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I changed my style but my roots were showing(28) FINALE

I am sitting in the most beautiful place you can think of. Literally, the most beautiful. I can see the bright moon's reflection on the sea that is right in front of me, yet I'm nowhere near it. The ac is on since the weather is really dusty outside and The leather sofa's rubbing against my skin is sending chills through my entire body. But I don’t mind because marveling at the lavender beauty on my engagement finger every five minutes alone can warm me up all over. I stretch; I've been writing this post all day long (on this particular sofa!) And suck on my vanilla lip gloss for the hundredth time since my diet prevents me from snacking before dinner and being a food lover, I'm dying of hunger!

Zain aka HH my husband (yes husband no longer fiancé but I don’t live with him.YET) joins me on the sofa, I close the laptop immediately when he pulls me against his chest. "mu bard 3alaich?" he says.

" hmm la 3ady, im enjoying it"

" matabeen peanut butter?" he offers me the jar of peanut butter in his hand.

I frown " la esta'3fer allah"

He chuckles. " kaifich 7adda latheth"

" bel3afia" I say while I wipe the corner of his mouth with my fingertip. I stare at his face for a while and take in his features. His big black eyes, his dark skin and his beautiful lips with that sexy mole on his chin. I smile when I remember the first time I saw him, he's no saud but he's so rayaal! I remember telling Jana.

" enzain matabeen takleen shay?" he asks again.

" in thirty minutes, may9er akel gabel" I tell him.

" faroo7a I love you and everything bas entay film! Mala da3y dieting, enjoy life, and I LOVE your body,wallah.."

" I wanna fit into my wedding dress! O feh farg bain skinny o SUPER skinny and every bride should be super skinny"

" if you say so" he flips open his laptop and begins working on something, I take the chance and open mine and resume writing the last part of the story.
He gasped. I froze. I could hardly believe my eyes, I blinked. Is he really here? Oh god I can't do this, I can't take this! I didn’t even see this coming; I thought I would never see him again. And there he was stunningly standing there, right in front of me.

"You're…different!" his eyes widened.

"You're… HERE" I gulped.

" yes. I am" he said and then his beautiful face broke into a smile.
"happy twenty fourth birthday Jana" he handed me a small bag.

I stared at him blankly; I still couldn’t believe my eyes.

" enzain will you take my humble gift? And will you let me in?" he grinned.

" oh, um..come on in, I um sorry" I stuttered stupidly.

I locked the door behind him and led him to the tiny living room. " you want some coffee?" I asked.


I covered my half naked body with my soft fluffy robe and headed to the kitchen. My hands trembled while I prepared the coffee. It was the worst situation I ever experienced. Why would my ex fiancé come all the way here after a whole year of our break up, why?!

And what scared me the most was that I longed for this moment for as long as I remember and when it finally came I felt nothing,I felt...cold.

I poured the coffee into the thermos and placed it on the tray along with two cups; I sighed deeply and went to the living room.

" et'fathal" I handed him a cup of coffee politely and sat on the chair besides him.

" so how are you?" he began a conversation.

" mashy el 7al, how are YOU?"

" el7emdella, 3ayesh" he said. " jana?"


" wayed met'3ayra, tadreen lo ashofich bel share3 ma3arfech"

" I don’t think I've changed" suddenly I was so annoyed. He didn’t have the right to show up here and act all normal and easy like we're old friends or something.

" your appearance changed I meant" he said " but you're still beautiful" he added.

I ignored him and sipped my coffee.

" why are you angry?" shit! How did he know?!

" im not" I faked a smile.

" you know what was really bad about our relationship?" he said.


"is that we got to know each other way too well" he grinned " so don’t fake it, I know you very well"

I sighed. "you know what? Yes I am angry! You know why? Because I don’t know what you're doing here! why did you come here?! YOU SHOULDN’T BE HERE!" I yelled.

" I came here to wish you a happy birthday, and because I've …missed you"

I laughed " it took you a year to miss me? mashallah 5osh love hatha! Terki ana baroo7 anam, and I think you know your way out, bye." I got up from my seat and left him alone in the living room.

" laish tnamen embacher, it's Friday!" he shouted.

I ignored him, turned off the lights and slammed the bedroom's door behind me.

