Sunday, 15 February 2009

she told me once " boyfriends come and go but friends come and never go"(24)

" janoon yalla yumma 5anamshy,e5wanich lawe3aw chabdy" mom said after she finished sipping her tea.

" 3amety laish entaw matro7oon o ana age6 jana el bait ba3dain" Terki suggested.

She ignored him and looked at my dad. "Sure, you're her husband now" my dad said. God I love my dad!

After many failed attempts from terki's mother to make them stay longer, my family left with Farah's parents.

" esh7alatech elyoum" terki whispered into my ears.

"Thanks baby, enta ba3ad" I blushed.

" janoon,terki 3a6ooni pose 7elo" farah raised her pro camera.

" wait! ana agolokom shetsawoon" she said excitedly " terki put your arms around jana, jana boseeeh esh7alata elyoum!" she clamped her hand over her mouth " sorry, um just..ignore me!"

Terki's face turned to different shades of red; he wrapped his arm around me awkwardly. I couldn’t help laughing.

She took so many pictures of us with different embarrassing poses, terki wanted to kill himself min el fashla. " farah laish mat9awreen khalood o Fay?" he said.

" la malaina menhom 9araw qeddam hehe, entaw a7la, etshawgoon 7adkom newlyweds!"

" ana baroo7 el dewaneya, tamroony ebshay?" saud said while looking at me.

" salamtek bu 3bdul3zeez" both terki and Khalid muttered.

Farah excused herself shortly after that, she kissed me goodbye and whispered "boseeh!" into my ears.

Then while Khalid and Fay were caught up in their sowalef, terki and I quietly made our exit, and walked through the moonlit garden together, just savoring the moment.

I said nothing as he led me down across the garden, beside the pool and into the beach.

He sat on a wooden bench and I laid my head on his lap, I looked up at him, still marveling that he was there, let alone engaged to me.

" I never asked you, min wain yayeb hal 3yoon el 7elwa? Ma7ad min e5wanik nafs your eyes, 7atta your parents" I said.

He stroked my hair " 6ale3 3ala yadety om oboy, kel 3amamy nafsy chethy 3yonhom tgoleb hehe o semer 7adda weird combination"

" BEAUTIFUL combination" I smiled.

He kissed my nose. " bagolich shay bas latz3leen" he said.

"What?!" I panicked.

He laughed " shfeech 5ayfaa?"

I shrugged. Then he got a more serious look on his face " I think you're getting a bit thin, when I met you , you were very sexy, curves and all , now you're skin and bones and im worried"

I sat up and wrapped my arms around him " im perfectly fine, you don’t need to worry"

He didn’t say a word, he gazed at me for a while, and then his beautiful mouth spoke "lets get married as soon as possible, I don’t want to spend any minute away from you"

" in a month enshallah, I'll be completely yours"

"enshallah" he said.

When terki dropped me home at 3 am, I received a message from Saud.

" I'll say it again, el a7mar yet7acha 3alaich, you were stunning tonight , I didn’t know how I held myself, but you're not mine, I promise I wont bother you ever again, im happy for you, your smile teswa el denia 3endy.a7ibich jana. Abeech tensain kel ely getlech eyah, I don’t want my brother to get hurt, he deserves you.

Ps: I didn’t feel anything towards Farah, she's a great girl mashallah 3alaiha bas she's like the sister I never had

Pps: thanks for meeting me"

I sighed, at least he accepted the fact that im his brother's fiancé. I turned off the lights and slept with my dress and heels on.
The next couple of weeks were hectic, I was getting married in a month and that was like pulling the impossible, so we decided to make a simple ceremony. Farah was a star, she helped me with all the arrangements, especially with the shopping; it was really tiring but really fun!

She was waiting outside the fitting room while I tried a few gowns that were so beautiful but not on me. "farah im so frustrated! Kel ely gayast'hom mu shay 3ley! Bas two left lel7en I didn’t try them o 7ady 5ayfa!"

" try them on, etha ma3jeboch enro7 somewhere else 3ady!" she suggested.

" okay" I agreed.

I gasped when I looked at my reflection in the mirror, I looked like a princess in that gown, it was a creamy strapless Oscar de la renta that looked amazing against my tanned skin and honey brown hair, I wanted to cry , I felt like it was made especially for me. " haa esh9ar 3alaich?" Farah's voice interrupted my thoughts.

" I think I found the one.." my lips trembled. I opened the door of the changing room and I could see from the tears in her eyes that she loved it too.

" you look.. simply amazing!" she brushed her tear with her left hand. "Twirl! Let me see!"

I did a quick twirl for her " eyanin 9a7? So simple yet so gorgeous! Terki will love it!"

