Friday, 13 February 2009

im not falling in love,im just falling to pieces(23)

" no s3ood!! Its wrong!!" I shook my head to make sense out of what he just told me " I cant believe im actually discussing my love life with you!"

"YOU THINK ITS EASY?! Its not fucking easy jana!You're like my forbidden fruit, I love you so much and I cant do nothing about it, jana its not fair!" he snapped.

"well, apparently life is not fair! You love me I love terki, farah loves you!" I clamped my hand over my mouth when I realized what I just said.

His sharp eyes widened in disbelief and
his mouth hung open like a goldfish " what did you just say?!" he managed to ask.

" n-nothing! , s-s3ood I got to go! P-please get out of my car" I stuttered. My face was so hot and I was sweating furiously.

He frowned and gave me an unreadable look. He got out of the car "bye" he said and closed the passenger's door behind him.

What have I done?!!! Oh my god! oh dear lord!!!! I was panicking. "ambeee shsawaity jana shsawaity!!!" I shouted.

I didn’t know how I did it but I drove as fast as I could until I reached my house. I parked my car and headed inside quickly, my heart was still pounding and my legs were shaking. I got in the bathroom and locked the door behind me. I sighed deeply, think jana think , ambee eshhababt , I muttered under my breath.

I washed my face three times and decided to call terki , I needed to hear his voice.

" why didn’t you try to get me back when I dumped you?? Where were you in the past couple of months??!! " I cried as soon as he picked up.

" hey hey , shfeech?!!" he sounded surprised.

I sniffed. " answer me!!"

He sighed. " I tried to get you back in the right way, bas your mother refused me"


" jana, my mom e56ebtich 7agy min omich , bas omich erfethat" he said.

"why didn’t you tell me?" I whispered. I was in total shock.

" when your mother refused, I thought YOU refused but I couldn’t stay away for too long , that’s why I messaged you a month later"

" terki I've to go"


I hung up before he could finish his sentence.

I went to my mother's room, I was so furious at her, she didn’t have the right to do this behind my back, for gods sake she KNEW how much I loved him. I knocked on her door. " ta3alay" she said. She must've thought I was one of the maids.

" mama laish ga9aitay 3ley?" suddenly I was crying again.

" what? What are you talking about?" her eyes widened.

" laish mageltely enna terki 5a6abny o YOU REFUSED HIM!"

" jana 7abebti , terki maye9la7lich" her tone was so sympathetic , I was surprised.

"ohwa wayed open minded o e7na manaby wa7ed chethy yumma, entay benty elwa7eeda maby a36eech 7ag ay a7ad, jana his brother kelish '3air 3anna, o enasbich" she added.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, I didn’t want to fight, I just wanted to make things clear for her " mama ana a7ib terki, I still do, I don’t care if he was too open minded and whatever, and I think that you saw that he loves me too BECAUSE HE TRIED to ya56ebny o entay refathtay bedoon lata5theen rayey or ray baba"

" oboch kella emsafer" she muttered.

" mama that’s not the point!!! , you should've told me! AND I DON’T WANT HIS BROTHER!!" I yelled.

"Thanks for making my life a lot easier" I added sarcastically and left her room.

I called farah and told her everything. She was shocked and MAD , she said things like " 5alti mu min 9ejha!! god whats wrong with her?!! Ana bagool 7ag omy t7acheha!! What the hell!"

She told her mother everything and luckily for me , 5alti muneera liked terki a lot, since her daughter was married to his eldest brother, and since my mom was her best friend ,she decided to convince my mother that he was a great guy and "enasebny" for that matter.

Two weeks later terki "taqadamly" again, this time my mother said yes, my father said yes and I said yes.

I was busy being happy that I forgot about Saud completely, I even forgot about what I had mistakingly told him about Farah.

Terki's mom invited my family and Farah's for dinner at her house. I had a hard time getting ready; it was different because the spotlight would be on me since I was the bride to be.

I applied bright red lipstick that matched my purplish-red dress, let my natural brown waves down and put on my four inches purple manolos.