I woke up the next morning with a heavy heart. My body ached and I didn’t want to get up from bed but I wouldn’t let him win again, I suffered for months and that was enough. Him showing here after a year was not a big deal, I didn’t love him anymore. No, I didn’t love him.

I took a quick shower, wore a comfy dress and had my morning coffee while reading the paper. The bag Terki gave me yesterday was there in the kitchen. I took a quick look inside the bag. There was a card that said " happy 24th to the most beautiful person on this planet. You'll always be in my heart.
Ps: I know how much you love decorating your beautiful earlobes:)
Pps: I still own the darabeel box you gave me

I couldn’t help smiling at the card. It was so cute. I took the little velvet box out of the bag. I opened it and the most beautiful pair of pearl and diamond earrings were there. I ran my fingers gently over it and decided to "decorate" my ears with it. I placed one on my right ear and looked at my reflection in the mirror, I gasped when I saw how beautiful it was with my blue-black hair. I placed the other one and took out the rest of the contents in the bag. A dead flower and an album. Weird, I thought.

I opened the album and a picture of myself wearing a red dress and smiling at the camera appeared. I could feel a lump in my throat when pictures of me in Terki's arms started showing while I flipped over through the photo album.

The doorbell's ringing made me jump. I tucked the album inside the bag and went to answer the door.

It was him again.

" you're crying?" he almost whispered.

I couldn’t resist I kissed him back, I didn’t realize how much I missed his taste and his body against me, god I missed him.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled my closer. " what are you doing?" I said breathlessly.

He shut me up with an even deeper kiss.

Before I knew it we moved to the bedroom, he picked me up and threw me on the bed and lied besides me. "I have bad news" he whispered into my ears.

"what?" I whispered back.

" we are still madly in love with each other" he said.

" I don’t care, I don’t want you to go" I buried my head against his chest.

He kissed my head. "I won't" he promised.

And then he moved in with me. I knew it was wrong but I wanted him as close as possible to me, besides he would be leaving in two weeks and I wasn’t sure that he would come back again.

It stayed like this for almost two years now. We lived separately, me between Kuwait and London, him in Kuwait and between other countries because of his job and as soon as he gets a vacation he'd visit again. I'd lie if I tell you that I was okay with this weird relationship. We weren’t even a couple. I lived my life normally without him except at some nights when I lose connection with myself and cry myself to sleep.


I lied on bed thinking. For some reason I couldn’t sleep and it was hot. Terki was sleeping there next to me. I thought about us and how wrong our relationship was. I should talk to him, I thought.

His loud breathing interrupted my thoughts. I touched his bare shoulder in an attempt to wake him up.

"baby?" I whispered.

"hmm" he groaned.

" did you take your pills today?" I stroked his hair.

He struggled to open his eyes " eshfech?" he asked.

" 5athait your pills elyoum?"

He rubbed his eyes " la chenny nesait"

"damn it Terki! Where are they?!" I snapped.

" madry , in my case over there maybe" he said with his sleep filled voice.

I rushed towards the kitchen with a glass of water and took his pills out of his case. " DON’T forget it again, PLEASE?!"

" enshallah" he swallowed the pill and shoved it down with water.

Before he drifted back to sleep again, he brushed my hair and said " I can't live without you janoona, this time I'll take you home with me" and then he took me into his arms and slept on the scent of my hair.

" why did you come here?" a single tear trickled down my cheek and before I could say anything else he pulled me into a deep passionate kiss.

farah aka MOI

14-november-2008 Is when I decided to go to London with my sister Fay and her husband Khalid , I was thrilled because I loved shopping in London and I really wanted to see my former best friend Jana.

I didn’t tell her that I was coming; I wanted it to be a surprise. we landed on the British soil in the morning, we stayed at carlton tower and I'm sure you all guessed what was the first thing I did after waking up from my short nap. Well, I took a cab and drove all the way to bond street. I really wanted to see her.


I pressed the buzzer and waited for less than a minute when, surprisingly for me, Terki opened the door.

" farah?!"


We were both shocked.

" .. IS THIS JANA'S APARTMENT?!" I asked him, blushing.

" um, yeah yeah, 7ayach!" he welcomed me inside awkwardly.

