Monday, 12 January 2009

playing with fire( 11)

heres a long post for you my priceless readers , sorry for the previous short ones , hope you enjoy this one;** because i wont be posting any time soon since my finals are next week:(
ps: wish me luck!

Panic was expanding inside me while I waited in the hospital corridor, the smell made me dizzy, I always hated hospitals smell. I swallowed my tears and closed my eyes. it's going to be okay, it's going to be just fine, i desperately tried to calm myself down.

Terki was still inside there, with a bunch of nurses and two doctors, I didn’t know what really happened to him other than the fact that he passed out in my car and that he looked seriously ,utterly sick.

I jumped at the sight of a young Kuwaiti doctor making his way out of the ER, I approached him, my legs were shaking furiously.

"doctor, whats wrong with him? is he going to be okay??"

" are you his wife?"

" no, im his cousin"

" he seems to have a heart problem, and I think that he has a doctor, right?" HEART PROBLEM??SINCE WHEN?!!

" i..i don’t know, what kind of heart problems?" I gulped.

" well, his doctor should see him, now he's in a temporary coma, he might wake up in less than 24 hours"

"WHAT KIND OF HEART PROBLEMS?" I yelled "would you please tell me??"

He was shocked by my reaction " well, one of the blood vessels in his heart is not working properly , he probably was born like that"

" can I see him?"

" it's best not to"

" i have to, pleaseee doctor just for five minutes please"

" just for five minutes" he smiled , obviously enjoying this. Asshole!

I opened the door slowly , a nurse was injecting terki's drip with some fluid , the other doctor looked up at me.

" I took the doctor's permission to get in here" I said .

"what doctor?"

" the ..the other doctor!" I was already losing my cool and those doctors weren’t helping. " im a member of the family, and I really need to see him now, I already called his parents and they are on their way, meanwhile I need to see him, alone, please??" I wasn’t even sure that I made sense.

" sure" he said coldly , he motioned to the nurse to go outside with him. the door was shut .

Terki was lying there on the bed, breathing through a tube. I sat before him on the bed , my heart was ripping from my chest , I bit my lower trembling lip.

"terki?" I whispered. No response.

" can you hear me 7abebi?" I touched his arm gently. No response.

I could feel tears rolling down my cheeks; one tear fell down on his shirt. I gently ran my fingers over his hand ,taking it in mine. It was so lifelessly cold.

" why all these bad things keep happening to me?" I whispered between sobs.

"why didn’t you tell me that you were sick? " I started sobbing uncontrollably. I kissed my finger and touched his chest with it, right above his sick heart.

"guess what terki?" i continued talking to unconscious terki . " I love you too"

I wasn’t thinking straight, all I could think of was being there for him, I couldn’t leave him alone, I couldn’t be away from my terki. My poor precious terki.

" I wont leave you, I promise" I whispered while adjusting myself in a lying position next to him, I wrapped my arms around him, closed my eyes and lost connection with the world.


"ma'am wake up" a voice interrupted my dreamless sleep.

"mmm" I murmured .

" wake up ma'am ?" now the voice was really annoying and a hand was nudging me.

"what?? What happened??" I said ,opening my eyes and getting up fast. Ouch! .

" I think you slept here ma'am" she thinks? …" you should get out of here, it's not allowed " she said in her Indian accent.

"s-sorry.., I'll go now" I got up and left the room without looking at terki. That was so embarrassing and technically I was still asleep.

To my utter dismay, saud and khaled were sitting on the chairs in the corridor facing the ER. I couldn’t run away, they would see me sooner or later! I didn’t think this day would get any worse! I sighed deeply and decided to act normal.
"esalam 3alekom" I was sweating like a whore in a church.

"3alekom el salam" both muttered.

Saud gazed quizzically at me , I looked away, I really hated Saud at that moment, and Khalid was too slow to realize that I was inside with his younger brother.

I reached my car, got inside and turned the heater, my head was throbbing and my hair was all over the place . I dialed farah.


"haaa janoo"

"banam 3ndech elyom , I cant sleep alone tonight, hatha etha I slept"

"afa 3alech basss, 7ayaaach 7abebi"

"terki is in the hospital fara7"

"so I've heard, fayoon tgol Khalid ra7 el mustashfa, bas magalaw 7ag his parents yet "

I sighed loudly.

"that was louder than usual, yalla get your ass over here I know your tormented" she said sympathetically .

I texted my mother and drove to farah's house.

"fara7 yakser el5a6eeeerrr ,my heart broke million times lamma shefta on the hospital bed, 7abebi…" I sniffed while sitting on her bed.

"it's okaaaay 7abebti enshallah he'll be fine" she stroked my hair gently.

"et5ayely he was born like that! egol el doctor ohwa 3aib 5elqy, waaai maskeeeen ,madry laish he didn’t tell me!" I sobbed.

" I don’t know what to say really, enshallah he'll wake up tomorrow, egol Khalid it's not the first time they move him to the hospital"

"really?? Ya3ny 3ady??"

"mu 3ady bas enshallah he'll wake up"


I took two panadol nights and dozed off to sleep with a heavy heart. Only to wake up after three hours . farah was fast asleep cuddling with luka; her childhood teddy bear, she could never sleep without him.
I was worried sick about terki and I couldn’t do nothing but wait until I could see him again. There was this tiny problem , I COUDLNT WAIT!!