After we finished our shopping Farah went back home with me, we had a Chinese dinner with my mom and then we headed upstairs to my room.

" janoon gimme your phone, badezly elpix maloot elyoum!" she said.

"sure e5theh min jan6ety" I said and headed to the bathroom.

When I finished my business I headed back to my room again. I was applying my moisturizers when she approached me with a very disgusted expression on her face. "sheno hatha?" she shoved my phone on my face.
"sheno sheno?!" I stared at her blankly.

" s3ood shako dazlich message, mu message ba3ad MESSAGES, laish?? S3ood loves you??? You told him about my feelings for him?!!! and you're still with his brother?!!! I wonder what terki will say when he sees this! "She snapped.

" meno sema7lech o galech tba6len my messages?!!!" my heart pounded so hard , I didn’t know how to defend myself.

" you think kent aby ashoof hal mas5ara ely ga3da et9eer?!!! Allah ekshefech o it was opened bel '3ala6!! Jana, how could you?!! He loves you so fucking much 7aram 3alaich!!!"

" HOW COULD I WHAT?!!! I love him to death too entay tadreen!!! Bas shasawy if his brother is in love with me!!" tears were rolling down my cheek.

" then leave him, tabeen etfargenhom? Uhma e5wan jana, they love eachother, tabeen etfargenhom 3la shay tafeh?!"

"shay tafeh?!" I chuckled between tears " I cant leave him!! farah he's my husband NOT my boyfriend!! I'll marry him in two weeks!"

" I know that you love him, bas shloun sema7tay 7ag nafsich ena you meet him, jana what if Terki found out!! "

" he wont! I wont let it happen, I know I know!! It was very stupid of me to meet him bas kent lazem a7e6 7ad 7ag s3ood!! Please don’t tell terki!! Please" I sobbed.

" I wont, I would never do such thing to you, but you have to leave him, you cant start a relationship that is based on lies jana, you just cant"

" is this some jealousy thing farah?!!, because Saud loves ME not YOU, IS IT?!"

Her face looked shocked for a second " you're… you know what jana? I have to go, enjoy your lies"

And that was the last time I saw Farah as my best friend.


Gutter Flower said...

omg... 7araaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!!! uhma mo rab3 yomain they're practically sisterss!!! this is just too complicated =S.. uhwa 7aram ehya oo terki love each other.. oo they're getting married.. saud offered to back off.. oo fi nafs il wagt il situation weya fara7 mo shay ina 7aram... esh-hal balwaa... =S!!!!

Gutter Flower said...

ya7laily im first awal maraaaaaaaa ahaahaha

Anonymous said...

7araaaam ;( i love fara7

Anonymous said...

ee w 3ndi so2al 3be6 :$
ely bl 9ora enty Oo jana ? :$

Anonymous said...

AYSHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY !!!!! what the hell !!! LIKE SERIOSLY WHAT THE HELL !! shako lies :@ ay lies :@ .. she went to clear things! ..

la7tha la7thaa etha ur the supporting actor ya3ni entay fara7 !! .. etha entay fara7 WHAT THE HELL U WERE DOING !!! :|

la7tha khal astaw3eb el mawtho3 .. laish ana mo gadra ashof shay ghala6 bel mawtho3! .. ya3ni mo thanbha wala thanb turki ena s3od y7ebha !! .. if he's gona back off fa khalas! o ba3deen she didnt know about s3ood men zeman! .. atwa when it was too late .. shino she walk away 3an turki o shetgol ? asfa okhok y7ebny ?? whaat!

tara ana menqahra !! .. ma7eb elnas they walk away chethy !!! ya3ni all these years hanaat !! chethy eb lam7 el basar!! . she didnt even let her explain !! HUUUUUF!

Anonymous said...

eee i loved the pic el sara7a . kent ba3aleq 3aleeha bs men kether manqahart akher shay nesait'ha! . o kent abi agol shay ab3adnesait :\

eee sorry 3ala my comment, shakli wayed shta6eet :P fa ya3ni if u didnt like it im sorry u can delete it if you want

Glitter said...

How stupid and reckless of her to have saved his msgs and not deleted them right away!

Glitter said...

O b3dain Anony Zouqa,
tarach etyannineen lamma teshta66aaaiin ;-D

LOVE U :-*

moi said...

gutter flower: oh tell me about it, we were more than sisters:'(

anony: i love u;**

anony2:i know i was such a bitch and i dont know what i was thinking bas it happened, and i cant changed what happened in the past:), thanx;**

glitter: she didnt delete them 3ashan ashofhom;p

S said...

oof.. 9adma 3a6ifiya..
i really didnt see that coming!
This shouldn't be happening..