I sat on a chair in the living room with him in front of me. Before I could open my mouth to say something, A skinny girl with Cleopatra-like hair showed. "FARAH!!!" she screamed my name.

" who..JANA!!!!!!!!!" I screamed back. god my friend was different! She didn’t look like her old self at all! She was paler and skinnier, her natural golden glow was gone and her beautiful brown waves were replaced by straight shiny black strands.

"OH MY GOD!! FAROO7AAA!!" she said and jumped on me, giving me a monster hug.

I was taken aback; I thought she didn’t want to see me again. I really, really missed her.

And then I hugged her back and to my utter dismay I started crying. " what the hell is he doing here?" I whispered into her ears.

" I'll tell you everything, just get me out of here first" she whispered back.

I pulled away and wiped my eyes. " Terki,can I borrow Jana?"

He smiled when he saw my tears "sure farah, bas please latabcheen, o latbachenha weyach"

I giggled " I'm sorry"

Jana took her coat and we left the apartment.

" wow, long time no see" she said.

I sighed " I've missed you"

" I thought you didn’t want to see me again" she said. her eyes filled with tears.

" you know, ana makent aby aga63ech Jana" I said.
" I was depressed" she said " you cant blame me, and then I needed you and you weren’t there"

"Neither were you"

We continued walking silently to the nearest café in Bond Street. We sat down and ordered our drinks. " so" she began.

" so…tell me first, eshlonich? How's your life here?" I asked.

"el7emdella, everything's great"

"you mean it?"

"yes I mean it" she assured me " I am happy but.."

" but TERKI …9a7?"

" yes, we don’t even have a relationship, it's like when we're on the verge of breaking down he comes back to me, and it sucks" she said. and then she told me about the whole thing between her and Terki.

" hmm, I don’t like it" I said.

" me neither"

" you know, you should write a book about your love life"
" akteb 3an sheno exactly? 7arakat Terki el '3areeba? Wela sowad wai fahad o s3ood?!, plus I don’t have a love life"

I laughed. " show women what men are really like, plus people love those kinds of things"

" Farah I don’t need to show them how men are screwing our lives, they already know! And speaking of which, are you still with your boyfriend?"

I nodded. " I've never been so in love actually"

She reached for my hand across the table. "testahlain 7abebti, tell me about him, what's he like?"

I sighed. "Perfect, he proposed to me twice and I didn’t give him an answer"

" el rayal min zeman kan yabeech eb zawaj, he didn’t want to play around, entay madry laish 7anachtay 3leh, a5er shay kalamteh hehe" she said " ohwa wayed mo7taram Farah, do you want to marry him?"

" I love him but I'm scared, madry ya3ny" I said.

" say yes, you guys deserve each other, at least one of us will end up with the man she loves, do it for me" she smiled.

I squeezed her hand. "eshlon el derasa?" I asked.

" lo3aa, wallah lay3a chabdy , lots of work, what about you?"

" mashy el7al, bas aby aftak! En5ale9 min el jam3a ye6la3lena shay thani" I said "enzain tell me, what are you going to do about Terki?"

" I think I need to talk to him" she said.

" ana agool, golela about what you feel, tell him its either getting official AGAIN or breaking up because what your having now is mala da3y! he shouldn’t come back and stay at your place as if you were a married couple!"

" my mother hates him" she said.

" but you're only happy with him, and she wants you to be happy!" I was getting impatient; I so wanted these two to get back together.

" I will talk to him tonight, I promise" she said.

I walked with Jana to her apartment, hugged her and took a cab to my hotel.

When Jana entered her apartment Terki wasn’t there, she changed her clothes and waited for him in the living room.

After less than thirty minutes he showed up with tons of Harrods bags in his hands. " hi 7ayati, I've missed you" he said.

"where were you?" she asked him. " o sheno kel hatha?"

" re7t ag3ad weya o5oy, he's here with his wife"

" I know, Farah told me"

" and I brought us dinner" he handed her the bags.

" Terki, I need to talk to you"

"me too" he said.

He sat down beside her. " ladies first"

" it's about us Terki, I don’t like what we're doing. It's like you can live without me,3ady 3endek and when you have a vacation you come here and I welcome you wela chenna 9ayer shay, I hate it Terki, and I don’t want it to happen again" she sighed.

