Friday, 16 January 2009

three guys and a girl(12)

thank you all for sharing your great openions and help with me on the proposal thingy, who knows i might post good news soon:), wallah you guys are great, thanxx a millionnn:****

"fara7,look" I said surprisingly calm, handing her my phone.

"sheno hatha?" she said distractedly.


She stared at the screen with disbelief . "wait a second, let me get this straight" she began " fahad ,your crazy ex, who lied his hands on you just sent a message to say enich mats2elen 3anna??" now she was shouting.

I nodded.


"fara7o calm down, wallah he's not worth it! ra7 emoot etha 7agarta, so ba7gera"


" fara7ooo chill!, shofay ana ra7 a7gera el7en etha shefta etmada wella sawwa shay thech elsa3a I'll do something about it o it will be ugly" I said softly .

"5air enshallah " she said sarcastically.

Sensing her anger ,I decided to keep quiet. Farah's short temper and anger issues had always frightened me. she's sweet and everything but when you reach her dark side there's no going back.

I was so relieved when we reached familiar mishref, I needed a hot shower and new clothes, I was still wearing last night's clothes and trust me it's not so comfy to wear a jersey dress in the morning.

She slowed down when we reached my "fereej" , and turned her head towards me . "jano , im sorry"

" im sorry too" I said.

"for what?"

" for making you angry" I whispered.

She burst out laughing " tara enty mu ga3da et2athen a7ad ella yourself, you know that?"

" I know, bas 6af, I told you etha etmada ra7 al3an 5aira"

She smiled. " golele if you want help 3ashan azaheb n3al zanooba"

I giggled "enshallah"

I opened the door of the passenger seat, waved at her and ran my way inside my house.
As the hot water droplets trickled down my bare body , I couldn’t get fahad's message off of my head. How could he say such things about me! I was nothing but a great girlfriend to him, hell I even did everything he wanted me to do! And I wasn’t happy. After all these years together, I discovered that he cheated on me twice, maybe more.

My eyelids were getting heavy and I was down right exhausted, I sprayed my pillow with terki's ARPEGE LANVIN'S perfume and buried my head in it. after two minutes I was fast asleep and dreaming. I dreamt that saud came to me and told me that terki was dead , and that fahad was gay!

I woke up to the not very pleasant sound of my phone, I was kind of sweating. I reached for it and gazed at the screen .

Saud was calling.

"aloo" I said groggily.

" aloo, hala jana, shlonich?" saud said.

"el7emdella eb5air, um enta shlonik?"

" el7emdella..naima?"

" la 3ady , el mafroth I wake up now"

" asef 3la el ez3aj, bas b'3et agolech enna terki enshallah ra7 ye6la3 min el hospital bacher"

" 9ij? Thanks for letting me know, wallah it means a lot"

"el3afow ba'3ety ay shay just call wella message, mayrdech ella lsanich"


I got up from bed feeling uneasy; I didn’t know why I felt uncomfortable around Saud. Even though he's my boyfriend's brother.

I washed my face , brushed my teeth and poured myself into my sonia by sonia rykiel's stripped oversized sweater , with black leggings and my favorite black Willingtons.
As soon as I got inside my car, I called farah , she picked up on the third ring " hala janoo" she said.

"ahlan , fara7o sh3endich ? lets do something "

"ma3ndy shay wllah , 9ayerly alf sa3a embjabla el tv la3at chabdy, sheno betswen?"

" madry, get dressed ,I'll pick you up"

" shalbes? 3ady wela ashed el7ail?"

" laa lebsay 3ady"

"okie dokie , bye!"

We went to qortuba's co-op , farah was throwing chocolates in the cart like crazy, "abee hatha! La la maby , abe ferrero , allaaah janoo shofay hatha kakaw awal!! A7ebaa!"

"fara7oo shway shway, eshda3wa ebnakla kella!" I said while throwing more chocolates and junk in the cart.

" look whose talking!!"

"kaify ! im getting my period , lazem I eat lotsa chocolates!"

" ana b3d! kaify bakel"

" alaah fara7o look!" I said pointing at pepsi jelly "sha5baryy jelly pepsi , 6a3ma thaim bas eyanin!"

She giggled "eee e3awer el bala3em bas still eyanin! 7e6ay 7e6ay"

After half an hour we headed to my car with seven bags of junk. We decided to eat at Farah's house in front of the TV. Since Farah overreacted with wearing "3ady", she wore oysho's hello kitty training which considered pajamas.

Back at farah's, we sat ourselves on the big squashy leather sofa in the living room. We adored classic movies so we settled for GONE WITH THE WIND.

