Friday, 23 January 2009

the chasm (14)

"and when is that exactly?" I asked .

" tonight"

" madry terki, a7es ana shako, they're your friends"

" baby,my friends are so cool, im sure they wont mind, besides I want them to meet you"

" as your girlfriend? It's not like im your wife or..or anything" I blushed when I realized what I just said.

" enty 7abeebat galby"

" aww , terkeyoo you're so good with words"

" hehehe afa 3alaich, so what's gonna be? You coming?"

" hmm I guess I can meet some NEW people!" I said excitedly.

" ba3ad 3umry..! Enzain jana oboy, ana baroo7 7ag elwalda ashofha sheno taby, tamreny ebshay 7abebti?"

" mayamer 3alaik 3adow, bas wait!"


"wain ashofek tonight?"

" I'll meet you at 7 ebaitna el qadeem, ba3ad mayabela edlala, bas 9ef6ay bel me9afe6 ely wara elbait o get in the car with me, 7elo?"


" good, yalla 3ayal baby, I'll see you tonight, bye"

" bye"

Ok. this was hard. I didn’t know what to wear for the damn dinner, I didn't even know what kind of dinner was that!

After two hours of knocking the hell out of my closet , I settled for a baby pink MILLY cashmere sweater along with my favorite skinny jeans. I let my hair down and applied no- make-up make-up, that is a girl's best secret. I accessorized my outfit with classic Chanel pearl earrings , a silver watch and finally my navy Balenciaga city bag.

I entered the living room and to my utter surprise, my dad was there sitting on the couch with the twins around him . okay, so between all those days he was away, he chose today to get back home. just my stupid stupid luck.
" baba, you're here!" I pretended to be excited.

" ee yuba, ta3aly 7ebbay ras uboch" he demanded.

I approached him, kissed the crown of his head and sat down next to him.

" meta radait men esefar yuba?" I asked.

" elyom e9eb7 , shlonich yuba o shlon ederasa, mata5arajtay?"

" enshallah hal course , hal course 5atheta extra 3ashan arfa3 mo3adely"

" zain zain, wain ray7a?"

" ray7a 3end fara7 ebnet3asha barra weya some friends"

" salmay 3alehom o latet2a5erain "

"enshallah, bas yuba gool 7ag omy eny 6ala3t ok? "

He nodded.


" ma3a elsalama " he said.

My father was one of these fathers who were always away from home, he traveled every week, and we didn’t see enough of him , and what really bothered me was that he didn’t know anything about me , and it's not like he cared or anything.
I parked behind terki's old house , he was already there waiting for me in his car. I locked my car and head to his.

" hala..hala wallah ebshai5at el zain" he said when I opened the passenger's door.

" hehe, hala feek" I blushed.

"shloonich?? Walaht 3alaich" he said. he was wearing a white sweater that made him look even darker.

"eb5air el7emdella, wallah ana akthaar"

"7ayati entay.." he said.

He held my hand tight and drove off.


Terki parked in front of one of those beautiful looking flats in al-messila. I have to admit, I was really impressed.

" yalla jooj nezlay" he said.

We got off of the car hand in hand and walked to the trendy wood gate. Terki pressed the buzzer .

" who is it?" an obviously maid voice spoke over the intercom.

" terki, open the door" terki said.

The door was opened automatically shortly after that , terki still holding my hand headed inside the beautiful decorated apartment. I tried to take in the d├ęcor but I couldn’t since Terki was walking a bit fast.

We reached the living room , two men were there chatting happily, one was black but very attractive and the other one looked so Kuwaiti. Two girls were sitting there too, I acknowledged one of them. deema. I thought he said "a college buddy and his wife"! deema is NOT a college buddy!

" esalam 3alaikom" they all stood up when terki greeted them.

" halaaa bel6ayeb el 7abeeb" the Kuwaiti guy said while embracing terki in a manly hug.

" this is jana " terki introduced me to the Kuwaiti guy.

" halaa jana shlonich ?sha5barech?" he said sweetly.

" jana this is my best friend jassim" i liked jassim immediately , he was such a sweetheart.

Then he introduced me to the wife shaikha , she was very sweet. And the black dude, jay he was a dear friend from college, as terki called him.

" and this is deema, you guys met before" Terki said.

we shared pleasantries, there was lots of hugs and kisses for that matter.

" enzain le meta ebnogaf!come sit down jana, while the boys finish their whatever ..chatting" shaikha said.