" I know, I hate it too, that's why I want you to be my wife, not my fiancé, MY WIFE" he took her hand in his " would you marry me Jana, baby?"

A million thoughts raced across her brain in a split-second as she sat there. she didn’t know what to say, it wasn’t like before, he wasn’t even her boyfriend. she looked at the loving, gentle expression on his face and her eyes betrayed her and she could feel the warm flood of tears streaming down her face.

She touched his face gently " I'm sorry Terki but what you did to me before one week of our wedding was unforgivable, selfish and heartless. Enta mafakart feeny, instead you considered your brother ely el7een 5a6ab o soon ra7 yetzawaj o wela hamma, you didn’t want to hurt your brother bas rethait enik tejra7ny, you know what's the difference between me and you Terki? I love you so much to the point that I let you in my life again without hesitation, I amaze myself when it comes to you, adoos 3la karamty bas 3ashan I satisfy you, o enta wela 3al bal, tsafer o tred o matgool feh w7da 7mara na6ratny here, despite everything I still love you like before and I'll always will, nothing changed except one thing, the fact that I can live without you, I think I can survive without you and I don’t think that my life sucks without you."

He opened his mouth like a gold fish, he couldn’t speak. He was so shocked and very surprised by her reaction.

And then he took her both hands in his and kissed each one of them and stared at her. " I'm sorry 7abebti, I don’t deserve you" he said.

He let go of her hands, stood up and made his way to the door. She was so overwhelmed with the whole situation, she couldn’t stop crying. And then she stood up and went over to him at the door.

When he saw her approaching him he swept her off her feet and hugged her with every nucleolus of love in his body. He crushed her bones with his love and he didn’t care, he hugged her and refused to let go because he knew that it was the last time he'd be this close to her.

After a while he put her down and kissed her deeply on the lips. "good bye Terki" she said.

"you wish" he and pulled her again for a kiss.

" don’t forget me" she said.

"never" he assured her.

"I'll come to pick my stuff tommorow when you're out" he touched her hand slightly, ran his hand over her delicate fingers and then he spoke again " bye 7abebti"
To her utter surprise, she didn’t feel sad when he left. Actually she couldn’t stop smiling, she finally let go of her anger and was able to move on with her life. Of course she still loved him with every pulse in her heart but she knew that she deserved better. She didn’t want another man and she didn’t want to get married, she just wanted to be happy and thank god, she was. she took her coat and her purse and left the apartment with a huge smile on her face and red eyes.
she wandered happily across the cold,wet streets of london. she was finally breathing for the first time in three years.
The end
not really..

Farah (moi): myself, is married to zain and our wedding is in couple of months.
zain(HH): is obviously married to me.
Jana: just finished her phd thesis and called me yesterday to inform me that she'll be coming to kuwait to help me with the wedding arrangements and preparations. and she's still in love with Terki but she's kinda involved with someone, it's not certain but the guy likes her alot.
Terki: is still gorgeous and single. his business is getting better and better because he's so devoted to it and I personally think that he's still in love with Jana.
Saud: is married to a girl who looks exactly like the old Jana, it's scary and embarassing. I think he was in love with Jana's looks NOT personality because he didn't even have the chance to know her.
deema: I saw her profile in facebook two weeks ago, and let me tell you, that girl is in love with herself because she has 104 pictures in her albums!
Fahad: I heard that he's with a girl I used to know at college, but nothing official yet.
Khalid: he's the sweetest thing ever! ;**
Fay: is pregnant with her second child from Khalid.
Jana met my best friend bader and the rest is history....;)

love you all ;**
yours Farah-moi


Diet Coke said...

I still didnt read ;p

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i wish you all the besttt walah..

Loved that characters soo soooooo muchhhhhhh

love ;** said...

Hal mara im not in tears, im crying, alah e5alekum 7g ba3a'6 and may you have the most amazing life with your husband you deserve it.

I think Jana was brave to look her love in the eye and tell him she can live without him, I wish her the best in life o mashalah working on her thesis alah ewafgha inshalah.

