Friday, 9 January 2009

is it love?(10)

I didn’t believe saud. i couldn’t and I didn’t want to. There was this thing about terki that made me fall for him, hard!. I didn’t know if it was love, but I was sure that I've never felt like this towards any guy before, even fahad.

I needed to talk to someone , but I couldn’t call the only person who understands me; farah. I just couldn’t face her after what I heard from mr saud . and you all know what part im talking about.

So I decided to do what I always did when I was angry. I hung my punching bag, and started beating the hell out of it. I even imagined that it was terki and I punched it harder. It felt good!

After a while of punching, kicking and um.. spitting , i could hear a sound coming from behind me. I turned around slowly ,three astonished faces were looking at me. mom's hand clasped over her mouth, poor thing, her face was really pale, and the twins were behind her ,holding her dress tightly.

" hehe ,how long have you been here?" i pretended to be normal.

" jana? " mom said " are you o-okay??"

" never been better hehe" I lied, looking stupid obviously.

" wahab ,7amani go to your room I need to talk to e5etkom here" mom demanded. " now!" they raced ,slamming the door behind them , and leaving me alone with my mother.

" jana mama, are you getting yourself in ..some kind of trouble?" my mother gulped.

I didn’t know what to say to her, she was really concerned and it broke my heart . so I decided to lie.

I sighed deeply " mama, enty tadreen enna i ,right?"

She nodded.

" last week this thing happened at the gym mama.." I said feeling horrible at lying to her .

" enzain?"

" I kinda got myself into a fight, tehawasht weya a girl.." i bit my lower lip.

" wey wey wey! Shlon??? Laish????" crap!

" madry mama ,ehya ely bedat!"

I'll never forgive myself. poor mom she was really worried and shocked from her only daughter ,aka myself. I've always been a good girl my entire life, now at the age of twenty two, I was a trouble maker in her eyes.

At 8:00 pm my heart skipped a beat when I saw terki's message " jana I need to see you". my mom was at some of her friends gatherings ,since my dad was out of town ,as usual. And the twins were fast asleep. I had nothing to lose so I accepted to meet him.

I blow dried my hair, put on my Emilio pucci tunic dress with the highest heels I owned. I looked at my reflection in the mirror, I really liked the girl staring at me, I blew her a kiss , took my car keys and left the bedroom.

I pulled into the car parking of the x co op. the x area was where his family's new house . I didn’t want to meet him at his old house, ever!

I waited for what seemed like five minutes when he called.

"hala terki" I answered coldly.

" hala janoon,wainech?"

" im here bel parking 9ayerly sena" shda3wa sena.

" im sorry baby, kany degega o yay, kent raye7 ayeeb sha'3la 7ag el walda wallah" baby? Woaah.

" ok, bye"

After less than five minutes I could see his car parking next to mine. He called.

" yalla nezlay"

"maby ,enta enzel"

" oh..ok" he hesitated.

I could swear the world went slow motion as he walked over to my car. He opened the door and sat himself on the passenger seat .

" esalam 3lekum" he said short breathed.

"3alaikum el salam" I said not looking at him. I couldn’t look at those pair of fresh hazel eyes. but I did notice his beautiful arms and chest under that grey sweater , his chest was heaving.

" have you been jogging?" I asked.

" no" he said ,taking a deep breath.

" you look stunning" he said, reaching for my hand. if he didn’t shut up now,im going to kiss him, I thought, pulling my hand away from his.

"why did you lie to me terki?" I said ,my eyes welled up with tears. Stupid tears ,go away!

" what? About what?" he said breathlessly.

" I know your with someone else"

" what?! Who told you that?? did she?? I knew deema wouldn’t let go" he said. DEEMA!!!!!!!!! Please god ,tell me it's not the one and only.

" she didn’t tell me, and I didn’t know you were going out with her, I just knew that you ARE with someone else"

" baby, jana, I broke up with deema about two months ago" he said .

