Sunday, 8 February 2009

endurance (21)

He didn’t pick up. But of course he wouldn’t pick up, it was 3 am. He's probably asleep now, I thought.

I was about to make my way to my room when the phone ringing made me jump.

I turned around and picked it up with shaky hands. "aloo" his sleepy voice filled the other end.

"It's Jana" I said.

" oh, hi 6ala3tay min el mostashfa?" he sounded surprised.

"No, in a couple of days enshallah. Um I had to talk to you that’s why I called"

"Sure. What is it?" His voice was clam.

" I don’t know how to say this, um mom wants me to break up with you"

"What?!" he chuckled.

" I think you heard me right, Terki we both know that what we did was wrong! And im not sure if you really want this! I mean us, you're not even serious about me!"

"Baby I told you that I'll fix it, I love you jana! I want you! "

" Terki, talk is cheap! Enta ga3ed et3ashemni! You always say you'll fix it, FIX WHAT EXACTLY?!! Omy 3a6atny 6rag! She never hits me!! NEVER!" I yelled.

"You know I can come to your house o atqadamlech bacher just to make your mother happy! Bas I wouldn’t be satisfied, Jana, you know my work's nature! Look, in a couple of months I will be settled here, no work no travels I promise, but would you wait til then?!"

" Terki im sorry bas I don’t believe you, and I don’t think I can trust you again either. I don’t think "us" will work " I said.

"So you're breaking up with me now?"

" im sorry.."

"Are you sure that's what you really want?"

"I don’t have a choice"

"THAT’S YOUR EXCUSE??!! YOU DON’T HAVE A CHOICE!!! YES YOU HAVE!! " he shouted " I don’t believe this, you know what? I think you're a coward. I think… I have to go" he hung up.

And just like that, I dumped the love of my life
Two days later I was allowed to go home. As soon as I got back I recharged my phone, I was hoping that Terki had sent something.

* el7emdella 3ala el salama o matshoofen shar enshallah* from Saud.

* happy birthday joonty;* from fahad!

And none from Terki.

I sighed loudly and buried my head on the pillow. What have I done? I miss him terribly, I wonder what he's doing now.

A month had passed in a blink of an eye. I got a job in an attorney's office during summer holiday only. farah too, she was hired in the STATE AUDIT BUREAU to get some work experience for the CV.

All days were the same ; I worked from early in the morning until noon, after that I'd get back home, lay on the sofa for hours and then I'd have a light dinner, read a fat book and doze off.
I didn’t even have the time to miss him. or maybe i had but it didn't matter, I was an independent woman and so was he, he didn't even try to message.

One day farah came over to my house. as soon as I saw her face I knew something was up.

" whats wrong?" I asked.

" hmm nothing" she smiled.

" you're blushing! WHAT IS IT?!"

" well, ommy elyom galatly feh nas yayelech" she made a face.

" nas? as in yayeen ya56ebonech?!"

" wa7ed ma3ay bel dawam" her face turned crimson.

" is that a good thing?" I was getting impatient, I wanted to know everything.

" um ohwa 5osh wa7ed..I think ya3ny, ma3arfa jana, bas he's weld nas o mashallah 3leh he's er..HOT! o his father is the president of **** , madry!"

" laish matshoofena, mara7 ta5sereen shay , right?!" i raised an eyebrow.

" jana in love with someone else!" she said in a higher tone.

" please dont tell me you're still in love with S3OOD!!!" I was frustrated " farah honey , s3ood dosent even notice you! el rayal mayadry 3an hawa darech, im sorry! bas its the truth"

" YOU'RE MEAN! kaify i love him o mara7 ashoof hatha! ma7eba o ma3arfa!" her eyes were tearing up.

"kaifech, el zawaj mu '3a9eb, you know that 9a7?" I stroked her hair.

she nodded " im sorry"

" its okay, I know you love him, I hope he starts feeling the same"

It was obvious that zain fell in love with farah the moment he lied his eyes on her, because he couldnt stop trying. his mother called farah's mother several times and she'd refuse in each and every time.
two months later I got a message from Terki. * how you doing:)?* it said.

* never been better* I lied.

* thats good to know:)* he sent back.

*but im missing a certain someone:)* i sent.

* could it be that stupid someone that wishes you were here every day?*

* maybe:)*

* that stupid someone misses you like hell, he thinks his life sucks without you..he thinks he wants to see you so badly:)*

*I think seeing him wont harm anyone:)* I sent. my heart was racing, I was hoping he'd get back to me, since the day we broke up.