I love you babe ;**

Perfect ending, to a perfect story o inshalah the most amazing and perfect marriage ;**

Anonymous said...


Speechless .. all though you were her friend i can see how well you know here to see things from her own prospective .. MAy you all live happily ever after :*

Diet Coke said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Laish ma tizqwejaw?
Btw, I always thought u were Jana;p .. Bas to tell u the truth nagaytay a7la esm "Fara7" cuz its my name;p HAHHA, thanks wayed 3ela the lovely story ;)

Charmbracelet said...

Great story!!!! Loved it !!! Thankks!=*

moi said...

diet coke:read:P

bahraini barbie: thanxx 7ayati, love u;**

love;**: i love u more;**, thanx alot for ur PERFECT comments;*

anon: thanxxx hun;**

diet coke: lool 3ashat el asamy;p, no prob;*

charmbracelet: i loved u, ur welx;**

Anonymous said...

ohhhhmygooood :(
i can't believe its over :(

you guys are the best, i wish you all the best of luck.....
thank you for sharing this story.. you know, it means a lot and it teaches a lot...

omg :(
i feel happy for the happy ending and at the sametime i feel bad...i don't know why :(

Starlight<3 said...

I'm speechless,

this was a heart-warming story and I'm all teared up, I'm also shocked because all this time I thought you were Jana.

I'm glad you got who you wanted in the end, and I always did think Saud was a creeper ;P Your hubby seems alot better =)

You have an amazing talent and you shouldn't let it go, keep writing, keep blogging.

I couldn't have asked for a better ending.


Captivated said...

I Loved the ending.. 9ara7a wayed stories start out great bss in the end a7ess its being rushed or shay.. bss urs had a perfect ending.. i loved terki bs a7es she'll get hurt a lot etha rethat fee..

S said...

It's the best beginning of a real story...
Allah iwafigkum;*

اللهم احفظ الكويت و شعبها من كل مكروه

S said...

btw ya3ni ashwa ina i have enough time to cry and aragi3ha ..

RevealedSecrets said...

LAAAAAAAAAAA! Mawedi itkhales ilqisa :(
Kilyoum achayek an6erich you post, awal shay I thought ilending was when Terki left Jana, then shift a new post chan akayeef!

I think I've commented few time before bas mu wayid, bas wala kil post agrah ib youma o lo i9eer ayshay new don't forget to update us!

o allah itamim 3alaich intay o HH mina ilmal o minich li3yal inshalla, wil faal 7ag Jana

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Zaina said...

I loved loved loved loved annnd loved again the ending.

bas its goood innna you're still intouch with jana;p
istanast likum :***

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and I reallly hope the best for you guys :**

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walla qaweya jana esmela 3aleeha

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bs i knew u guys got back together ans tahts teh most thing im happy about :D :D :D

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allah ytamem 3aleekom kilom o yas3endkoom o enshallah kil khair yseer :D

Candy said...

madree a7es ene numb men el end of hal story
you end it in a wonderful way..& mn jed u should publish it in a book!! like u know this book:Girls Of Riyadh that also talks about love relationships :D
a7es ur story is gonna rock the univers :DDDD
a7la shay enah u came back to ur friend,:D
3asa rabee eywafekum eb your new life....

±What±Im±about± said...

FAROOOOOO7AAAAA !!!!! bachaiteeeniiii !!!!! walla kent 7assa ench fara7 !! thats a great story wallah ! i miss reading it already ! nehaya 7elwa ! 7amdella ena u got back together m3a jana alla la y'3ayer 3laikom !! allah ywafegkom kelkom ! ;**
woooow janna a phd ! mashallah mashallah
s3oood is meskeen wa3alaya ;p ! mo 3shan il.story 5alesat tga63ain ! plz dont ! keep in touch ;***

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No0oDy said...

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anyways... i loved ur story.. and it broke my heart and made me cry mn galb 3ala a5er few posts.. bs like u said b4 this is reality and we dont always get our happy endings.. im glad u guys r back to being friends again though.. Allah ewafegkum yaraab.. thank u for sharing this amazing story with us ;* love it!

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I loved it, It was amazing <3

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you , jana , fahad , terki , saud , everyone ..

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and its one of the hardest things in life ..