Anonymous said...

plz tell me that u guys r still friends :(

Anonymous said...

u 2 still have time to get back together... oo did fara7 marry zain?

spreadlove said...

7araaam they r friends mn 3omr ;((

sh9aar 3a fara7 3ogub???
cant wait till next post

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


laa laa shino hatha!

this is just a misunderstanding, 9a7? =(

please say yes =(

Zaina said...

Oh my god. la2 la2 la2!

inshallah ur still friends??


Diet Coke said...

Shtabe hathy! ;p
im late for schooooooool kila minich;p DONT POST AT NIGHT!! ;p

Silhouette Crime said...

Omg! Speeeeechlessss

No0oDy said...

things can be fixed even after all these years ! ..

wink! said...

please tell me ur still friends.. omg:( u made me cry..

Pa7NaSS said...


bananaPie said...

kelish mo shai yedid ena marriage devastates friendships chethi KELISH MO SHAI YIDED .. yarabiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii:(

moi said...

s: 7adda it shouldnt have happened;\

anony: i wish i could tell u bas u'll know in the upcoming parts:)

sugar: no farah is engaged to zain

spreadlove: u'll see in the upcoming parts;*

dandooon: *SIGH*!!

zaina: 7adda omg! u'll know in the upcoming parts;*

diet coke: lool 5ala9 i'll post at noon:P

silhoete crime: :(

nooody: i guess so:)

wink: i cried too;\

pa7nass: !!

bananapie: really?:(

Anonymous said...

thats so sad, she shouldn't have walked out like that..

Lost b2amreeka. said...

uffffff. no way! I just realized you posted something sorry, farah mo 9ij -.- *smacks her* sorry!

Anonymous said...


wallah elmowtho3 kellish ma tswaa! hope u guys made up again haraam =(

Starlight<3 said...

Oh no,

I spy a plotter.

Here's my theory: Farah is going to be all evil witch and go and tell Terki about Jana's meeting with s3oud and she'll purposely twist things around because that's what witches do :P


Post soon :)

moi said...

anony(jb): ur right she shouldnt have

lost b2mreka: ouch;\

desert palms: tell me about it:\

starlight: nooo 7aram 3laaaaaaich farah is not a witch!:(

Silhouette Crime said...

I was wondering about theno makeup makeup for the slightly tanned? Abaaa

Jacqui said...

Hehehe *laughing at how everyone started attacking fara7*

honestly there are two reactions to be seen, fara7's was understandable and sometimes no matter how strong a friendship is it can't withstand something such as men coming in between them, let's take for example those tv shows (gossip girl for an example) when blair was going out with nate and serena slept with him what did that do to their relationship it destroyed it and no matter how many times they forgave each other it would never be the same and they knew it..

I'm sorry that it happened but for fara7 to get mad when she was infatuated with S3ood no matter how unworthy of a man he was and she found out that jana spoke to him, shared something personal about fara7 even by accident and still is going on with terki, i get the anger i would do the same..

Bs yalla enshalla enshalla soon fara7 and jana go back to being closer than ever and well they sorta are family

*and let's not forget that zain is much hotter and more worth it than that pitiful s3ood :P

Limited said...

i have no words .. speechless!


moi said...

silhoete crime: i should really write a no make make up post:D

jacqui:sheftehom!!!! kelehom are attacking her maskeeena fara7:P!! well ur right it shouldnt have happened bas when farah is angry she do\say stupid things and she regrets them later;\, ofcourse hes much hotter;p!!;* thanx for defending farah:*


Anonymous said...

Efff u made me cry ;(! Enzaain 7araam ur best friends men 3omor shloun 3ala sebab chethii ettifarigoun??? Ya3nii khala9 ur not frndz anymore?

S said...

nihayat el kalam, 7aram 3alaich .. she probably didnt mean it that way! it all came out wrong! o ba3dain it isnt the first time jana blurts things out!
Can't you give it another chance?

moi said...

anony:well, ur rite,it was fucked up and STUPID of us to fight over such thing, u'll know in the upcoming part

s:i was a bitch. period

S said...

ma7ad a7san men ithany ;p
bas i know it's not worth all this!
Both of you should come to ur senses.. do u, eventually ;p?

moi said...

s: s dear i wish life was a story 3ashan i write the ending i want bas real life is real life and we cant change it:(

Jacqui said...

There is a fara7 in each and everyone of us, and so she had to be defended.. There are lots of us who act first and think later so it's not fair everyone is jumping and accusing her of being mean or an idiot ;s

Yalla enshalla others will see the situation in a better light hehe

Silhouette Crime said...

You should !