Friday, 30 January 2009

priceless moments(16)

Okay. I should go after her, I hated when one of us was angry at the other , it's enough that we didn’t have anyone else but eachother, I mean it, I didn’t have sisters, I had two little brothers that I was practically their mom, Farah too, she had a sister but she was older and they were never close, Fay was one of those older sisters ely kelshay 3ndhom 3aib, farah was close with her twin brother but oh well he died. And since then we became closer than ever.
I got out of her room, and headed to the kitchen. Luckily for me she was sitting there,sipping milk on one of the chairs around the old fashioned dining table.


she looked up "what?"

" are you upset?"

"shal so2al el'3aby?"

" please dont talk to me like that!fara7, I was trying to protect you bas!! "

"Protect me from what? Being rejected?"

" no! I just didn’t want you to get hurt" tears were stinging my eyes now, I was tired from studying and I didn’t know what to say to her.

She sighed " look Jana, you should've told me, I'll figure out sooner or later ya3ny! Just stop keeping things from me!!

" I know! I didn’t mean to.." my voice broke and I was crying now. I couldn’t afford any tension , I had a very very long day , I was worried about not graduating and other million things.

" huff! Jana please don’t cry! Mu 3ala ay shay you cry! Please we're just having a normal discussion!" normal discussion?!

I covered my face with my hands " im sorry uff, I hate today"

" listen, I know im being really harsh on you Jana, but im.. scared"

"scared of what?" I looked up at her.

" madry Jana a7es gumt a5af min el denia" she bit her lower lip.

" you had your share of perfect men, fahad, you cant deny how great he was with you , now terki , I never had one of those, don’t count a7med , he didn’t even love me back, Jana I feel so lonely , I never thought I would feel this way, e7na ga3deen nekbar o ana lel7en bro7y, la a7ad ga3d eyey ya56ebny wela boyfriend wela 3amat 3ain , jana for gods sake im twenty three! , even nour got engaged!" now it was her turn to cry.

I didn’t know what to say, I was speechless, I never thought that this moment would come, this moment of desperation. She was right , we were "eb sin el zawaj" yet no one came to knock our doors. For the first time in my life I felt scared, I thought about terki, he loved me, I could see it but what if we didn’t end up together? What if he found someone else? Million what ifs raced through my head. it was a new painful feeling, feeling of desperation and longing , I loved him more than myself , I wanted more of him, I wanted him for me only, I never felt this way with fahad, he was the one who wanted more. and I didn’t like the new feeling, actually I despised it, it killed me, and it killed me slowly.

I approached the kitchen table and sat on a chair next to her, we didn’t say a word, I just held her hand. We were both lost in our own thoughts.

After a long while I managed to open my mouth " you know fara7, when the going gets tough there's always VEGAS"

She burst out laughing " you stupid devil hehee"

I smiled at her, I was glad she was laughing now.

" yalla gomay let's resume our studies" I said.

" lazem?" she made a face.

"ee lazem, yalla!"

"okay mama hehe"

When I got home, I was so tired and depressed, I didn’t even shower I just put on yesterday's pajamas and lied down with my phone in my hand. I was waiting terki's phone call.

* wainek 7abebi?:(* I sent him a message.

* ga3ed weya s3ood enshoof film 7abebti, walahtay 3ley?*

* bas walaht 3laik? ;), 5alny sakta, ay film ga3den t6al3oon?*

* transformers, suddenly maby akamla , kella min w7da shai6ana 5a9begatny;)*

* Transformers? Lool that sucks! Latkamla then;)*

* you know I cant resist you;*, shwaya we5ale9 ok baby? Latnameen! Wait for me*

After half an hour , terki called . I picked on the first ring; it was embarrassing but I just didn’t care.

" aloo" I said in a soft "dala3" way.

"hala hala wallah eb7abebat galby" he greeted me warmly.

" missed you" I kissed the phone.

He kissed me back one, two , three times , he didn’t stop.

" heyy stop hehe" I demanded.

