Saturday, 31 January 2009


is it okay for him to tell me "you are my panadol"?, should i be happy that im the one who clear his head and take the pain off of it? or should i be mad because he reffered to me as a panadol? a panadol pill that he can call at night and complain about his long stressful day to her, a panadol that cant complain back because her job is to make him feel comfortable and relaxed. is it my job? to make him feel better and relaxed? am i making sense? why do i feel used? i know, a relationship is all about giving, caring, loving, sharing whatever, i know. do i really feel used or im just pmsing?

okay okay, maybe im not pmsing, i just hated it when he didnt listen to my senseless " 7ash o hathra" . AND IM NOT ANYONE'S PANADOL:@!

what would you do\say if your bf\fiance\husband\partner whatever, told you "you are my panadol?"

what would you do\say if he didnt listen to your "hathra" at night because he had a long day and he didnt want to hear "7anna"?


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


first things first, id be flattered if he called me means you are his pain relief! =D you know lma bel a'3any egoloon balsam jroo7, its the same idea ;)

fa yea, congratulations 3al compliment ;**

ama 3n the second part, madree shagoolich!
ya3ny i know what you mean cz sometimes u really ned to talk. bs at the same time, i've had long bad days eli lma ared elbait maly 5elg a7ad, oo omy oo oboy '3a9eb ared 3laihom =\

fa i guess its okay, as long ena it doesnt become a 3ada if you know what i mean =)

Um-Loai said...

Being someones panadol is good! It means you're his cure to a hard day, and his remedy to stress!

I'd take it as a compliment babe!

S said...

yeah i third that.. being someone's panadol is good..
bas the part about ma lah khelg el hathra after a long day, ma yinlam.. it happens with everyone not only with "him" .ya3ni between me and my best friend, aw 7ata my sister! she'd be mishta6a o 7alat'ha 7ala .. wana i'm so tired and just not in the mood.. i'd be "ok 7abeebty i'm really tired o waray ga3da.." they'd understand wikamloon isalfa wagt thani!..
baini o bainkum 3alay 7arakat marat itbi6 el chabd bas i dont mean it.. and i can't fake interest i9ara7a ;p

shoosha said...

mithel ma im his panadol he has to mine ba3ad.. thats all i have to say.. ya3ni il wa7ed yaketh o ya36ey

Limited said...

actually i would take that as a compliment .. he means u take his pain away .. and he comes to u when he has problems or needs to bitch .. sometimes guys just need to whether ur together or not .. i know my cousins come to me to bitch about their days cuz y6l3oon 7arat'hm then theyre okay .. in these cases if ur hathra isnt as important, leave it for another time cuz he needs u at that time ..

Silhouette Crime said...

id take it as a compliment .. its like im his only cure.. he needs me

Anonymous said...

it's a compliment dear
it's a good sign ena he likes you for real o merta7
it's a good sign ena you send him a "vibe" ena you're worthy of his trust

this anonymous person here thinks you're pmsing ;-)

Candy said...
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Candy said...

he didnt want to hear "7anna
laaa e7leeeeef????
ya3nee ne7en el banat net7amalhum o nesma3hum o hum ma yesma3un hathrana o 7anatna,,
relationships need patience..otherwise it wont work..
o panadol? some ppl will be mad o some ppl will think that they r flattered,for me:7asab el person o kaif yegoolha !

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

bil 3aks.. i would be happy itha a7aad galii ur my panadol... bs nafs ma intaay ur his panadol.. so is he.. fa lazim yismaa3 il 7anaa... bs 3aad when ur being his panadol.. then he cant be urs.. :P bs laman he is being ur panadol u cant be his.. fahmtaay ga9dii.. :P !!? wella dodahtich :P !!? hehehe

moi said...

dandooon: u put it in a veryyy romantic way:P balsam jroo7y, aww;*

um loai: it was suppose to be one:)

s: ee daf3aw 3anna ba3ad:P, loooooooool ur so cute;*

shoosha: definately!

limited: u speak wisdom;p;*

silhoete crime:hmm ur right:(

anony:looool maybe;p

candy: EXACTLY:@:@!!!

7aleeb kakaw: loooooooooooooool ba7awel agra el jumla again 3ashan afham:P

Cinderella said...

Ana bastanes itha a7d gali ur my panadol..
ba36eech ne9ee7a GUYS DOM"T KNOW HOW TO CHOOSE WORDS.. hehehe y3ni sumtimes yaboon yek7loonha bs ye3monha! But saying that u r his panadol he means inah ur there to make him feel better.. Therefore, this is whats needed in a relationship, inah both of them make each other feel better; a relationship is based on giving and taking. Do u think he is ur panadol? Sometimes ihwa he might not want to listen l2ana he had a bad/long day bla bla.. So lama yeshb3 nom il9b7 tell him all about ur 7ana! If ur his panadol night, he should be ur actifast panadol hehehe =*

S said...

