.. a9lan she wont find true happiness ila with her beloved ..
bas she shouldn't give him another chance just la2ana uhwa kaser 5a6erha or something!

maybe she will be the reason for him to become a better person and everyone deserves second chances!

Anonymous said...

hunny if u trully deeply love him w et7seen enno he some how love's u back then give him a chance

ur the one tht knws him w if he's a player dont go for him

if he's begging then he does love u

wait for a couple of months and if he still calls ya3ne he's not over u

bs if time passes w he doesnt call ya3ne he's over u

i think enno you are a faithful person i mean six years is a big numbers w it's hard to crach it down

think wiselly 7yate


Social Butterfly said...

I don't think he's worth it... shaayef nafsa... If that's how he feels about himself and that every bnt timanaa then 5al eroo7 yelgaala wa7da mn ilee yetmanoona... seriously!

Anonymous said...

Give him one more month if he is still calling and begiing then go for it, if not leave him u deserve better. there is plenty of fish in the sea ;)

Anonymous said...

he's an ass 3ala ilii sawaah!! bs etha 9ij et7eba w she believes ina he can change then 5al ta36eeh another chance .. l2na etha ma 3a6etah another chance bet'6el 6ol 3omra etfaker what if 3a6eeta hal chance? ana agool etha ehya 9ij t7eeba ta36eeh .. etha hal shahar athaat feeha wayed w 7asat ena et7eba akthar mn ma kanat tet9awar then 5al ta36eeh hal chance!! bs etha ib hal shahar w ehay b3eeda 3ana 7asat ena she's ok w nafseyat-ha a7san w ma fakerat la feeh wala ib 7obah then 5ala9 move on cuz u can w l2na ohwa ma yestahel;)!! w inshallah allah yafrejha w yas3eedha ;*

Wicked said...

I'm not a fortune teller, nor can i predict the future.. but i can see where ur story is going
maybe she'll give him another chance and wait for him to pop the big question, and then he'll go like "my family are against this blah blah blah blah blah"

she deserves someone better ...

Crystal said...

She deserves better !! Move on..

Anonymous said...

6A3 HATHA! la wayh?
oo int mino 3ashan itkalim AY A7AD CHITHY? Mala 7ag ili 7atan taj rasa ikaleemhom chity l2ana galeeyl il adab oo ma yi7term nefsa!
il rasool gayil ili fee galba thirat min kibar la yad5al il jana
shay chithy bs the same meaning!!
Shes too good for him;) she treated him well for 6 years! wala mo kafo! 5ali eroo7 emoot;)

Anonymous said...

And curly hair is sexy;) everyone agree's with me.. staight is good but if its TOO straight it boring;)
ANYWAY if he calls one more time tell him to piss off and leave you alone your better then him;) 6amnina 3ala she9eyr

Sham3at Al Jillas said...

Law 9ij alf bint titmanaah laish mit3alig feeha? Ma 3inda salfah. Fakray feeha, etha eg3adat ma3ah al7en shbiseer lama tikbiroun ou titzawijoun? Khal tfeeda fadat elnas shloun bitfeeda!!!

Anony said...


hatha wayh second chance?

Wa7da Qabiya said...

That dude is pathetic! Jad who does he think he is?! Oo moshkelatna e7na il banat itha 7abaina ba3ad khala9 we overlook everything else. I think she should never get back with him even though it might be hard bas being with him is gonna be worse.

moi said...

anon: thats a problem for most locals!! kella floos floos floos, y3nii le meta :/, i always say el floos troo7 wetrid!

um mit3ib: that was my reaction when she first told me el salfa! :@

L: ur so sweet :*, o kalamich saaaa7!

caramela: aww miss u all too :**

un fille: ana getlaha etha jara7 karamtech mrra he'll def. do it again

fourMe: lol ur cute :*, thanxx zaain fe a7ad qaddar el new look ;p

moi said...

M.R: ma7ad yestahel a7ad e3amla chethy, ur right.