" am I killing you with my kisses?" he said huskily.

" as if they were real! " my heart was pounding so hard.

" I know you can feel them" he said so confidently.

I sighed. Get a grip of yourself Jana . I thought.

" terki?"


" t7ebni?" I wanted to hear it so badly to assure my worried heart.

" hmm let me think about it for an hour o b3den a36ech 5abar" he teased.

i didn’t laugh nor said a word. That subject was too sensitive for me to joke about.

"I do" he said finally.

"you do what? Say it" I wanted to hear the word.

"I love you jana" he said.

"thank you"

" thank you? Okay you're welcome"

" hmm"

"hmm back at you!" he said confused.

" so when will you graduate miss jana?" he quickly changed the subject.

" enshallah at5araj now, im not ready to fail wallah!"

" ee shedday 7ailech ba3ad 3ash3ashtay bel jam3a" he said.

" hehe 7aram 3alaaik" he was right, I did "3ash3asht bel jam3a" , my twenty-three birthday was coming in three weeks.

" wallah baby sheday 7ailech 3ashan teftakain, and I promise etha ta5arajtay I'll get you whatever you want" his tone changed to a serious one.


Farah graduated before me, el7emdella she passed all her six subjects, I passed three subjects, and I was waiting for the last one to come. I went to the university that day, and to my utter shock I got an F.

Talk about devastation , I didn’t accept it, I couldn’t , I didn’t want to leave with defeat. I waited in front of the professor's office , it was 8:30 am. he didn’t come, I waited more and more and still he didn’t show up.

After three hours of fighting tears, bad mood and lots of cursing. The damn professor decided to come. I stood up when I recognized his familiar face entering the office. I rushed towards him.

" esalam 3alaikom , eshlonik doctor? Doctor baqet I discuss you eb my grade" I said breathlessly.

He gave me THE once over "etfathelay"

" shesmich bel5air?"

" jana al-flany"

" hmm jana you got a C+" he winked. WHAT THE HELL?!!!!!!!!!

" im sorry?" i asked stupidly.

" you got a C+ jana" he was smiling now.

" doctor ana sheft my grade barra kan F!"

" kan" he grinned.

" um..mashkooor doctor!"

He nodded, I thanked him again and left his office stunned.

" fara7oo ta5araaaajt!!!! Bas 5ala9 neja7t eb kel shay!! Wohoooooooooo!!!" I said loudly on the phone.

" mabrooooooook 7abebti waaai wa2a5eraaan maba'3ainaa!!! Ahh im so happy!!" she said excitedly.

" t5ayely el doctor mas5araa! Kan 7a6ly F re7t kalamta chan e7e6ly C+!"
" 7elfaaay?!! Ambee 3ajeeb!"

" I knowwww madry en3ejab feny madry eshsalfeta hehe, anyways we should celebrate , tonight!"


25-july it was my twenty three birthday ! i woke up very early that day, terki told me yesterday that he "7ajezny" for the entire day, and that he wanted to be with me from morning 'til night.

I called him at 8 , luckily for me , he was awake.

" hala eb my bday girl!" he said.

" esket im old!"

" bel3aks the older you get the sexier you become hehe"

" 3ad i heard enna men e7ebon older women! yuck!"

" mu yuck, YUM! hehehe"

"maleeq terkeyoo, enzain wain benro7 now min 9oba7 allah 5air?!"

" bas abech tsaween shay wa7ed janoon, lebsay shay muree7 o yebay your civil id weyach k? ee o its better ba3ad if you bring jawazech weyach"

" haw! esh7aga?"

" shofay, it depend on your answer to my question, do YOU trust me?" he asked.


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

yaaaaaay post!

i kept reading ur posts even while i was studying ;**

will go read now =D

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

wain bya5eth'ha?!

Cuteness said...

yes trust him trust him ...!!! 5anshoof shno his surprise hehe madry laish meshta6a ;))))

Cooookies said...

hmm bweadeeha mazra3a in KSA ?! :P ya7laila hes creative :p

Captivated said...

