Wednesday, 4 February 2009

3alagtni bel hawa ya ZAIN (19)

He said he won't let anything happen to me, he promised me that I'll be okay with him, he promised that this would be the best birthday I've ever had, he promised me that….

I opened my eyes to the sight of a worried pair of hazel- green eyes. I tried to open my mouth to speak but apparently something was keeping my mouth shut. I raised my hand to touch my mouth; it was covered with something that felt like cotton and fabric.

"You're okay 7abebti" Terki sighed " im so sorry" he smoothed my hair.

Just then my senses came back to me and I realized how angry and furious I was at him, I wanted to kill him! I couldn’t even stand looking at him, I was in a hospital bed in my birthday OUTSIDE my country and god knows how long I've been here , all because of his stupid driving!

I tried to sit myself up slowly, he tried to help but I pushed him away. He opened his mouth to say something but he couldn’t, he was so surprised by my action.

"esa3a cham?" I managed to say.

" thentain" he said.

"what do you mean thentain?!!" I yelled. Ouch! my lips hurt, my chest hurt!

" we had an accident, remember that?!" he said.

"How can I not remember?!!! im in a hospital bed for gods sake!! Kella menek! Madry laish you were speeding!!! Uff sheno esa3a thentain!! Omg!!! Are we still in Bahrain?!! Omg" I wasn’t making any sense.

"Calm down!" he touched my arm " e7na lail7en bel ba7rain, its 2 am, im sorry but I'll fix it, I know this is a complete mess I know, we missed our plane bas feh '3airha, aham shay you get well" he said calmly.

I covered my face with my hands; it was literally a complete mess. I wanted to cry and scream , I wanted to hit him for causing this but I knew deep inside that it wasn’t his fault, plus I was in pain; my entire body ached.

A doctor came in to the room, he checked my blood pressure. " doctor what's this thing on my mouth?" I said. it was giving me a hard time speaking.

"your mouth was bleeding heavily, don’t worry, it's just cotton and bandage. You can remove it when the bleeding stops" he said.

"Other than that, im okay?" I asked him.

" well, your chest was hurt pretty badly, and your right arm is broken, but you'll heal in no time" he smiled " I know you have a plane to catch , your husband here told me, but we couldn’t release you because you were unconscious, if you can walk now, we can let you go" he added.

To my utter dismay I couldn’t! I couldn’t walk. But I couldn’t stay here either. I motioned for Terki to get closer to me. "Get me out of here ASAP!" I whispered in his ear.


It was the hardest flight I've ever experienced. I was in a very bad shape, I couldn’t stop crying. I had a nurse besides me; who didn’t help at all.

We landed on Kuwait at 4:00 am, I was exhausted, I wanted to get home , Terki was exhausted too, his head was injured and was wrapped with a bandage and his eyes were so red. I was moved in an ambulance, unfortunately for me I wasn’t allowed to sleep at home.

Terki came to the hospital with me, I could see how tired he was, he barely kept his eyes opened. Last thing I remembered was when he took my phone and called my mother.


while we were in bahrain
farah went to apply for a job in STATE AUDIT BUREAU aka "dewan el mu7asaba" since she majored in accounting. her uncle was something important there, so he did a "was6a" for her. she dressed carefully;she wore a black pencil skirt with a white crisp shirt to make her look professional. little did she know that she would make a joke out of herself.

she remembers that day very clearly, the day she met ZAIN.

when she entered the building , they sent her to the finance department despite the fact that she was an accounting major student. she didn't know where to go. she stood there for a little while , then she decided to call her uncle. she dialled his number several times but to her dissapointment he didn't pick up.

" losema7tay e5ty.." she could hear a male's voice behind her.

she turned around, the guy was wearing dishdasha and ghutra , he was really tall , his big black eyes grabbed her attention, actually his whole face grabbed her attention.

" tabeen musa3ada ebshay?" he asked "9ayerly sa3a ashofech wagfa hny bas ba'3et asa3ed" he smiled sweetly.

" ee wallah, im applying for a job, o madry someone sent me here bas ta5a9o9y accounting, madry" she said.

then he helped her with everything, he was such a sweet heart, his name was strangely funny and cute and WEIRD for that matter. his name was ZAIN AL-M


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

zain whats wrong eb hal zain person ba3ad!

wallah men ma yendara 3anhom =\

S said...

uh-oh.. how did the mom take it? shgal terki ?
and what happened with Fara7!!??!
cant wait to know ;*

moi said...

dandooon: hmm im farah btw;p

s: next post u'll know;**

fahad said...

ibtalesh terki bil imkasara she3abil feha;p

Um Mit3ib said...

LOL @ fahad
eee wala ibtalash !:P

love ;** said...

lesson learnt never leave the country with your boyfriend on your birthday ;p

thanks for posting, I was waiting for this ;**

moi said...

fahad: wenta bas ga3ed wete6amash:P

um mit3ib: ;p

love;**: lool 7da! u welx babe ;**

Diet Coke said...

hahahah im first <-- this goes to 7aleeb kakaw, pampers, cutness!! ;). c u in school guyss;*
inshala Jana mat3a9b 3ela Terki masken ;p

No0oDy said...

Analyzing in process. . . . . . . . . 6oo6

will this Zain end up being HH"?! :p

libero anima said...

ooooh maaaaan !
duuuuuuuuuuuude !
omg what did he tell her mom !..
can't wait ..

Silhouette Crime said...


shu bystweeee!!! im waiting!!!

JuMaNa ;) said...

wa3alayaaa 7bebtiii :(

matshoof shr X'(

enshallah mat9eer mo9eeeba m3 her MOM @@ !!!!!

enshallah ykoon ZAIN asmr :P 3lshan n'3neelah aaaah yal asmr yaaa ZAIN :P

moi said...

diet coke: lool enshalah:P

nooody: is it too obvious or what?:P

libero anima: it was a mess;\

silhoete crime: allah yaster;p

jumana: eshar mayech;p;p;** allah yalasmar yazaaaaain;********

No0oDy said...

no.. but am tooo smart ;p

angel face said...

wow the name is strangely cute tara.. ambee bas what happened later !! in the hospital !! ambeeee!! wallah 3awarty galbeeeeeee !! ;(

moi said...

nooody: lool 7arakat:P

angel face: i knowww;*** sooo cute!, ee poor jana;s

Limited said...

zain has got to be HH .. i wont have it any other way =P

and omg .. @@

Candy said...

ethnainhum mkassareen el 7een,what the?
can't wait her mother reaction <_<
inshallah mat3arf wain kanat <_<

Anonymous said...

ooob moi enty fara7 @@

shlon 3omrha 23 & u 19?

btw 7da 3jeeeb el post ;*

Jacqui said...

la la la that's some weird shizzle al7en :s i can't wait to see her parents reaction :s

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

ee estaw3abt that much ;)

and thats why i cant wait to hear about zain ;)

itll be 9ij mn first person perspective ;)

moi said...

limited: enshallah:P

candy: unfortunately yeah both mkasereen:S

jacqui: tell me about it;\

dandooon: :)

moi said...

anony: sorry nesaitech;**, i wish i was 19 :), im not 23 I WAS 23;p

Anonymous said...

amby 9ej matwa8a3t
adry mlgofa bs cham 3omrech now? :p

moi said...

anony: im older:P

Anonymous said...


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