Pourqoui said...

i really really loved ur story.. w bs 7abayt agool ina 3asa allah ywafigkum ib ur lives w tshofon the best days that are yet to come :*

Anonymous said...

AMAZING!!! Thank you for sharing this beutiful story with us : )

Mushu : )

*R said...


btw..i just did a new blog visit and tell me what you think


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YOU gave me hope...

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Silver said...

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Jacqui said...

I think what i'll say might have been said above but seriously it's a great story and not only did it shock me in it's amazing-ness but in it's different outcome, we all wished she would end up with Terki but in the end they didn't end up together and no matter how much they loved each other they weren't each other's lobster :/ but what I loved most was your story, how you went from a creep like s3ood to someone as geniune as Zain, someone shareeech o 7a6ech ib 3ainah o I wish you both the best life ever!

Seriously, I hope that by now you and Jana get back to being friends and soon try and capture what you once had and perfect it even..

Seriously wishing you have a great life my dear.. and don't stop blogging :*

angel face said...

ambee this is THE LOVE babe let me tell you ! i TOTALLY loved your story ! and am SO HAPPY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

JuMaNa ;) said...

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moi said...

anon:thanx hun , it means alot;**, dont be sad:)

starlight: im more than happy that u liked it, thanx a million;**

captivated: i made sure i gave the story 7agha o akthar,i want it to be remembered:), terki ba3ha marra, yegdar esaweha again..

s: loool ur so cute;*

revealed secrets: ya36ech elafia:), thanx alot;**

bonita lulu: aww thanx;** ur comment is amazing..

lama: enshallah i wont:), love u too;*

zaina: i loveddd u;*, thanx sorry:)

anonY: allah eslmich hun;*, he dosent love her enough and i think he deserved it

candy: THANXXX huny;***, i will enshalalh publish it;p;p

moi said...

what im about: i will enshallah keep in touch;**, thanxx

3anoooda: pleasee dontt its supposed to be a happy ending:D

nooody: thanx,luv u;*

dandooon:allah eslmich hun;**, im sorryy

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anon: 7abebti entay;**, ur comment made my day!

glitter: thanxx alot hun;**

E: im glad i gave u hope:D:D and thanx;*

silver: :$:$:$!! thanxxxxx, allah eslmich;***

jacqui: ur amazing;* seriously..thanxxx 7bebti;**, im lucky to have him;*

angel face: it is;**, thanx;*

jumana: lool thanx 7bebti;*

Anonymous said...

AAAKKH ;'O!! madriiiii..madrii shagool oo madrii sheno im feeling..
ok awal shay allah ewafgich u and HH wekhalleekom 7ag ba3a'6 im sooo happyyy 7agkom ;**
oo janaa maskeenaa ;/!! ya3nii 7asafaa terkii sawa hal 7arakaa :S ! ena had'ha 3ashan s3ood..way i HATE s3ood..bass 9iij ma testahil wa7ed methil terkii..she deserves better.. el ending 3ajeeeba walla i LOVED ur story ! a7la storyy oo i loved u too ;** !

Music, Happiness, Love said...

im speechless seriously. it cudnt have ended better
good luck with you and ur life oo inshalla u get everything you want and need;*

Anonymous said...

Ques, when terki kan inam at jana's place in London.. Kan inam 3indaha or u know :pp with her?!

7adddee confused! and I NEEEEEEEEED 2 know :)

Great Storry Tho..AKTHAR wa7da i was @@ abt ;p

S said...

i7im.. el7emdila dawamt ib karamti o natharat o ma7ad dara 3ani !
hal yomain bas sayra el masha3ir jayasha shway ;p

Anonymous said...

i dont understand the last line =/

Jana met my best friend bader and the rest is history....;)

meta was there a bader :S

Anonymous said...