After two hours, adorable Scarlett was crying in Rhett's arms. " aby Rhett! He's so sexy!" farah said.

" ana ba9eer Scarlett 7dha katkoota! Look at those bue eyes , o her dresses! I love her dresses ! I want my wedding dress nafs el white dress malha" I said excitedly.

" ee 7elo bas chenna shway over? "

" ee 3ad mu nafsa bethab6! Bas the inspiration ya3ny"

" ya3ainy, hehe, enzian maleet shrayech nsawy shay thany!"

"hmm okay, bas shensawy? Ma7booseen belbait, o it's too late enna ne6la3!"

" 3araft!!! Shrayech enro7 netsaba7 bel pool!"

" POOL?!! Fara7o yanaity? Bardd barra!"

" laa I mean the Jacuzzi! Plus el pool indoors, mu bel sekka, o en5aly el Jacuzzi extra hot"

" okay bas mako a7ad belbait?"

" la khaled o fayoon 6al3een o mama o baba b3d shway wagt nomhom so 7dna ebna5eth ra7tna" khaled and fay lived in farah's parents house.

" great! Yalla lets go undress, bas wait a second! Ma3endy bathing suit"

" allah yer7am ayam gabel jano, topless o shorts " she winked.

"hahaaay ya7mara! "

" 5alas 3ayal I have tons of bikinis you can borrow one" she said.

We changed into our bikinis, mine was ridiculously small , since farah's "stuff" were two sizes smaller than mines, it was deep red lycra with double string bottom.

I wrapped a towel around my waist and covered my chest with both hands. "farah im not comfortable in this!"

" it looks sooo hot on your skin wallah! Plus , 3ady meno beshof? It's just me and you, yalla emshay let's heat the water"

We headed to the basement , the pool was beautifully located there with large fake palm trees, and cute dolphins sketches surrounding it.

After the water was heated , I stood at the edge of the shallow end ,dipping my toes in to see if the water was bearable. Farah on the other hand jumped right in. " ta3aly janoo 7ada eyaninnn so warm!!" she yelled.

"kany , wait a second" I slid myself into the pool slowly , mmm it felt so good. It felt so..liberating.

We swam back and forth , talked and drowned each others, it was so much fun, old times fun. then The beast awoke again , we were hungry.

" jana ro7ay el kitchen yebay bal3a, 5anakel"

"maby entay ro7ay, magdar afareg el water"

" pleaseee pleasee ro7ay entay " that puppy face always did me in.

"OK! bas you owe me fara7o!"

"fine, yalla ro7ay , yebay toast o jeben o kel shay"

" 7ather 3amety"

I dried myself up with the towel and wrapped it around my waist. I sang while running my way upstairs.

I got inside the kitchen, opened the fridge and pulled out every eatable piece of food. Cupcakes, Americana club sandwiches, cheese, and two redbulls. I threw a bag of cheese pop corn in the microwave.

I was waiting the pop corn to get ready , when I heard footsteps. "Farah?" I called.

A man standing there before me, holding two large bags . for a second I thought it was terki. But to my utter dismay it was Saud.

3ady, no big deal, he saw me kissing his brother two days ago, now I was half naked in NOT even my house's kitchen.


Charmbracelet said...

noooo kamlaayyy!=O

S said...

wohooo.. thumbs up on that one.. !
i want to jump in a jacuzzi ..
hmm... I just might!
waiting for the next one!!!

Limited said...

hahahahahahaaa omg can that get any worse?? suads timing is horrible! xP

Chip'n'Dale said...

omg! BAS hes seen everything :p

S said...

Chip'n'Dale let me just take this opportunity to tell u that THAT cartoon was awesome!! aaah.. good memories!! ;D

Jacqui said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOL aham shay her reaction in the end, it was like ummmm why should i bother with a reaction it's not like my luck is getting any better :P

Hehehe great part yalla we can't wait for the next one..

And as for the good news soon, inshalla everything your heart desires happens.. i wish u all the best babes :D

libero anima said...

loo0o0o0ol ! keleh wala ur reaction at the end =p

Anonymous said...

:S :S


kamlay kamlayy.. yalla kamlaay @@..

Jam3iiya(L) said...

haaaw shayiyb saud bait'hoom?