My parents were waiting for me downstairs along with the twins. " yuba wainech allah ehadach 9ayerlena sa3a na6reen" my dad said.

" I was getting ready, sorry yubba" I blushed.

He grinned. he was very amused with the idea of his only daughter getting married.

We arrived at their house a little later than everyone else, I assumed since the parking was full. Great! I hated it when I was late, it meant all eyes would be on me, it wasn’t like feh a7ad '3areeb or anything but still, I hated being late.

Their new house was much bigger than the older one; it had a very strategic location, the beach was just a few steps away from the house. om khaled led us inside with a big grin and lots of welcoming pleasantries.

I greeted everyone politely, hugged Farah who was stunning in her peach silk dress, and sat between her and Fay. "7addy mu m9adga enich ra7 tetzawejain, weddy ayabeb!!" Farah whispered into my ears.

"It could've been you" I said. She rolled her eyes.

" wain rayly?" I asked her jokingly.

" 7adda mu layeg 3alaich hehe, madry 3anna min shway kan hnee" she looked around her.

" sheno shu3orech jana?!!" Fay said excitedly.

" madry, should I be happy?"

She giggled " wallah tara el zawaj 7elow bas you'll miss your single life ebbait ahalech"

" ba66awil fatrat el 5e6ba 3ayal!" I panicked.

" eee 6awlay eshlech bel zawaj el7een, ge3day weyay!" Farah squeezed my hand.

"el fal lech faroo7" Fay said " lat3anseen o nebtelesh feech"

" wallah 3ad ana mu mesta3yela o eshda3wa feh me3ris wana madry!"

" feeh bas entay matabeena, eshzeena el rayal" Fay obviously meant Zain.

Just then Terki and Saud appeared, both looking gorgeous with their dishdasha and ghutra on. Butterflies danced in my stomach when he approached me after greeting my parents. " eshlonich 7abebti?" his husky voice made me shiver.

" el7emdella eb5air, enta eshlonik?" I said aware of everyone's eyes on us.

" lucky" he winked. I turned to a huge tomato; he didn’t have to do this in front of our families!

" bag3ad yamich " he demanded.

I sat next to him , he took my hand in his. " golay 7ag e5wanech les'3ar eyoon yammy, I wanna bribe your mother hehe" he whispered into my ears. I couldn’t help laughing, he so wanted my mother to like him.

" wahaby ,7amani ta3alaw hnee" I motioned for them to come.

Wahab, being the bold one, came without hesitation while 7amani refused. "eshfeeh thab7a el7aya?" Terki grinned.

I laughed " ee o5ooy daloo3 o 7ayawi mayet7ammal"

Terki kissed wahab's cheek lovingly " what's your name?" he asked him.

" 3abdulwahab yousef 3abdulra7man yousef N al- N" wahab answered.

" wene3em" Terki laughed.

" eshlonich jana?" Saud said interrupting us. He looked me up and down shamelessly

" tamam, enta eshlonik?" I said coldly.

" wallah 6ayeb el7emdella" he smiled. I didn’t know why but his smile scared me.

" ta3al bu 3bdul3zeez eg3ad yammy" Terki said.

Saud responded by sitting next to his brother. I tried to relax but failed, your fiancé's brother is in love with you, a small voice in my head declared, I gulped.

"Farah, eshlon el she'3el eb dewan elmu7asaba , enshallah merta7a?" Saud started a conversation with now surprised Farah.

" el7emdella el sh'3el wayed zain , bas now emsha'3leny bil finance department o ana accounting, so lazem a7awel enny a'3ayer" she said.

" refejy yesht'3el 3endekom bel finance department, chan t3arfeena, esma zain al-M" Terki said.

"Yeah I do know him" Farah said blushing. She couldn’t believe how their paths kept crossing.

Saud looked at Farah in a way even he couldn’t recognize, their eyes met in a split second, her heart sank and she looked away.

Om Khalid interrupted everyone's thoughts and chattering by announcing that the dinner was ready. We all headed to the giant dining room.