Deearr MOI :*
Am a fan of ur blog LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT !! astanis 3ala ur random posts ;p o i comment btw hehe ;p buutt since am reading lots of stories, Nouf & 7amanii, Jawhara o Fajer with their amazing hot guys, O del o a7mad :* gelt a`ajel urs lain one of these stories etkhalles ;p .. bass i couldn't everyone is talkig about ur story bil blogs o 7atta BILJAM3AAA, i was like i gotta read it! and GUESS WHAT! Ams il3aser bedait agraaha o just right now khallast.haaaaaaaaa :D .. WHAT A GREAT STORYYYYY !!!! 3ajeeebaaaaaaaa :*** I should've read it a long time ago wallaa ..
I feel sorry for jana am sure she suffered a lot ;/ Can't imagine ena kel hatha 9aarlaha for real :'S well, tell her ena shes a brave woman .. WALLA SHE IS;*!! Terki, fahad, s3ood SCREW THEM ALL! :) Sorry bas magdar akhesh.ha ib Galbi :p
Farah is truly amazing friend, she reminds me of my great great bestie Sh;* i love her to death .. and i love farah ehehe ;*
best of luck O allah ykhalle HH lich ..
Xxx sp.

Rwaished Addict said...

El 9ara7a ana garaaait waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayeeed blogs u en3ejabt eb wayed bs i never felt eny i comment 3ala ay blog bs ur blog is different maybe lana ur story is true madry bs ur story 7adhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 3ajeeba u el 9ara7a madry shbsawee now ma3ndy sheghel;p
so please can u start a new story (A)?;p

Thanks A Lot:)

Your Fan;)

Limited said...

to be able to tell the love of your life that u can live without him takes alot of courage .. u made me cry woman!! =')

am glad u guys r friends again ..

Lulwa said...

I didn't see this coming :(
I wished a happy ending 4 them both

bas kelshay ne9eeb , ALLAH yewafeghom both of'em

love u all :**

Bo Fahad said...

hello .. garait the whole story in 2 nights !!
3asa Allah ywafegkum inshAllah tewaqa3t this is the ending .. bas .. WOW .. what a great story .. loved every letter of it .. loved all the characters .. and .. mashAllah every little detail was mentioned b6areqah 3ajebah !! i really felt like i was living the story .. hell u made me into tears in every post .. 6e7t 3la ur blog bil 9edfah .. w mashAllah .. the only blog that kept me sitting and reading !!

bananapie said...

kelshai sar ehwa el ssa7

la7thai my obsession with "sa7 sa7 sa7" wth haha

Ala yewafegkom ;**

bananapie said...

nesait agool eni ra7 aye hne adawer elnext part methl el mainona!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was like tearing most of the time especially when Jana ended it for good with Turki :( But i have to admit she's so brave to do that mashallah :)
AND WHEN I READ THAT YOU FINNALY SAID YES TO MARRY ZAIN I WAS SOO HAPPY, FINALLYYY!! When i read the first time you met each other i was like he's so gonna fall in love with her :P Allaah y5alekom lba3aa6' ;**
Bss i want Turki and Jana to get married!!! I'm so annoyeedd that they didn't get married:(
Take Care and pleasee, * I know you might not do this bs just for the sake of the chances* Could you please post another one soon, and tell us what happened bein Jana and that "uncertain" guy and Turkii, pleaseee!!
Anywayy Take care and Good luck with everything xxx
P.S. I LOVEED ITTT :) Bs pleasee try to post another one soon about Jana, Turki and that other guy and with what happened to you and ZAIN ;)

Lost b2amreeka. said...

uffffffffffffffffffffff. i must admit i did NOT see this coming! NOT AT ALL OMG! damn it. Okay, i wish jana w terki did end up together! Le2anna no matter how much he hurt her at the end of the day she loved him with her life! Ya3ni her love for him was that rare kind that everyone wants! But she threw it away li2anna nomatter how much he hurt her, he proved himself and proved his intentions to her at the end w what's in his heart is what really matters, no? anyway i love your story, might not agree with janas choice but it is her life n stuff w thank you for writing her story <3 im gonna miss it! ;*** love uu wayid :D Allah ykhaleech 7ag Zain w ykhaleeh lich inshalla!

Anonymous said...

I read the story twice w I cried twice :'

aammm crying


saudi-blogger said...

God !!!! What you've wrote is a work of art! Simly amazing you got me courled up with you're story without me knowing it :')! You had us all amazed, Thank you for ur time thank you for your effort
And most of all thank you for the smiles you drew on my face! I believe that writing is sort of a medication I didn't know that reading as well
Wish you nothing but the best