Monday, 5 January 2009


" 6a7 3ley el ..el MICROWAVE! Ee el microwave" I muttered stupidly/

"what? Shal microwave el ragla?"

" haha" I laughed nervously.

" apart from that, everything's fine right?"

" yes" I gulped.

" good" he said.


"5a6ach el sow" he chuckled.

"5a6ak el lash"

"enzain, bashofech bacher, is that possible?"

"sure, meta?"

"I'll be free all day, so meta mafethaity message me"


" hmm,jana..?" oh my damn! My name was so beautiful in his mouth.


"I missed you". Oh god!

"thank you" I almost whispered.

"thank you? Are you sure chethy eredon?"

" sorry, I missed you too" I blushed.

He chuckled " I hope that’s how you really feel janoona" janoona?? How can I not miss him!



"rest assured"

When I woke up the next day I felt much better, I would lie if I said that I forgot about fahad's incident, I didn’t and I wont forget any time soon, I just shoved it in the back of my head and decided to enjoy the surprisingly cold weather. Plus farah called me earlier, she wanted me to join her and saud for lunch " to see how cute he is" that is. I refused at first, since my face was "mayenshaf" but I knew that it meant a lot to her so I changed my mind.

I was applying the second layer of foundation when to my utter dismay, my mother entered my room .without knocking, and sat herself on my bed. I was avoiding her all morning because I hadn’t come up with something yet to cover my story.

" jana,7abebti, esh9arlech yumma? Please golely ,im your mother"

" mama im kinda busy here, I'll tell you later wallah, a5af at2a5ar 3ala fara7" I lied.

" jano ana ba5alech el7en bas betgolely ya3ny betgolely fahma?"

"enshallah mama" god! That was close.

Every time I walk into NAPKET I cant stop admiring the murano glass chandeliers, they look just amazing with the dark wood flooring. And that smell.. I just love winter's smell mixed with good food. Yum! , I looked around for farah, and there she was sitting on a corner table , looking amazing as usual. And saud sat in front of her.

farah nudged saud ,he turned around and waved at me, I motioned to them that I would get my order before joining them at the table.

" one prawn wrap, one Caesar salad and one pineapple juice" I muttered my order.

" okay ma'am ,you can have a seat" the waiter said.

I made my way to their table, they both stood up to greet me, saud was really tall And hot! , his face was so beautifully structured, his hair was so thick and black, just like his eyes,sharp and black, he got the same thick eyebrows and cute little nose as terki. My heart flipped unexpectedly for the thought of him. I was going to meet him after lunch.

After exchanging pleasantries , we sat down at the table,waiting for our lunch . The atmosphere was so charmingly cozy and quiet.

" fara7 kella tsolef 3anich" saud began, smiling sweetly.

"9ij? Enshallah tgol ashya2 zaina 3anny 3ad" I blushed.

"ofcourse ashya2 zaina" he said.

"she talks about you too"I said cheerily. ouch! Farah kicked my leg under the table, with that killer heels she was wearing. Okay she was playing hard to get. I thought he knew that she liked him!

"e7em ,I mean she talks a lot about your family especially khaled rayel fay,ya7lelhom" what the hell was that?!

The food was great, and saud was such a sweet heart. I couldn’t stop noticing how farah looked at him. poor thing she couldn’t even eat properly . she would eat one bite, drop the fork and play with her beautiful long hair. I hoped he felt the same way towards her.

We talked some more, had some deserts and then it was time to leave.

"thanks a lot 3ala el lunch , wallah I really had fun" I said standing up.

"taw ennas janoon, ge3day weyana" farah said.

" la wllah, you two have fun, 3ndy cham sha'3la lazem asaweha " sha'3la? Yeah right.

" bel3afia, o enshallah enshofech marra thania" saud stood up shaking my hand.

I hugged farah and left .

I reapplied my pink lip gloss , checked my reflection in the rear view mirror and got off of the car. Our date was at his house, he said that he had a surprise for me. I know,scary.

Luckily for me the big wooden gate was open. I pushed it and got inside . the odor of spices and oils was undeniable, someone was cooking in the house.

"terki?" I called out for him. no response.

"terki?? Are you there?" I shouted, no response.

I decided to head to the kitchen, what if someone was inside?? No it couldn’t be. He said it would be just us. As I approached the kitchen , the glass door was closed, and he was there, cooking.

I slid the door open , he turned around immediately sensing my presence . a wide smile spread across his face.

"what are you doing??" I asked without saying hi.

" ya3ny shga3ed asawy, im cooking" he chuckled.

" '3areeba! Guys don’t cook!"

"some of them do, now have a seat" could he be anymore perfect??!!

I sat at the kitchen counter on a high stool, he came over to me and held my hand . " tabeen drink? 3ala ma a5ale9?" he asked gently.

" no thanks, tawny radda min lunch o sharabt o kalet everything" I laughed.

" 3ayal ana 7ag meno sha6 3umry bel cooking?"

" im sorry bas jad jad shab3ana!" I said.

"you wont resist" he winked. Oh god! What was that suppose to mean?!

i was a total waste at the kitchen I just sat there staring at how beautiful he was while he cooked. He clearly loved it and he enjoyed every bit of it.

my phone beeped with a message,it was from farah .

*wat do ya thnk?!*

*hot hot hotttttt;)* I sent her back.

*told ya!*

* terki cooks!*

" foods up" said terki interrupting my "sowalef" with farah.

We sat down at the kitchen's round table , it was great to be with him but it was so alien to me to stay at a guy's place. I never even did it with fahad.