Everything was perfect, the evening was perfect, our families were perfect together, my Farah was perfect, my Terki was perfect and I was perfect next to him. I truly believed that we would grow old and gray together, I truly believed.

ps: this post is dedicated to YOU.

pps: for the anonymous who asked me about the "no make-up make-up", try clinique brown and beige eye shadow, matte light bronze blusher and light pink lipstick since your skin is fair!;*


Anonymous said...

ana 1st sa7 ?

khal agra :P

Anonymous said...


shino beseeeeeeeeeeeeeer! :O

N1/2 said...

omg soo cuteeeeeeee i cant believe they are gonna get married is something gonna happen to them a7is so...i hate saud so much ..

Anonymous said...

OMG I feel a storm is coming...

S said...

ooh oohhh ohhhh shbiseer shbiseerr?!?!?!

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaY !! bss um jana ba6aat jabdii !! uurrgghh ishtabii !! ihiya shakoo !! ;@ !!! oo s3ood eenarfiz as usual.. oo alaaah yaster min il yaaay ;s !!

Pa7NaSS said...

ahh!! amazing post!!
yallah next next hehe i wanna c what happens!
abii s3ood!

moi said...



n1\2:allah yaster;\

anony: bas storm:(

s: next post;**

7aleeb kakaw:eee um jana 7anechat:S,allah yaster;s

pa7nass:taben s3ood? 7alaaaaal 3alaich:P

ןєןє «3 said...

thnxxx alot sweety(K) (I'm the anony who asked ;)

Btw I'm in luv with ur story <3 good work xoxo

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


omha ba66a chabdy...

i wanna kill her =\

±What±Im±about± said...

U CANT DO THIS :((((((( u caaaannnntttt 7raaam 3laiiiiiiiich ;((((( !!! kamlaaaaii soon ! what's the balwa ur talking about !! shraaa7 ysser :S !!!
oo yeah, i demand ( 7addii gaweya ;p ) a more detailed post about no make-up make up ! ;p

JuMaNa ;) said...

:D :D :D :D !!!!



allah yster mn nawaya s3ood @@ !!! ;\

Dalia said...

moi said...

jeje: ashwa:D, thanxx 7bebi;**

dandooon: 7adha etnarfez:@

what im about: loool okay i'll try to write a post about no make up make up;**, i'll post soon hun;*

jumana: alf e9alat welsalaaam;p, enshallah may5areb 3lehom;p

Jacqui said...

Om Jana just went overboard ya3ne shino she refuses a guy that she knows her daughter loves just because he's too open minded and not her cup of tea :/ Ya3ne ehya or her daughter is getting married ha :/

Ughhh I hope this is their happy beginning and no more major drama ensuing but I have a feeling that we haven't heard the end of Saud :/

S said...

moi 7abeebty min 9iji ga3da 3ala a39abi ba3arf sh9aaaar!!

moi said...

dalia: im ur first fan:D

jacqui: if it was a fiction story i would end it happily bas its real life and i cant change what happened in the past.

moi said...

s: betsa7leny ya3ny?:P lool;*** wallah i'll try to post 24 tommorow i PROMISE;**

Jacqui said...

Hehe I know which is why I sense things will get complicated soon :s

S said...

lol i'm sending mixed signals i know.. bas kan qasdi ina i'm anxious ib 6areeqa zaina ;p
great .. 3ayal gnite ;**

moi said...

jaqui: *sigh*;\

s: nite hun;* o happy valentines day:D

sexy_sour_sweet said...

stupid mom of hers:P
stupid s3ooD
aaaah terKi <3

sa said...

ok i take it back s3ood insan anany oo 7aqeeeeer! seriously shlon terki is his brother i have no idea.. oo om jana mal 6ag!

sa said...

and im not liking the last sentence of urs, im guessing trouble in paradise in the next post?

love ;** said...

This has nothing to do with me but I had butterflies in my stomach lol, it reminded me of my engagement ;p

Loved it ;**

moi said...

sexy sour sweet: kelehom stupid;p lool

sa: loool 7adha!

sa: hmmm enshalah not?;p

love;*: awww glad u loved it;*

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