**inshalla may 9eer kha6rich illa 6ayeeb, yilli tabeena iseeer;**

moi said...

charmbracelet: enshalaaah soon lmma aftha:*

s: me tooo i envy jana and farah:P:P

limited: ee kella yakbes 3leha eb wath3 mo5el:P, btw we want more of ur story:(!!

chip'n dale: ee ma5alla shay:P:P

moi said...

s: lool it was!

jaqui: lool ee:P, thanxxx 7ayati:*

libero anima: ;P:P

anony: soon!;*

jam3iiya: l2na o5oh 3ayesh hnak:P, thnx:*

Anonymous said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL umbaaaaay mu 9iiij;p ya7ilooha oo her boobs half hanging out infront of her bf's bro!;p
cant wait for the next part

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

LoooooooooooooooooooL... !!!! law ana minha 7inchii ee6ig il ar'6 !! oo ee7afer 10 amtaar min il 9admaa.. :P !! '6a7ltanii.. hehe nice one :*

FourMe said...

wahahahhahahhahahha azbaal! elwath3 ma9khara wain matroo7 eyshofha :p

p.s loved the zanooba and jelly pepsi tasting thaim!! So true eyeeb el7arij bs eyanin ;)

moi said...

boop: ee el bnia t3awedat a5er shay bedesh weyaha el 7amam 3ady:P

7aleb kakaw: lool,ee ef9a5at el 7aya:P,:**

fourMe: ee 3ama eb3aina tawqeta '3alaa6, jelly pepsi part min el turath:P

Zaina said...

looool hatha kil mukan 6ale3lahaa?:P

Lost b2amreeka. said...

looool omg no way!! Maskeeeeeenaaaa loool!!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


ambaih ambaih talk abt embarrassing!!

la2 la2 shay mo 6abeeee3y!!


Anonymous said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOL i propa cracked up at the end sentence hahaha hes seen everything!

=S i have a feelinggg he likes her thoo!

M said...

eee a7es he likes her o y'3ar mn terki! that's why he said terki is seeing someone else.. ma a7eba saud!! o ba3dain shlon uhwa ychoof o terki miskeen lail7en ma chaf shay :P more more please.. can't wait!

moi said...

zaina: ee ge6e3a:S

lost eb2merka: ee wa3layaaa!

dandooon: mashefty shay:P!

desert palms: bingo;p

M: ee terki mashaf shay o o5oh shaf el awely wel taly:P:P

shoosha said...

3afya 3alaich ;p

Ruby Woo said...

S3ood has a crush on her ashkara.. bas why is he being mean ya3ni he's ruining it for terki!

Pourqoui said...

waaaaaaaay i hate s3ood hatha shyaaaabyyy !! ana 7asa ina its a family thing w uhma mzahbeenla everything w they might even like hatheech his friend ilmaleeqa ;/ w s3ood is trying to keep hal mascheena away from terki :( 7AAMITH 3ALA BOOOZA !!

Cooookies said...

theres something about him that i dont like !

is this fiction :O?

JuMaNa ;) said...


mo 9j hal ensan kel mokan ye6l3 hehehe XD !!!!!!!!

oo 3la salfat eli 5meetooh bl jm3eiya

thkrteenii b-ayam gbel me and my cuzinz kna kel 5mees bl jm3eiya nshtry kakaaaaaaaw o 5rabee6 and junkiiii food hehe @@ i guess lee el.7eena 3ndna hal swalif ;) bs 3la mt6wreen cafe oo coffee oo hal swalif XD

moi said...

shoosha: ;*

ruby woo: u'll see:P, b3d el7en tefa9a5at jedama;p

pourqoi:eee 7ameth 3la boza:@!akarer hadday a39aabich:*** lol

coookies: no its not:)

jumana: eee:P, lool ya7elokom:**

Candy said...

Moi bser3a,le78ee 3alay @@ wut was ur reaction & his reaction??
cant wait <__<
saud wa9al bel wa8t el monaseb :PpP

moi said...

candy: looool jana is not me, its my friend:P!! i'll post later wallah cant tonite, soryyy:***

Um Mit3ib said...

bs nages edesh 3alaiha while she poops;p

Stitch said...

LOL kellish not big deal ee, next time yshofha making out with farah wearing a monkey costume :-O now wouldn't that be cool? :P

moi said...

um mit3ib: e 3ady 3enda:P

stich: looooooooooooool haha, that was wicked;p!

Captivated said...

ufff :P LooooL getting 7adda interesting.. I really like the way you write btw..

moi said...

captivated:aww thanx hun:* and welcome to my blog

Starlight<3 said...

Lool Saud always seems to be at the wrong places at the wrong times :P

Loving the way the story is getting,


Anonymous said...

i have a feeling.. a very funny feeling about s3ood.. i think you understand me moi ;p!

Anonymous said...

wow, saud is unbelieveable... I think I'm forming an addiction to this story!