Thursday, 22 January 2009

im her lover's love(13)

I covered my exposed chest with both hands immediately. Though it was too late, he saw everything already.

"oh , im so sorry" saud said while covering his eyes with his hands in mock horror.

" it's..o-okay , I was.. I was at the pool with farah she..she told me to bring some food from the kitchen I ..I really… I didn’t" I stuttered stupidly.

He slowly brought his hands down from his face and I could see he was laughing , I started laughing too. What a tension breaker.

The microwave suddenly beeped announcing that the pop corn was ready.

" sorry for all this jana, I have to go upstairs 3ashan a36y el bags 7ag Khalid, tamreeny ebshay?" he said gently.

" mayamer 3alaik 3adow, sorry too" I smiled at him.

"bye" he grinned, checking me out shamelessly before he left.

I was in total shock, I barely took the whole thing in. I pulled the popcorn bag out of the microwave, put it in a large plastic IKEA bowl, placed the bowl on the tray along with the rest of the foods and made my way out of the kitchen.

I caught my reflection in the hall's mirror ,placed the tray on the antique drawer and stared at the brown wet waves tucked up in a bun ,framing my make-up-less chlorine smooth face . I looked down at my body , I adjusted the strap of the bra that was cupping my breasts so perfectly and couldn’t help but guiltily thinking what Saud thought of me.
" he saw you LIKE THIS?? Eshyayba?? Laish manadaitenyy?" million questions poured from Farah's mouth.

" ee he did, egool bege6 cham sha'3la 3ala Khalid , hehe esh7aga anadeech?? " I said blushing.

" waai a7ebaa jano a7ebaa!" she whined.

" medaaach? Shofelech '3aira ana agool" I said.

"laish ashofly '3aira? I like him, no no I don’t LIKE him, I have deep feelings for him!"

I gulped, I didn’t tell her about "entaw nafs 5awati les'3ar" thingy. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, I just thought that if I convinced her that he wasn’t the one she would forget all those feelings for him.

" um..madry Farah a7essa not interested in you, e7a9ela wa7da nafsech 6ab3an!! Bas madry you deserve better!" I said.
" Jana I really like him, I deserve HIM" she concluded, and looked away.

Kaifha she's the one who's going to get hurt. I thought, sinking my head under the water in order to cool down.


I took a shower , wore my comfiest pjs and tucked myself under the fluffy soft sheets of my bed. As soon as I lied my head on the pillow, my phone beeped that a message had arrived. I reached for it on the nightstand flipped it open and gazed at the screen.

* el a7mar yet7acha 3alaich…sweet dreams;)* saud. huh?!!!

I deleted the message right away, and threw the phone away. My heart was pounding furiously, what the hell was that?! he shouldn’t send messages like that!

I woke up the next day feeling like shit, I couldn’t sleep last night due to saud's inappropriate message.
I rubbed my eyes and sat myself in bed. Darn it! my phone was resting there on the beige rug ,right in front of me.
I got up slowly , picked it up , said besmella and flipped it open.
Two missed calls from Terki!!!! and three messages.

* wainech 7abebti?* Terki.

*awal matgoomen call me* Terki.

*9aba7 el5air;)* freaking Saud!!!!

i dialled Terki's number , and closed my eyes.

" halaa wallaah eb janoonty" his voice made me jump.

" hala feek" i said sleepily.

" shlonich 7abeebti?"

" zaina, you?"

" walla 3al el 3al hehe, naima?"
" shlon naima o ga3da a7acheek?"
" hehe la i mean kenty naima?"

" ee, Terki?"

" i've missed you..."

" i missed you more wallah"

" you feeling better now?"

" ee el7emdella much better"

" take good care of yourself okay? yawailek etha dashet el mustashfa again"

"7ather, 3ala amrech hehe"

God i missed his voice.

" jana? elyoum one of my best college budies and his wife invited me for dinner, would you like to come with me?"


sexy_sour_sweet said...

awwww;( damn that saud!!! eew;/

moi said...

sexy sour sweet: ee ge6e3a 3aina zay'3a:@!!

sexy_sour_sweet said...

LOOOOL!! you made him up!!! you can Erase him tooo!!!:P

moi said...

sexy sour sweet: actually i didnt make him up, hes real:(

sexy_sour_sweet said...

:|!!!!! wai3 wai3 WTF!! eeewww!!!!! omgg:\\ *goes in major shock* right now i hate guys!! eeeewwww

moi said...

looooooool!! btw all the characters are real, i just changed the names:P

sexy_sour_sweet said...

wow..... i'm thinking about writing a story, but the problem is theres not motivation what so ever...
so Ill just read;*
oo mashallah you're very talented*knocks on wood*

Lilo said...

terkii;* so sweet! i hate sauud, kick him off the planet wai3 wai3 shyabi, scum! loved the part <3

moi said...

sexy sour sweet: i motivate u!!;p i'll be ur no.1 fan:D , if u really want to write then write, who cares meno ra7 yegra;p, i wrote this story to let go, i feel much better now;)

lilo: thanx;** i love terki too:D

sexy_sour_sweet said...

awww;** tyy ok ok Ill start and You're going to have to help me since you're gonna be my no.1 fan ;P

Lost b2amreeka. said...

awwwww cutaaaa <333

Zaina said...

tadreeen shinu a7is biseeer???;p

1-s3ouud will have feelings for jana
2-s3ood will know that farah likes him, ou maybe i7asiha inna he has feelings for jana.
3-aaaannnnd biseeer some Drama between fara7 and jana;p

am I right?;p

Jacqui said...

