Wednesday, 7 January 2009

the truth about my terki??(9)

It was like one of those dreams where everyone can see your underwear and you want to run but you cant . I pinched myself 1,2,3 times . Unfortunately it wasn’t a bad dream, saud was really standing there , he saw our..our intimacy!!

Saud looked taken aback " I sorry" he left the room, shutting the door behind him.

I was still on the bed I couldn’t move and terki was still holding my hand tight, he rubbed his face with one hand and stood up ,still holding my hand with the other.

. I couldn’t cope with this I had to get out of here ASAP


"terki I should go" I took my purse and left his room.

He didn’t call out after me, he didn’t follow me. HE SHOULD'VE FOLLOWED ME!

Oh god!!! i just met the guy! I don’t even know him very well , now he've seen me with his brother, no no! kissing his brother! Oh god oh god oh god!

I don’t know what's worse, me kissing terki after ,say two weeks of dating him? Maybe less?! or the fact that I got caught kissing him?! aaarghh.

i sat on the driver seat, I was dumbfounded, I buried my head in my hands, it was so embarrassing so so so embarrassing, I needed to get home as soon as possible because I might………

I threw up twice in the toilet. My head started aching so I decided to sleep the pain off.

Yeah right. I couldn’t sleep, I kept on tossing and turning in bed ,until my duvet was just one big knot . and terki hasn’t called yet.

Sleep finally took me over at 3 am or so.

I woke up to the sound of my phone vibrating on the night stand.

"aloo" I said groggily ,without checking who was calling.



"no, ana ..s3ood" SAUD??

I jumped on my bed , eyes opened wide.

"h-hala s3ood"

" im sorry about last night"

" n-no w-worries" I stuttered. it was so embarrassing!

" im sorry that I called bas I had to tell you something"


" jana ana a3tebrech methel farah, entaw nafs 5awati les'3ar, so I had to tell you this" I wasnt sure what farah would say about "5awati les'3ar".


" from what I saw ams enna you have something going on with terki, 9a7?"

" i..i guess!"

" hmm, jana madry shagolich, bas terki is already seeing someone else"


Zaina said...
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Zaina said...

ba3aaaad 6ala3 mu hayin hal terkiiii !!!!
god, men...

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

aaaa777777... !!!!!!!!!

bay3haaa.. ;s !!! la ykoon he is seeing the one and only deemaah !!!!?

Charmbracelet said...

huuuuuuh???!!! Wtf??

Music, Happiness, Love said...

typical guys

Anonymous said...

OH SHIT! for a moment i though ibyetzawjoun ba3ath..NEXT POST TOM. PLEASE:* this was to short;$

-Queen Bee.

sexy_sour_sweet said...


Pourqoui said...

laaaaaaaa2 i dont believe me i dont care i just dont !

Limited said...

very short post .. u cant leave us hanging like thissss!!!!!

BS OMG! u cannot go around acting like this with other ppl and ur seeing someone else .. -.-

JuMaNa ;) said...

aaaaaaaaaaa77777777 !!!!!!!!

aaaaaaaaaaaaay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

laaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!

ayyyyyyyyyyy shaaaaaaaaay !!!!!!!!!! :|

Um Mit3ib said...

w sh'haal okhooo ele seeda 6ayer efaten;p

moi said...

zaina: ee el men mamenhom aman:P

7aleeb kakaw: u'll c in the next post;*

charmbracelet: WTF b3d:S

moi said...

m,h,l: :( ee

queen bee: enshallaah yetzawejon;p

sexy ur sweet: i knoww!

moi said...

pourqoi: i dont believe either:(

limited: really sorryy bas im really sick, terki is a bitch:P:P:P

jumana: ee 7adda 9adma;p

um mit3ib: he had a very very good reason;p

Um Fawaz said...

Laaaa this post was toooooo short!;(
uffff double blow...
1. S3oud thinks of Farah as his sister ;/
2. Terkiiyooooo ilkhaaayiiiiiiiiin ;@
please post sooon

Silhouette Crime said...


s3ood faj2a..terki omg !

Um Fawaz said...

La2 dont make Turki a bitch pleeease!;p
ilmiskeeena tawha kaafi5ha Fahad wil7ain Turki is a liar..7araaaaaam;p
o I was growing fond of him ;$

Anonymous said...

is this story based on some true events ?

moi said...

um fawaz: ee total dissapointment:S

silhouette crime: men!;s

um fawaz: i love him how can i make him a bitch;p?

anony: it is actully;)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

3endy e7sas ena ako misunderstanding =\

or maybe im just in denial =(

S said...

hffffff.. player.

Starlight<3 said...


Noo, I thought Terki was supposed to be the good one!

but he's just a typical arab guy, >.<

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

cant wait... !!!! wayed afaker.. :P !!! posssstttt.. :P !!!

moi said...

dandooon: its not a misunderstanding;p

s: ee;\

starlight:mayendara;) we should hear his side of the story;p

7aleeb kakaw: tonite enshallaah;*

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

inshalaah.. :* cant wait..

Anonymous said...

la simply mashalla..
awalan kissing oo gila yalla inmashi il salfa 7ad oma r rated.. BA3DAIN.. o5oohh hal dayi5.. ifatin :S la oo imgawimha min ni9 her sleep 3ashan igoolaha ikalim '3airiya..
LA OO BASED ON TRU EVENTS LMAO thank god i dunt live in her world eeeekh..
and LMAO, walla terki akbar 9aida.. 3afya 6a7 3allaiha il microwave? yalla 5oush im gna go crash oo lai isa2loonii shfeech bagoolihum 6a7at 3allay il thalaja..
oo omha ilthanya yabeelaha ga3da.. mama ba3dain bitgooleelii yuma 5ift.. bint'ha kafi5ha walad o hathi sakta, agool ma radh bitgoolaha wala maku 6a7 3alay il satlitte dish mal il jeeran...
BS PLZ NEXT POST :D Mishkilla im liking this! hehhehe (6)

Anonymous said...

that's your real life or just a story?

moi said...

anony1: hahahahahaaaaaa, 7athreeeen;p
anony2: its not my life its my friend's life with a lil bit of drama added by moi;p

Anonymous said...

i thot u said ur posting 2night?

Anonymous said...

What??????? what did Saud just say to Jana??? Terki is WHAT????????