Mo ga3da adafi3 3anna! bas look at "the bigger picture" ;p
Aslan la'ani mi3tarfa, my friend wela my sister ma yiz3iloon lama agoolihum ina mo wagta lana yadroon itha kamilaw, 3adi akharib 3ala el mood kela.. o i don't mean to ya3ni, bas i know it's gonna happen! fa might as well i'ajloon el mawthoo3 o kelmin yistanis ;p

love ;** said...

I would be happy he called me his pandol, bs I wouldnt leave it at that. Most men are like that, guys dont have the whole call their friends to share/complain about what happened that day or tell them how stressed they are, thats why men get girlfriends, we ease their pain for them (like a panadol).

Dont misunderstand me, he is not using you for his own comfort, bs you make him feel better, talking to you calms him down. I am sure he cant wait till he talks to you, even if he just complains, because he knows you will say the right words to make him forget the stressful day he had.

At the same time I dont think its fair ina you are the one doing all the listening, so talk to him about it, itha he doesnt wanna hear what you have to say bilail tell him you will msg him throughout the day about those topics.

Bs honestly, no guy wants to hear hathratna, o 7shna, they dont get it fa I learnt not to talk to my man about that, I talk to my friends ;**

shoosh said...

moi!! i knw what u feel lain 5a6rich u complain every once in a while.. bas tara 3adii we do it all the time maybe it's once in a while when its his turn to complain!! ana i9eednii chthee wayd bas y3nii 3adi 6aaaf u remind me of myself i stress out on so many things.. m2saaa!!PANADOL, ASPIRIN, WHATEVER who cares he loves u :*

Even Sweeter said...

its a compliment ya bnaya bs khana ilta3beer!! LooooL walla ur both so cute!!

My.Silhouette.In.Red said...

i would hug him 7adah if he called me panadol loool

love ;** said...

lool sorry for the essay I left you lol ;p I passed you the butterfly award ;**

Um Mit3ib said...

i would tell him "winta ma Advil ya ba3ad chabde;p"

Music, Happiness, Love said...

just tell him how you feel
sit him down and tell him everything.. he loves u for sure so he will understand.. talking is the best way.. good luck:*

angel face said...

AMBEE i think its the cutest !! kaaa edward collin ygool 7g il bnya ur my heroin :O wallah tara its cute !! plus guys LOVE IT when girls listen to them coz they want you to make them feel good and relaxed again.. mafeehaa shay y3ny 3adee.. i'd be happy that he called me that ;p i'd laugh .. and you should feel speacial inna this guy likes to talk to you about whats going on in his life .. hiz ups and downs 3la goolat'hom..

±What±Im±about± said...

shofaii yuma ! ana agol hatha wath3 estethna2ii enech metnarfeza oo chethe,, bil.3aks mafroth testansain enna entaii ile yro7 laha li thaq sadra ! coz guys never really talk oo they never yhathron oo yet7al6mon nafsna ! fa shaii kbeer mena enna ohwa yaii lech ygol lech oo yashkii lech !
entaii mo mthaygich enna he refered to u as his panadol, entaii fe shaii mthaygich thanii o entaii magthotha mena ! maybe mawathe3 il.hathra ile kenatii bteft7eenha weyah ehya ile mthaygtech ;**
tra guys never talk oo shaii wayed 7elo mena ena he always listens to u ! bs thak il.yom maybe ohwa kan sij sij magthooth fa it took alot from his to talk about how a bad or a long day he had, so ma gedar ykamel weyach !
il.rasol ygol " eltames la5eek il.moslem 70 3othran " ma tadrain ohwa sheno feeh zyada 3shan ma gedar yeshta6 weyach ! ;**
for me, id feel really glad enna my man counts on me oo trusts me enough ile ygol le mashakla ! ygol lech il.3agel fe il.bent zeena,, oo etha kan yashkii lech m3anata he trusts ur judgement oo merta7 lech ! ana 3an nafsii waaayed ra7 astanes oo i would feel used at all !
enshallah mako ila il.3afya babe ;*** entaii bas 6awlaii balech oo kel shaii yseer ok ;**

±What±Im±about± said...

i wouldNT feel used at all ;p << correction bs ;p

PaLoMiNo said...

wait shm3na galch ur his panadol? ;p akeed ur dr or a pharmacist mo? cant think of anything else wala ;p
o tara its cute:)