Wednesday, 28 January 2009

"but i bite my lip and turn around ,cause you're the warmest thing i ever found"(15)

He got so close to me , as close as two people with their clothes on could manage. God his smell,his skin,his clean heat , that was breaking my heart in a very beautiful delicious way. I could feel his breath by now so close to my face. I touched his beautiful red lips because I knew that I would be in a big trouble. "easy tiger!" I managed to speak.

"what? I missed you…" he looked taken aback.

" I missed you too but.."

"shhh.." he planted a light small kiss on my chin.

Okay that was getting dangerous, that man was dangerously sexy and I had strong feelings for him, and I didn’t trust my heart then, it could betray me at any minute.

I moved my arms up so that they draped over his shoulders, and hugged him the hardest possible. I sniffed his neck to remember that scent of his ,LANVIN APREGE , it still make my heart stop.

" i love you, as stupid as it may sound, Im crazy in love with you..i know that its so early, I know enna mamedana en3aref ba3ath but I do.." he whispered while kissing my ear.

" I feel the same way" I said, and I meant it.

He pulled away slightly, and looked deep into my eyes. I caught my breath. God those pierced eyes.

" lets go home terki" I paused "we shouldn’t be here"

" I wish I could take you home with me" he said.

I smiled at him. " yalla lets go"

It was the most joyful ride I had ever experienced, we couldn’t stop loving and touching eachother, we didn’t say a word, I rested my head on his shoulder while he drove , and every now and then he would plant a warm kiss on my head.

He walked me to my car , tried to kiss me but I MIRACLE-Y stopped him. Because I knew that I'll be obsessing about his kiss for the rest of my life.

When I got home, I called him immediately , he was sleeping at the old house, we talked forever, we both couldn’t be away from eachother, we both couldn’t hang up.

2 months had passed , and we were even more in love, my life revolved around him , I couldn’t spend a single day without him, his voice, his presence , and in times when he traveled for work, I would go all cranky and moody and cry all day.

Fahad was still sending me stupid mean messages, i ignored him bas mako faida, he would stop for a week or two then he'd come back with even more evil messages.

Saud on the other hand was a silent lover, I knew he had feelings for me and I didn’t care. He was very disrespectful, his messages and phone calls were endless, I hated them and I hated him. I couldn’t tell Farah about his feelings for me. she was by now head over heels in love with him, it was stupid he didn’t like\love her back and it was sad.

One afternoon I was studying with Farah in her room, it was our senior year in college , me in law school, her in college of business administration. We were supposed to graduate a year earlier but I had difficulties , since law school was in Arabic and I wasn’t that good in Arabic, Farah on the other hand was late for graduation because back in the day when we were in highscool , her twin brother passed away(allah yer7ema) and she skipped school for a whole year, she was so attached to him and it was heartbreaking.

" how's terki?" she asked.

" hmm?" I was distracted with the fat book in my hand.

" how's terki?" she repeated.

"oh, terki is fineee" my cheeks flushed right away for the thought of him.

" you love him don’t you?" she asked.

" t9adgen 3ad , sometimes I feel enny a7eba akthar min nafsy, I never felt like this before faroo7" when I said that my eyes started tearing, I didn’t know why.

She smiled " you're lucky you know, s3ood mayadry 3anny" she said miserably.

" aww honey , ana getlech shofelech wa7ed '3aira wela be single the way you are a7sanlech" I tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear.

" I have feelings for him, madry a7es he's the one" she sighed " i tried to show him bas '3aby ! he cant see it"

" I don’t know he's the one for you fara7" I said.

"laishh ya3ny ana nage9ny shay!! Laish ya3ny may6ale3ny, why he's not the one for me?!!"

" OFCOURSE MU NAG9ECH SHAY!! , I told you this before, e7a9ela! , trust me fara7 he's not the one for you and I have to tell you something" I bit my lower lip.

And I told her about that day when he called me and said "ana a3teberkom nafs 5awati les'3ar" ofcourse I deleted the " I want you" messages and acts.

" why didn’t you tell me about that min zman?" she was almost yelling.

" I didn’t wanna hurt your feelings"

" well you did, o ethaher enich gumty et5esheen wayed ashya2 3anny" she said and left the room leaving me alone in it.