" haha, sure that would be lovely"
we sat down , and started chatting randomly, shaikha was so cute, she had a long black hair , a round face and small features. she was wearing a light green dress with gold prada wedges. deema on the other hand was wearing a very short red dress , ruby red lipstick and what seemed like the highest heels in her closet. i felt like a fat teletubby next to her! and the feeling of discomfort began when she started blabbing about terki. " i remember eb california lamma kenna enro7 el beach ana o terki waaai 3ajeeeb, 9ij 9ij a7la tan eb california" she said. i swallowed hard, i coudlnt bear the idea of her in a swimsuit around Terki. she continued talking about him and ignoring me completely , the bitch.

" ma'am, the dinner is ready" to my relief , the maid's voice interuppted us.

i felt more uncomfortable over dinner , the five of them were talking college memories and i had nothing to say,instead i focused on the Delicious crabcakes and the spicy thai shrimps.

" so how did you and Terki meet?" asked jay. i couldn’t help admiring those crystal earrings that were decorating his earlobes .

" at a wedding" i grinned.

terki put his arm around me " no actually, we met in a hospital" he winked.

"lamma kentay emsawya salfa o tabcheen o 7altech 7ala a5er shay e6la3at bas eedich maksoora" he teased.

i stuck my tongue out at him.

he got closer and wispered into my ears " i fell for you the day of our accidents, in that hospital"

my face turned crimson and my heart raced a mile a minute. that really did me in.
" aww thats so cute!" shaikha said.

" i knew all of Terki's girlfriends" deema said " i was one of them haha, did he tell you?" okay that was it , i wasnt going to take any more ice-maiden shit from her.

" no he didnt actually consider you as a gf, he said you two dated breifly o bas, shaikha 7abebti wheres the rest room?" i said brightly.
" oh , it's over there, on the right" shaikha looked taken aback.

i got in the bathroom, i was getting can-I-go-home-now -please uncomfortable, I didnt fit in with those people, they were so different from our traditional kuwaiti lifestyle. i simply didnt fit in.

Terki stood up when i approached the dining table . "im done, el7emdella" he said obviously sensing my discomfort and i really loved him for doing such thing to me.

" jassim , shaikha e7na lazem namshy, mashkoreen wayed 3ala hal ga3da el7elwa " Terki said.

" it was nice meeting you all" i smiled at them.

" taw ennas! ge3daw " shaikha said.

"sorry shaikha 7abebti wallah magdar at2a5ar, enshallah next time"

"enshallah 5anshofech 3ad soon, enty our friend now" she winked.
"sure 7abebti , mashkooreen wayed o sefra daima"

"bel3afia" shaikha and jassim both muttered.
i shook jassim's and jay's hand, ignored ice queen and left with Terki behind me.

as soon as we got outside terki turned me around "are you upset??" he asked.

" hmm la 6af"

"enzain wait ..missy, im not done with you yet.." he said huskily and pushed me against the wall.


Charmbracelet said...

ooohhh ! =p ehabiil..Deema is a slut =p

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

ya alaaah 3alllaaa hal deeema.. ishtabii !! ooo terki hal shai6aaan moo hayin ba3aad :P hehehe oo zain sawaat feeha !! itnarfiz !! uuurrrrggghhh !

Anonymous said...

.. Details next time please !!!!!!!!!!
Uff uff uff he's so hot !!
Yalaaaaaaaabeeeee ! I'm melting !!!! :Pp

Limited said...

zain sowat f deema .. she deserves it =/

w terki mb hayen ba3ad =P

Music, Happiness, Love said...

niiice ;)

shoosha said...

plz golay they made out

Anonymous said...

laaa shakla ma6ala3 bsir3a cuz she was getting uncomfy..
i bet he got turned on by her cuz she got all cat fighty with deema;p

NadooY said...

details details :P
7adna were melting!!!!
and i soooooo love him.

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hooooooooot ;p

Anonymous said...

PART 15 15 15 !
I can't wait..


A Journal Entry said...

ur tagged ;)

sexy_sour_sweet said...

WOOOHOO!! Ty Ty Ty;** Me Love<3

Hi My Name Is... said...

Ayshay ma9adig!

wallah 7ayl indimajdt... wai3 mino hathii il i7mara 5al itwa5ir!

keep up the good work. ;)

shoosh said...

inshala ts6ra ba6 chbdii for some reason ee wala im nt dopne with u yet yabha igtha ib hal by5a deema.. fffff tnrfzt loo ana chan ya kaf chna i7lwt la ilsalfa kil youm making out ?? ;P glna mara o blgl6 mu kl mara m9a5ha lol

moi said...

charmbracelet:lool she is;p

7aleeb kakaw: ee 7da naughty;p

anony; lool esmella 3laich min el melting;p

limited: hehe;p

m,h,l: entay;*

shoosha: part 15 will tell us;p

virgo: looooooool entay 3ajeba:p

moi said...

nadooy: he loves u too;p:*

coookies: haha;p!

desertpalms: loool 9a7?;p

anony "lilly": enshallaaah;*

a journal entry: oh uh;p, thanx;**

sexy sour sweet: u welx;** me love you!

hi my name is: i'll introduce u: hathy deema;p!, welcome to my blog;*

shoosh: he's a physical sexual person:P:P:P

Anonymous said...

yalah naby part 15 ana hadda el derasa w ga3da agra :P:P

S said...
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S said...