H: omg what u just said is soo true! lesh kella en7iss enna our case is different?;p and we should stop giving men excuses for being assholes!

shushu+heaven: she already gave him a chance! 6 years mu shwayya, bs ofcourse the decision is up to her

social butterfly: yeah why is he clinging to her?? tadreen leeesh? l2na ensan 7aqeer o ohwa yadrii ebnafsa ma7ad eb yet7ammala!

anon: u have a point.

anon: giirll that was sad :/ hehe, thanx alot :*

wicked: ur righttt it hurts but its the truth! even if he asked her to marry him how can she marry a guy whp treats her like crap? :/

crystal+hope: you guys haha, exactly meno ohwa 3shan eshof nafsa?? mayadrii enna fee allaa fogna?? akbar minna o min floosa?? o mayadrii enna el ne3maa zawalla?? ok i'm getting angry again :/

sham3at el jillas: khal tenfa3a floosa malat 3leh

anonYYYY: NO :p

wa7da qabyia: ur not qabyia after all :p ;*

Anonymous said...

hey you!! So great to have u back even though u didn't post anything abt urself!:P How u been??;*

And as for your friend: A second chance? NO no no and a thousand times no. If he treated you that way once, he will do it again. And you must always take the strongest impression a person gives u about themselves as the lasting impression. Y3ny in ur case, ohwa shayef nafsa oo he thinks ur not good enough for him,,dam ena he said it, then he meant it or atleast, he believed it. So in my opinion, move on and never ever look back. Ur karama shouldn't allow u to aslan. You may not meet anyone richer or one who doesn't have girls all over him, but u will find one who is better simply as a man. Oh and mister alfalantanii waaain balla ilbanat ilmayteen 3alaik 3anik?? Move ooonnnn babe o chna il3eeeed;p

Hope said...

Leave him .. he's so not worth it
ma Yestahal wa7da methelha
o if he talks 2 her like this then he's never gonna change, she shouldn't allow him 2 talk 2 her like this

Layla said...

I dont think she'll be able to change him. I truly believe that if a person doesn't change by himself, no one can ever change him. I Think she should move on. she might not be able to give another person the same amount of love i mean 6 years is def something, but I'm sure she'll find a person that loves and respects her for who she is, just have faith!

nosa said...

every1 is saying 4get him.. coz when u think about it emotionally.. akeed akeed il say leave him.. especilly coz he's big heaed o shayf nfsah..

but i think maybe she should give him 1 last chance.. maybe him seeing her strong n that she can live without him will make him change.. coz ppl do change if they want to..
if he did it again then sure do leave him coz b6bee3 mayoz 3n 6b3ah..

allah y3eenha.. wayd 9abrah 3aleeh :(
wt happened now?

Anonymous said...

i'm assuming they're not married? :/
awalan, never EVER stay with someone iyheenich ib hal 6areeqa. Karamat-ha awla.
and then, i say let go of him, let her wait for a man that treats her better.

Anonymous said...

this khalid guy should know that baytin rabaha mu 3ayzaan ethuf'ha !!

shfee zood bala ili bemootun 3alai ilnaas? e6eer welbashar tamshi mathalan:o el7emdila 3ala n3mat il3agl

RainDrop said...

5al eywally.. if he really loves her he'd propose

i would usually say; u love him, it7ammelaih.. bas HE'S AN ASS!

she's not min el share3.. if her family rn't rich or hot shots right now, that doesnt mean they weren't someday! or they wont b someday!!

if he's been like this for the past six yrs, he's gonna b like this for the next 20 yrs.. ow bayeeha youm ow baygoolha sorry ana 5e6abt.. BYE.. she doesnt wanna reach the day she does that to her..

sorry am em3a9bah.. sick of men ow their twisted ways

PaLoMiNo said...

waiiii :"/

lash chethi?!?!!!!!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

i say forget him and move on and i think he is a jerk for what he said
ps:i love curly hiar 7ada cute

Anonymous said...

HECK NO! WTH? his speech is unbelievable, and the way he treats you is unexcusable. Just ignore him, he isn't worth it.

q80 life said...

inas tamshe le jedam o matrj3 le wra so FROGET, etha yabeech e3rf shlun yrdlch mthl ma raindrop says "PROPSE" is the word ;P

Shalala said...

She's got the upper hand now, doesn't she?

Za3lana 3aleh, and she has the right because ehwa ghala6 3aleha ghal6a HALKUBIRHA.
Khal testeghel hal fer9a elthahabeya IF he begs to have her back tgoollah: propose NOW or forget me.

I think that's the only way for her to avoid being dumped eb lailat khe6beta. like Wicked said, the story has happened to tens of girls, "ahale ma yerthoon". yeah, my ass!

The ass shouldn't be forgiven at a low price..... otherwise the poor girl will show him enha 3endaha low self esteem.... which is very dangerous.

Is she reading? If so, here's my take-home message: THINK HIGHLY OF YOURSELF

Anonymous said...

what happened about her??