Anonymous said...


moi said...

anony: 7ayallah;p

JuMaNa ;) said...

yemah XD 7rkat terkii took my breath away lol !!!!

wallah maskeena hal fra7 :(

poor girl :( !!

Cuteness said...

waaaaai yarabi eshawgoon waaaaaai waaaaai (abai I cnt stop) waaaaaaai ;))))

love ;** said...

maskeena fara7 bs that wasnt easy ive been in that situation o its hard to tell your best friend that a guy doesnt like her ! great post, next please :D

Zaina said...

inshallaah he doesn;t get between them:(

Cooookies said...

s3ood e3el ilchabd ! ya3ne ya 7mar uv seen her kiss your brother na3am raz wayhik kilyoum oo tark :@

Captivated said...

ana khayfaa ennaa s3oood he's gonna ruin her friendship with fara7 and her relationship with terki!

My.Silhouette.In.Red said...

i hate s3ooood 7aadi a7esah di3la w maleeq

Charmbracelet said...

easy tiger=Hot!=p hehe

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

wai3 rifeeejat-ha... !!! ma 7abait-haa... zain minha galatlich ba3aad... oo terkii aawwwhhh.. ;$

Even Sweeter said...

OMG !! u guys are so hot together!! Waaaayy!!

o Farah shfeha eshta6at ya3ni ;s!!

waiting for the next part hun ;*

No0oDy said...

nice touching story
luv ur writing girl ^_*

faroo7a 3aworat galbi :"(

Anonymous said...

ure fara7.. 9a7;0:P??

S said...

a7la post min i9ib7!!
3endi exam ba3ad shway ...I'm gonna kick a** after this post;p
I cant wait to hear fara7's story ma3a saud ..
Pancakes ??

moi said...

jumana: kalb mu?:(, yeah farah is poor;p

cuteness:loool eee 7adhom;*

love: it is hard:(, soon;*

zaina: enshalah!

coookies: *SIGH*;\;P

captivated: oh uh;p

my silhoete in red: looool 7da

charmbracelet: :$ hehe

7aleeb kakaw: afaaaa:P!

even sweeter: oh they r!! soon;*

nooody: thanx hunny and welcome to my blog;**

anony: hahaha;p

s: a7la comment menech;** lool, with chocolate syrup plz!

Candy said...

mobde3a as always,
can't wait till next part & it gotta be tomorrow ^^

moi said...

candy: aww thanx 7abebti;*

Anonymous said...

your post made my daaaay;**
thaaaank you bs 3ad they shouldnt fiight:(

S said...

ghaaali wi6alab irkhee9 ;p
and i did kick a** at the exam lol
now all that is left is to get a terki of my own ;p

moi said...

virgo: im glad u liked it;***, enshallah they wont;p

s: gooo girl:P,terki is taken:(;p

S said...

la la i dont want "Terki".. i want my terki :P

Music, Happiness, Love said...


7aLeeB KaKaW said...

i meant ina ma 7abaait faraa7 :P !!!! laish it3a9ib... maskeena hatha yizahaa.. ya3nii il rayaal ma 3inda feelings 7gha laish itzif rifeejat-ha.. thats wat i meant...

*** oopppssss la7'6a intaay faraa7 :P !!?

libero anima said...

awh ! walla 7aram a friednship gets ruined over a guy .. i hate when this happens ..
bss inshalah they'll both figure out that their friendship is more important than anything ..

btw i want my own versoin of terki ! lol

Ruby Woo said...

il pic KHAYAL!!!!!

lol hadait il qessa kilha o jabalt il pic ;p

Silhouette Crime said...

il title ily y5aabel!!!

love love love

Anonymous said...

poor fara7:(

moi said...

s: golay ameen;p


7aleeb kakaw: no comment;p

libero anima: 7da 7aram;\! enshallah u get wa7ed a7san menna b3d;p

ruby woo: ee 7a6ematni:$

silhouete crime: SIGHH!;P

anony: eee poor fara7 golelohom;p!!

Lost b2amreeka. said...

awwwww maskeeenaaa :/ sh7abba fee though!

Anonymous said...

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