Terki waina 3anni?? jad!

love ;** said...

you cant leave us hanging like this, pleaaaase next today :p

I LOOOOVE your writing!!!!

Anonymous said...

Garaaaiit kel el parts marraa wa7da:P!! I LOOOOOVE el story 3ajeebaaa mashallaaa ! bass 3ainiii ra7at feeha :P!

waain beroo7on ?!

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

wanasa........ !!!!!!!!! hehe.. abii a terki in my life... :P !!

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waaaiiinn ybii ywadeehaaaa .... hmmmmmm .. :D

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YAAAY you Posted Thank You Than You Thank You ♥♥ I love!!

Charmbracelet said...

wohoo! Of course I trust u!=P

Hi My Name Is... said...

travel time! where to? paris?

Lost b2amreeka. said...

awwwwwwww woyyy yhabbil <3 I bet terki kallam
il professor LOL

moi said...

dandooon: 7ayach anytime hunny;**, next post u'll know;p

cuteness: loool 7adich cuteness;*

coookies: ollah laish mazra3a 3ad:P

captivated: e9ara7a ma3ndy answer 3la ur ques:P

love: enshallah tonite, i love you;**

anony: lool ya36ech el3afia:P, i'll tell u in the next post;p

7aleeb kakaw: kelena 7asdeen jana:P

jumana: hmm madry:P!

anony: i wont;*

sexy sour sweet: ur more than welcome;**

charmbracelet: lool i thought the same thing:P!

hi my name is: ollaah shd3wa paris:P!!

lost b2mreeka: hmm madry 3ad:P bas 3jeeba mn f le c+:P:P

S said...

lol moi 9arat ma3ay .. men D lai A ..qadamt wrigat el final, withahir 3jiba shakli yomha, ma3ana ishoofni bi9af o he calls me by my last name ;S..3ugubha ib yomain shift my final grade wela A lol
back to the story..
3AJEEEEEB!! I love terki.. jawazi o my id ma3ay.. yala men iwadeeni ;p?!

±What±Im±about± said...

WANASA :D:D:D:D !!! wain byro7ooooon ;DDD !!!! laish ge6a3taii hniiiii kamlaaaaaaii :'((((((

Silhouette Crime said...

are they travelling???

Limited said...

allaaaah =D =D ROAD TRIP!! cute terki!!


Candy said...

akeed ra7 ya5ethha el ma7kama o yetzawajha
(her graduation gift :D)
يا سلاااام على ذكائي :P

shoosha said...

bahrain... dubai? itha mokan thani ba6anger min il qahar ;p

libero anima said...

duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude where will they go ???
terki is kash5a he is so mysterious XD

Her Highness said...

Hmmm, dude ur story is amazing, i read all the 16 parts at once,, it ddnt take me more than 24 hrs to fall in lv with it.. i liked the fact that its somehow real and the love in the story is just what i need..

keep up the good work and ill be waiting for more ;*

Her Highness.

Anonymous said...

ymken ywadeha el 5obar ;p

angel face said...

helloooo;* OMG ! loving this !! wain bewadeehaaaaaaaaa!! DYING TO KNOW!! lol BTW just started my blog hope you follooooow ;* enshalah u like it

moi said...

s: loool ana wla mrra 9arat ma3ay:P, ana awadeech:P

what im about: it'll be up tonite enshallah;p

sillhoete crime: i think so!;p

limited: he is;***

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shoosha: lat5afeen mara7 t6angeren:P

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her highness: im glad u liked it;** i like u already

anony: looool e7temal kbeer:P

angel face: i will;* thanx for the comment!

No0oDy said...

since this is a real life story, go get this terki nd bnestanse5a.. countless copies...

moi said...

nooody: looooooooool 3ad i saw him last week:P ya7elwa!

Anonymous said...

ohh wow !! we share the same birthday XD
i blame this blog for not making me able to go to sleep :P