Tuesday, 3 February 2009

what happens in bahrain,stays in bahrain(18)

We landed on the Bahraini soil less than an hour later. Terki was right; it was so close to Kuwait.

We found a taxi outside the airport, Terki told him the name of the hotel and then we settled into the backseat of the taxi.

I was looking outside the car's window through the entire drive; Manama was small, even smaller than Kuwait. The taxi driver pulled over in front of the hotel's entrance, we gathered up our things or lack of it, and headed inside.

I sat on one of the chairs in the lobby, while terki was talking to the concierge. To my utter shock I saw a girl I knew from college, she was met7ajba, at least a week ago she was met7ajba, now she was wearing a small strapless pink dress, her entire body was showing, I would never wear such thing, but who am I to judge her? After all im the one who came all the way here with my boyfriend.

" aham shay HONEYMOON suite" I said.

" ee shfeech 3ashan en3eesh el door" he laughed.
The suite was so romantic, red roses everywhere, on the bed, on the floor along with scented candles of course. I found it ridiculous and funny since I wasn’t that kind of person who believed in fairytale romance, I was so realistic for my own age. Maybe because of my parents fucked up relationship. I know what you would think now, how did they PRODUCE 7amani and wahab, well don’t ask!

"eshrayech ne6la3 now? I talked to someone, he brought us a car" I thought he sensed my discomfort.

"Sure, im ready!" I said.

We got in the blue range rover that was waiting us outside the hotel and drove off into the streets of Bahrain.
Terki stopped at Moda mall, he said it’s a new shopping complex and that I should at least take a look.

I was impressed! The mall was TRES CHIC, it contained all my favorite designers' stores, all under one roof, it was easier for me to shop yet I was embarrassed from Terki's generosity, he insisted that I buy whatever I liked and I couldn’t resist.

After a long tiring yet delightful cruise around the shops, we were both loaded with shopping bags, it was so much fun shopping with him, but it was funny at times, he picked things that were so ugly that I wouldn’t be caught dead in them!

" janoon baroo7 armani bashoof el shirts tyeen?" he said.

" you know what? I'll go take a look at the jewelry garden court o I'll get back to you, ok?" I didn’t want to miss the chance, I adored jewelry.

It felt so Audrey Hepburn in breakfast at tiffany's, it was heaven like, I couldn’t stop trying things on, I bought a beautiful turquoise van cleef and arples ring for Farah and a pair of pistachio van cleef earrings for myself . I left the shop warm at heart with a noticeable glow on my face.

We were exhausted and really hungry we decided to get back to the hotel to eat and rest.
we turned on MTV while he ate an enormous burger and I had the salad garnish. "I'll go hit the mini bar , tabeen shay?" he asked, making his way to the fridge cabinet.

"Water please" I said.

He came back to me with two still water and one sparkling; Perrier to be precise. " there you go baby" he said offering me the bottle.

As soon as I put my plate aside, Terki pulled me towards him and sat me up on his lap. " are you happy?" he asked, while brushing a strand of hair off of my forehead.

"How can I not?" I said.

And then his mouth joined mine, I flipped straight into the zone were nothing existed but me and him. I was panting so hard, I felt like I might throw up, my stomach was churning with desire for him. "shhh" he pulled away slightly "take it easy" he said. Damn that was so embarrassing.

He kissed me again very tenderly this time, and hugged me hard to his chest, his scent made me dizzy, and then I realized how much I needed a nap.

" jooj de5t, lets get some sleep" he said. I was disappointed yet I was relieved, I could use some sleep.

I rested his head on my lap, as I started stroking his hair, he immediately dozed off. after less than fifteen minutes I was fast asleep with him.

at night we went clubbing at sky bar. we danced apart, we danced in clinch, he held me close and he whirled me around and once he stopped me dead middle of it all and just gazed into my eyes. i remember it clearly;my stomach did a backflip.

It was time to go back to kuwait, I even forgot that i had a home, everything was so perfect here, everything was so perfect with him only around me.

Terki was driving on the way back to the hotel, we had to check out and deliver the car to it's owner. I was distracted with replying to my birthday messages, when out of nowhere a truck appeared in front of us and Terki coudlnt do anything but crash right into it.


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oh my god, la la LAAA kiliiiiiiiiiiiish mo wagta ;/ LAZEM you post the next please I am dying here, my heart was racing and MY stomach was churning :p

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omg omg @@ ayal fithee7a illy bit9eer @@ dayummmmm! loved it ;***

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i just read the whooollleee story from start to finish and its amazing:)
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omg ma9adeg!! i was half was thru it oo knt bagool zain y3ni dayman btathkeroona bel 5air u since u had a good time here.. now im not so sure =p hahaha.. ma9adeg!! plz plz dnt tell me that something happened to any of them!! love it ;*

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enzain moi la et6awlaiiiiiiiin PLZZZZZZZZZZ :((( post 19 bser3a :((
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