Oh .. kint katba comment o ithahir I didnt post it ..
I really forgot what I said;p el mohim..
Love the way she gave it to Deema.. 3ajeeba haha!
waiting for the next part ;*
I'm really exhausted.. and thought I'd treat myself with a post from ur blog ,')

Ruby Woo said...


ohh i swear itha the next post 6la3at 'he pushed her on the wall and tickled her' bakafkhich, abi action *wink*

sexy_sour_sweet said...

Moi.. sweetie? love?? *puppy eyes* are you gonna post sooooon???

moi said...

anony:soon, dersay:@;p!

s: aww ba3ad 3mry;* u treated me with ur comment;p

ruby woo: im not that boring;), arent i?:P

sexy sour sweet: lool soooooooon;*

My.Silhouette.In.Red said...

ALLAH! stories!!! im addicted to stories ib hal blogosphere!! im gonna subscribe to ur blog bs i will read this post tonight inshallah w comment again!

sexy_sour_sweet said...

oo yeah 3al golat ruby woo We Want Action!!!!!!!!! *makes her Famous Perverted Face* ;Pp

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

ppplllzzz.. posstTT... waraaay exam pre-cal ;( !! oo i neeed ur stoy.. (A) :P !! oo still ma 5al9aat ni9 ily 3alay :P posst oo adris heheh

Jacqui said...

Altho it would be cool for couples to do that, go on dates and all that jazz but it just felt weird hehe ena he introduces her to his friends, as what kho :/ his GF? It's not as if she's his wife.. will she be?

Bs great part and can't wait to read more!

Candy said...

wut the with demma? kelah na'3zat <_<
anywyayz;can' wait for el takmela ^^

Anonymous said...

6AAAA3 HATHOOOL!!! Shfeehom mo 9a7yeeen, i mean come on wayn ga3deen!! Ok glna inkoon free bas mo lay hal daraja, ya3ny mo nag9hom ila a bottle of champagne o takmil isahra!! Ya3ny ana shft banat imhayteen bas 3ad chthy troo7 wtred o il ahal ma yadroon waynha, hathy m9eeba.. WAAAY3 IB9ARA7A 3AYLA ARAF

JuMaNa ;) said...

@@ shsalfat omhaa Deemooo XD

ma chenhaa thb7tnaaa???

la la lazim 7bebii terkii yklemha o y76 lha 7ad ;@

oo el.comment ely foogii .. 3jznyyyy 3n el.klam lol

moi said...

my silhouette in red: thanx 7abebti;* welcome to my blog

sexy sour sweet: looool 3aib;p

7aleeb kakaw: dersay:@!;*

jacqui" terki baye3ha:P

candy: t7eb terki:P

anony: kaifhom;p

jumana: 7abebich terki?:P:P, lool hahaha ;*

Anonymous said...

MOI! the best story o alla ewafgich;** but how true r they?

libero anima said...

sa5eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeefa haiy demooooh ! ..
omg wayed razah !

look at me im a stupid slut tralalalalaaaa i dated ur BF .. BITE ME !

btw is this a true story ?

sa said...

wee weee pushed her huskily against the wall:p sh9aaar:p

moi said...

anony: thanx 7abebti;***

libero anima: yeah it is;)

sa: part 15 will tell u;p

Anonymous said...

Hiii Big Fan of ur story <3 ooo and congrats on ur engagment all the best inshallah xxx

I'm intrested in knowing by what do u mean no-make up make up ?? What and how do u apply it ?Could I get some tips plzzz I always go to mac and tell them I'm looking for a nude lip stick but they don't seem to get what I'm asking for :S Help

Je je

moi said...

anony: i just read ur comment hunny, well you choose a natural brown eye shadow , u apply it in a way that dosent appear enna eye shadow, peach or gold blusher,nude lipstick: depends on ur skin tone, choose a color that looks like ur real lips but with more color,and finish it with mascara:), and thanx 7abebti;**

Anonymous said...

Thnxxx a million sweety :)
I'm going to try it out for Uni 2morrow and update u with the result ;p by what do u mean i put that the brown shadow is if its not a shadow do u mean i dont pull it out words ... I saw in allure that nude lips are like bayge or light pink color u know I'm white like sick white :p so can i use these ?

Btw sorry 3wart rasich :$ Je Je xoxo

Anonymous said...

Deema and Saud are made for each other... we should fix them up (I hate them both wa333)