" oh really? I heard otherwise"

" wallah el3atheem I broke up with her, a9lan we didn’t have anything special, she had feelings for me and I gave it a try for her sake, bas it didn’t work. I was good to her bas I never loved her, I broke up with her 3ashan la athlemha, she was okay with it, kanat betsafer again, now she came back to settle here for good" he exhaled .

" why didn’t you tell me all this? You just told me that she was a friend of yours since you were kids" I could feel a warm tear trickling down my cheek, I so wanted to believe him .

He was shocked at the sight of my tears. " jana..god, im really sorry! , wallah el3atheem im sorry, you must think im a total bastard , bas I didn’t see her as my ex, I swear jana , I didn’t mean to lie in your face" he looked exhausted.

" terki, are you okay?" I started panicking.

" fine fine, bas shwaya ta3ban" he said , irritated.

" adry eny 5ara3tech when I told you that i..that I love you" he said " ana asef bas kanat 6al3a min galby, I didn’t mean to say it out loud"

My tears were now falling so heavily , I hoped my no make-up make-up wasn’t smudged all over my face.

His hands reached my face, he wiped my tears gently with both hands. His hands were shaking and sweating

" shhh stop crying" he said softly ,hands still shaking.

"terki ,shfeeek?!" I said in alarm.

"mafe..mafeny shay"

"shlon mafeek shay!! Your not even breathing properly!!!" I yelled. " awal marra e9er fek chethy??? Please tell me !, should I take you to the hospital??"

His face was so weak, he threw his head back resting it on the seat, his hand was tugging at my dress.

" shway.. ta3ban" he whispered "ta3ban" he added while his eyes shut .

ps: when i said that this story is based on true events, i didnt mean that all the details are true! ofcourse i changed,added few things;p, and if it's r rated as some of you think ,'3amthaw 3yonkom;P because i wont change the way i write.

pps: it's not my life story, it's my friend's , bless her;*


FourMe said...

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Zaina said...

lool saja fourme ;p the other 7amanni 6a7 qashyan and now terkiii?;p
7ashaaaaa ;p

inzaaain plzzz update soon ;p

Pourqoui said...

7abeeebyyyyy shfeeeeeeee !!! :'( wadoo i6abeeeb :'( i luv this guy and i hate his brother !!

Anonymous said...

tara ur posts r very short just wen something happens the post ends =(
u wna end with a cliffhanger ok bas 3ad add something b4 that ba3dain another part ending with the cliffhanger

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

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moi said...

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Limited said...

whats up with the men in the story blog world?? mafee wa7d zain maychtb wela y5awen wela ysowi shay except give the girl everything? =P

laystowi shay feeha .. mafeeha titwahag weyah ..

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Um Mit3ib said...

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moi said...

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anony: i have finals sorryy;**

um mit3ib: el banat sa3at yesta3seron ;s, mu chenna e7na banat:S

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JuMaNa ;) said...

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yaay is that you in the picture...:P if it is cuttttttttttteeeeeeeee
way terki a7la ma feeh is his name

oo depending 3ala ur next post his personality

Music, Happiness, Love said...

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sorry.. bs r u planning on posting anytime soon.... the story is amazing!!! ur writing is unbelievable.. MASHALLA!!:D... pls post soon

Cooookies said...

Terkeyoo - khanat 7aileee ;/ kesar kha6re a7issa too sensitive wa3alaya 3asah esheel 3umra -reyayeel akher ziman -

Jana - hal jana shfeeha she mgabsa 3ala herself :P

deema - sounds too cute .. jaree'e zyada 3an ilizoom bas u make her sound too cute to hate :P

saud ya saud .. does it make sense ebade bent mashafha ila twice 3la okhoh ? n they way he said it makes terkii sound like a player

Fara7 - ya7lailha shes a good friend .. hope saud ye6la3 khosh ademe at the end !

waaih khala9na ? eeh chena .. hehe yalla next part plz:P

moi said...

anony: the next part will be 6weel:P

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coookies: ee wa3laya:S, jana m2saat:P,saud..u'll know soon;p, fara7 zo;3aa

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werent u gona write tonight???:(

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its not r rated or nothing! i love it!

Gossip Girl said...

The R rated parts makes it more fun to read:P