* tonight?:)*

* 7:30 :)*

*sounds good, where?*

* $$$ cafe*


It felt like a first date, I was so nervous, I felt like throwing up! I got dressed quickly, and left before I bump into mom.

Im not sure what I felt exactly when I saw his face, I wanted to jump on him , I wanted to kiss him, I wanted to slap him for leaving me, I really didnt know what I felt.


S said...

waih hal s3ood.. ham mako fayda waraha waraha!

nunu said...

awwww! :(
yala please kamlay bashof eshsar!!
love your story!

Um 7maid said...

Inshallah eriddoon 7ag ba3ath!

Anonymous said...

plzzz next post oo its very short extra long wouldnt hurt:P

Diet Coke said...

First from my frnds!! ;p
one of the top stories.... ;)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

2 months later =\

tawwa yathker?! =(

me no likey =(

wink! said...

sh6ari 3alih terki wihya b3d m9dgt galha ta3ali o missed u o irktht the thng they do for love..

check my blog

Anonymous said...

i agree with dandoon! TWO MONTHS lateer?! effff what a %^&#$@!!

and i hate s3ood!! hes an even bigger #%##$&&!!

love ;** said...

1. Even though it was on the short side, you made up for it with the AMAZING EVENTS!!

2. S3oud needs to disappear

3. Farah (sorry ;p)bs you need to get over S3oud, also Zain proposed min awal shay??

4. Terki and Jana NEED to be together ;)

SO, as you can tell I LOVED IT ;**
(but then again, I love everything you write )

bananaPie said...

7atan ana I dont know what I feel


Lost b2amreeka. said...

im liking zain <333

give me one! please?

awwww!!! ufff eee together forever cuteness woyyy

S E 7 E N said...

Ok jana is not suppouse to give farah ni9ayi7 about love and moving on .. Cause she is doing the same thing the dude calls after 2 months oo ask her for coffee oo she runs so fast to him

How do you know he didn't play around oo filas oo rad

Limited said...


aaa5 men -.-

Jacqui said...

Actually I liked and hated how long it took him to contact her, because for one thing it meant that he still can't live without her, for another it means that he might have a surprise up his sleeve, ready for settling down and stuff hehehe bs who knows :P

Yalla more more more and let's get rid of Saud :P

moi said...

s: ee 3ama eb3aina;\

nunu: thanx 7bebi love u;**

um 7maid: enshallah!

anony: sorry hunny hatha ely gedart 3leh;*, next time extra long!

diet coke: thanxx;********

dandooon: ana ba3ad ma3ejabny elwath3:S

wink: shdranai 3nha:S, i will;*

dp: loool #@$%:P

love: i love uuuu;***, well farah was so stupid back then:$

banana pie: loool;***

lost b2mreka: lool theres only one zain;**, bas etha legait ra7 a36ech 5abar:P

se7en: I KNOWW!! l2nha maynona:S:S:S

limited: :S:S:S:S:S no comment~!

jacqui: we dont know what hes thinking bas i didnt like that she ran for him as soon as he contacted her:S

sa said...

farah shtabi ib s3ood! she shouldve said yes to zain! hope it works out with terki!

Pa7NaSS said...

ee farah should have went with that guy! let her leave s3ood alone ... miskeena kisrat 5a6rii he likes the other one;/ ;(
il om 9a7 kalamha

±What±Im±about± said...

CUTE ! ;*** wazeeeen il.walhaneeen wallah ;****

moi said...

sa: l2nha bgara;p

pa7nass: ee 7dha maskeena;\

what im about: lool wazeenech enty;**

Candy said...

what the??
he left her in one of her importatnt moment when she was mkassarah,& now dating again <_<
he must have a goood reason to come back to her :S
i think am adddicted to ur story,i don't wanna this story end,i wanna reda posts forever about hal salfah ...

moi said...

candy: their relationship is always like this;s they love eachother but they r fucked up:S,aww thanx 7abebti i'll try to make it longer;***

PaLoMiNo said...

waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :****

sh9aar sh9aar kamlaay :***

Weew~ said...


angel face said...

owwwwwww ! <3 thats the CUTEST!!

libero anima said...

aawwwh >< ..

hmm fara7 should consider seeing that other guy ..

cnt wait for the rest =)

moi said...

palomino: 7adhom;**

weew: ;**, i'll post now;p

angel face: i knowww!

libero anima: farah bgara;p, i'll post now!

Anonymous said...

Laid eyes on. Not lied eyes on.

moi said...

anonymous: would u like to fuck off?