Awalan Saud is creepy now, and Terki is still sweet bs madre a7esa lost :/ How can a brother move in on the girl his brother loves? :/ Ya3ne athwal wela shino :/

Bs in the end Awwww :P

shoosh said...

zaina i think farah would feel that jana tbii it5rb bainha o bain s3ood with the jibresh talk "la mystahlich,,, and so on" so this is when the drama would happen btw the girls i guess ymkn msg or smthn that farah will see min hal thgeel fi telephone jana!!! ekhhh lazgaaa!
drama will happen.. saud is such an ass y3nii rfeegat i5ook how low can you get! And i think s3od knows farah has feelings for him bas he's in denial or smthn

moi in real life saud o terki b3d i5wan or u made it up?

moi said...

sexy sour sweet: sure hunny;**

lost eb2mreka: u;**

zaina: hmm i guess u should wait and see:P!

jacqui: jana is terki's gf, hatha shako 7abha:P!!!

shoosh: i'll say it again, mashallah 3alaich;p, but no im not that predictable:P!! saud and terki are UNFORTUNATELY 5wan, which makes me a part of the story as well.. shhhhhh;)

Limited said...


she needs to tell terki wht happened so that they dont have problems because of something saud would do ..

±What±Im±about± said...

a7777 !!!!! shfeeeeeeh saud shyabiiiiii !!!! ma yadrii enna o5oh bayis jana oo ohwa 6a7 3laihom :S laish ydesh bil.nes laiiiiiish !!! the love triangle turned out to be a love sqaure ;p jana oo terkii oo saud oo fara7 !!!! ;((((( more actionat are on the way ;p;p keep 'em coming moi ;***

Captivated said...

anaaa a7esss ennaa s3ood will date fara7 to yetgarab mn jana... cuz obviously since he's hitting on gf ukho,,,, he has boundary issues!!

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

wwwaaaiii33 yaaa alaaaah 3alla hal s3oood.. ishyaabii 3aib 3alaaaih.. akeed he has feelings 7gha.. KILISH Mo wagtaa.... oo uhmaaa 7adhum.. cutie pie.. eeshawgooon.. !!

Anonymous said...

i actually like s3ood :)

S said...

Oh dear God!
awal shay, i'm gonna have to get into shape..7tarait shwaya;p
BUT, i'm not having someone's brother look at me like THAT! qawiya isalfa..
MOI !!! i LOVE this story.. can't wait for the rest;**

Um Mit3ib said...

s3od yista3be6?

Anonymous said...

For some reason, i like Saud too :p


A Journal Entry said...

gi6eee3ah hatha s3ood eshyaby =/

Cooookies said...

ure tagged ;p

s3ood yestekhif dama :P

Music, Happiness, Love said...

i looove terkiii!

moi said...

limited: tell me about it:@!

what im about: loool afa 3alaich;**

captivated: wey allah laygol:P:P

7aleeb kakaw: arent they??;***

anony: e7em ana shagoooooool:P:P:P

s: thanxxx i love uuu;***

um mit3ib: ba3ad labsatla el bikini;p mayenlam

lilly: he's a hottie;)

journal entry: 3eshagha:P

coookies: thanx;** ethaher:P

m,h,l: i loveeee him too:P!!

Anonymous said...

i just wanna say.. WTH? what kind of perverted family is this??? "ila7mar yit7acha 3alaich????" GOD! alah la yableena inshala.

sexy_sour_sweet said...

Moi?? are you going to update tonight by any chance??

Ruby Woo said...

bidait a7ib s3aiwed..

then again, bidait a7ib all guys. I'm pmsing so I'm craving all men lol

Candy said...

for ur previous post,
mabrook babes,u deserve him o el a7la enah his mother is so sweet,it means u will live happily ever after,insallah.
so wut the ? with saud?
i loved this name "Jana",if i could change ma name 2 jana.
is this a real story?it seems real!

moi said...

anony: just because 1 part of the family is bad ,dosent mean that the whole family is bad:) tara ma artha;)

sexy sour sweet: noo sorry 7bebti;** im going to bed!

ruby woo: loool s3aiwed is hot;p

candy: thanx 7bebti;** allah ebraek fech, whats ur real name:P? yeah it is real

Anonymous said...

i knewww he wud likee her too, like 2posts back! hehehe woohooo =D

and daamn the pik is hooooooooot! im jealous hehehe ;p

moi said...

dp: im jealous too:@!!!:(

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I hate Saud... What does he want??? walah ma yeste7y


Anonymous said...

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