I came up with a very stupid idea that seemed a great one at the time. And to my surprise saud texted me back almost immediately!

*terki lel7en ma9a7a , enty kenty weyah ams 3adel?* what the hell!

*yes I was, if he wakes up please let me know, nite* I was feeling uneasy towards this guy and I didn’t know why.

Farah finally awoke at 8:00 am. " janon 7abebti meta ga3adtay?"

" ana nemt 3ashan ag3ad, I slept for 3 hours, maybe less madry"

"aww yalla kany gaima"

" farah?"


" is there any chance enna enro7 the hospital now?"

" suree ,bas 5ala agom a'3asel"

We went to the co op, because I had something in mind for terki. I wanted him to be happy when he sees me , I remembered him telling me that he loved "darabeel" a lot, so I got him two kinds of darabeel ,al-7alwachi and al-shamali and got them wrapped beautifully , and I bought him a large bouquet of roses.

We reached the hospital, my heart was pounding furiously. I hoped that he was awake.

I saw a nurse exiting terki's room. " excuse me? the guy inside there, did he wake up?" farah asked.

"yes ma'am" she nodded " you can go see him ma'am"

Terki's face lit up when he recognized us. He tried to get up slowly. I rushed to his bed side and sat before him " el7emdella 3la el salamaa" I said handing him the darabeel and the bouquet . " ollah sheno hatha kella?" he said almost whispering.

" a surprise" I grinned. He squeezed my hand.

"salamaat terki, matshof shar" farah said.

"eshar mayech, allah esalmich" he said.

" I'll go get a coffee min starbucks ,taboon shay?" she said.

" skimmed late pleasee"

"bel3afia" terki whispered.

She left me alone with him, with the man I love. He looked at my eyes and they couldn’t help but tear up.

" I was worried sick about you" I said trembling.

" im fine now" he said while touching my right arm.

" 6ala3t sekrab terkeyoo " I joked .

" afaa, ana sekrab" he punched my arm playfully .

" heart problems o madry sheno…, you really were born like that?"

He nodded " well ,one of the blood vessels cant deliver blood properly"

"how's that?"

"lazem I take care of myself, ya3ny I should jog everyday, eat healthy, have my meds on time, etc"

"that’s why you cook"

"that’s why I cook" he said smiling.

" aww 7abebi .." I said. And blushed unexpectedly.

" open it " I pointed to the wrapped darabeel.

"okay..7abebti.." he winked. I never knew that sick people are so sexy!

He roared with laughter when he saw the green pack " did I mention that I love you before?"

"that, you did" I said happily.

"come here" he said

He hugged me so hard and tight. God I loved him so much at that time.

" I love you" he whispered into my ear and then he kissed it gently while still holding me.

I pulled away gently. " tara saud and Khalid were here ams" I said.
" I know ,saud was here earlier today" he said. What??? Why didn’t he tell me that terki had woken up! god ,what’s his problem!

" oh ok"

" im sorry eny magetlech about my health problems, I didn’t wanna freak you out"

" sh3ogba?! i cant run away from you now" I teased.

" I wont let you" he giggled.

A gentle knocking on the door interrupted our sweet ,senseless conversation. " it's mee" farah's voice came behind the door.

"come in fara7o"

She handed me the skimmed late and sat on the chair beside his bed.

" soo how is it to be in a coma?" farah asked stupidly

" wallah wanasa break min el denia" he laughed.

" allaah abee" she giggled.

" smella 3alech yal minona" I said.

" ee terki, tara your parents are on their way, that means we should go, o ajer o 3afia enshallah"

" maga9artaw, 3azeza o '3alia ya farah" he said.

" tamerna ebshay gabel la namshy?" farah asked.

" mashkoora, wallah enna you made my day, especially enich yebtay janoona here" he said ,meeting my eyes . I blushed.

" aww" she giggled.

" yalla 3ayal ma3a elsalama" she said.

" bye .." I said.

I turned around at him before I exit and fly kissed him. he pretended to catch it and laughed.

I knew that being with terki was like playing with fire. I would bear a life of taking care of a man, being there for him and making sure that he got his meds , his right foods and whatever made him live longer.
But I didn’t care. I was happy that he was okay. that MY terki was okay. and I've never been happier my entire life.

I was smiling all the way during our drive in farah's car. little did I know that a single beep from my phone would ruin my entire day.

* I took care of you yal 5ara, kel shay sawetlech, to you i was your salvation min el 3oqad ely enty feha, to me you were life, bas enty mu kafo, enty wa7da mon7a66a o 7aqeera , o chenich ma9adaqtay , shaklech la3ba le3eb lates2elen 3anny wala shay, ro7ay agol ana 5al tenfi3ich 7ayatech hathy ely mara7 tyeblich ella el balawi, allah yaster 3alech*


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ee wallah 6a7 7athah ;@

b3d 3mriiii terkii ;* ;*

gd luck in ur examzzz ;*

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my frnd tawa galatly 3an this story.
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ooo turkie im in love with him now. along with our other 7amaniii ;P
bas mashala 5oosh story.
oo good luck ib ur exams.

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How low can Fahad go?

Ugh, she should tell him to piss off.

Loving your story so much<3

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How dare he that bastard! After treating her like nothing he has the guts to send a msg like this!