"you really can cook!" I said looking at all these professionally made dishes, they looked so mouth watering so I decided to give it a go.

I took my first mouthful and gasped with delight, it was so delicious much better than NAPKET.

He smiled warmly " bel3afia"

" e3afeek, how did you learn all this?? Cooking class?"

" not really, I always loved cooking, o lamma kent adres barra ma7eb akelhom so kent kella a6ba5 7ag my friends o chethy" he said.

" by the way, I met saud your brother elyom" I started a conversation.

"yeah? Wain o lesh?"

" farah 3azmatny 3ala lunch with both of them"

" hmm, lesh ma3ezamtony?" he teased.

" makent aby distraction, I wanted to concentrate" I flirted.

" ana chethy amoooot!" he said pinching my cheek lightly.

I blushed. My heart stopped every time he touched me.

After ten minutes or so, he wiped his mouth with his hand and declared "el7emdella"

"bas? You didn’t eat!"

" lamma you cook, mat7eben your food wayed"

"really? Ashwa enna I don’t cook!"

He roared with laughter.

" are you done?"

"yeah yeah" I blushed ,putting my fork down ,I was so shameless I had two lunches.

" good, yalla come I wanna show you something"

" is it the surprise you told me about?" I asked.

" it's a surprise" he grinned.

he led me upstairs by the hand.

his room was so fascinating . the bed was so stunningly white with starched white linen pillows pilled up on it. it looked so clean comparing to other guys bedrooms. I thought.

i sat myself on the bed. While he opened his closet to show me the surprise.My heart was pounding so hard I looked down at my orange marc Jacobs heels. Before I could get any further with my thoughts ,terki lolled beside me , handing me a big painting.

It was me! he drew me! and I looked stunning, even better than real life me! my hair was loosely swept to one side just like the time I met him at fay's wedding,weird. my eyes were so twinkly and I was smiling in the drawing. "wow!" I mean WOW!!" I said.

He laughed" like it?"

" no I don’t like it! terki I LOVE it…" I said .

" I love you" he whispered.


"what?" I said stupidly looking up at his face.

He tucked a strand of hair behind my ear " you heard it right, I think im crazy in love with you" he said.

I was speechless. Seriously, I didn’t know what to say so I remained quiet . he raised his hand to gently run a finger over my face. he touched my chin and moved his finger on my lips, sending a delicious feeling through my entire body. As the warmth of his hand transfused my face, my lips parted and my eyes shut closed in surrender.

"jana.." he breathed my name and then I felt his lips pressed on mine, so soft yet so charged with emotion, I knew it was wrong but it felt just so right.

As his kisses deepened and intensified I started feeling dizzy. I wasn’t used to this. I was feeling the rollercoaster I always longed for.

Just when I was about to push him away, the bedroom's door swung open ,revealing a shocked familiar face.

p.s : thank you evensweeter for the tag;**, i'll do it later!


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


meno meno meno!!

meno meno!!

laaa 9ij meno?!


Zaina said...


akeeeeed s3ooooooooooood !

Anonymous said...

umbaih!!!!!.....LA2!!!! :'( :'(
i cant think of who that person could be!! walla no one is crossing my mind!!... bes laish?!!? JUST WHEN THINGS WERE STARTING TO LOOK UP FOR HER!! :(....


Um Mit3ib said...


zuz said...

ambeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!!! ;\!!! ee wallah gamat el qeyama;\!!!!!!!

FourMe said...

I bet its her ex or that annoying girl!

Charmbracelet said...

=O that's sooo cuute! Bs umbaay mnu!!=O =p

Pourqoui said...

laykoooooon rfeeejta ilmaleeeqaa ???????? ;@@

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

MINOOOO !!!!!! umbaaaiiihhh... !!! i teared in class.. reading ur blog.. :P !!! (A) !!

umbaaih it3arfeen shlooon itga3edeen il wa7ed 3alla a39abaa.. !!! hehe beautifully written.. ;*

shoosh said...

fahad the stalker ?? ra7t fehaaa

Anonymous said...


Limited said...


the suspense is killing me .. =P

turki can cook and paint and is a gentleman! can he be more perfect?!

moi said...


zaina: madry:P:P

anony: eee wa3laya!:(

moi said...

um mit3ib: lool, u dont know meno ely dash:P

zuz: u'll c;p

fourme: could be;p

charmbracelet: he is! madry:P

pourqoi: madryyyy;p

moi said...

7aleeb kakaw: 7ayaaaaaaati;** i'll right sooner bas 3ashanech:P

shoosh: et'hagen?:P madry!

anony: eee:S

limited: soon;**, ee madry min wain yay:s

Anonymous said...

Fahad saa77?;s

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

yislaaam shanich.. ;$.. aawwwhh ast7ii :$:$.. walaah 7abaitich :* !!

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S. said...

UMBAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! It's hes friend!! il maleeqah yallah yallah nabey next post please now now!!!:|:|

Pa7NaSS said...

3ad ma midala yigool i love u, shkithar 6awilaw yi3arfooon ba3a'6?? :s
mita next post?

moi said...

anony: la2:P:P

7aleeb kakaw: ;**

anony2: wallah im writing it;*

s: enshallah enshallah!

pa7nass: ee 3eshagha;p, soon!

Anonymous said...

im wondering where is ur father?

plus im wating 4 the next post

JuMaNa ;) said...

OMG OMG @@ @@ i was waiting ur post since forever @@ !!!!

yemaaah ambeeeeeeeeeh @@ mnoooo :'( !?!??!?!

Anonymous said...

OMG Janooooo u r busted BIG TIME LOL....


Anonymous said...

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