Saturday, 23 May 2009

behind these hazel eyes(new)

im going to tell their news in a storytelling way just like i've started...


I've always known that we will always be in each other's lives, no matter what obstacles we face, problems we go through, and even no matter whom we end up with, I'll always be his and he'll always be mine. I've always been aware of my unconditional feelings for him. I've always been aware of us.

So him contacting me again was not at all a surprise, I was even expecting it. It all started again last year, in winter. I secretly believe that winter is our season, since we met in winter, broke up in London's winter and got back together in Kuwait's winter again. It was 12:30 am, I was indulging my big Mac and watching friends on mbc4, when all of the sudden my phone beeped announcing a message. I reached for my cell phone casually with my burger greasy hand. Flipped it open and faced the message that made me whole again. " my heart misses it's life source…" Terki.

My heart did a back flip and my hand trembled, I took a deep breath, put the phone down and continued biting off my sandwich, ignoring my rapid heartbeats. After I finished eating, I ran to my bedroom, sat on the bed and stared at my phone again. I reread the message several times and decided to send him something in return. Something smart. "Did u cut back ur pills?"I sent him. Very smart Jana, I thought.

"I wish it was the pills, it's actually sumthin else, sumthin stronger...wud u take a guess Miss. Jana?" He sent me back, less than a minute later.

"No you tell me" I rolled my eyes, my messages were so lame, I should be smart, I should impress him after all these years!

"Something small, breathtaking, unbelievably cute and oh so stubborn!" he sent.

My cheeks got really warm and flushed unexpectedly; I held my cheeks with my both hands and stared at his message. After five whole minutes I decided to send a message. "What took you so long?" and as soon as I sent it my eyes filled with huge, warm, painful tears.


Zaina said...

way.. a7is galbii i3awerniiii... iksarat kha6riiii...

Anonymous said...

"wud u take a guess Mrs. Jana?"


Captivated said...

a7eb terki!! Why can't theyy just be together:'( whyyyy??

CuteandCuddly said...

Yeah !!!!!!!!!!!
"jumping and clapping"

they are back !!!!!!!!

cant wait for the next one :)
thank you

Queen Bee said...

Terki is starting to annoy me(:! Ya3ni let him make his mind

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

babe tara the last few lines elfont 5arban feehom =\

killa e9eer weyay nafs elshay =(

can you please fix it?

M said...

I can't see the last few lines :(

but yay! they're back! :D

Limited said...

terki has to make up his mind =@

M said...

ok i got creative and copied and pasted the lines I couldn't read..

I looooooooooooove..

"What took you so long?" breaks my heart :(

Anony said...

ee akher shay maybayen

turki and Janaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3


i knew it! i knew it!!

i knew they'll come back to eachother !!!

waaaay men sij fe nas they're meant to be together !!! no matter how hard chethy fight it !!


jumlat "what took you so long" taqtel !

Pearla said...

aaaah they're back :D YAAAY ..
so excited :D

Um Mit3ib said...

teeerrrrkkiii !!!

7abeeeebbb alby !!!

Starlight<3 said...

I can't see the last lines, they're puny! Please try and re-size it :p

I'm glad the story is backk! It has been missed.

Post soon,


S said...

Jana taksir el kha6ir! .. as for Terki.. no, still not into him!
Mrs HH ;*****

moi said...

zaina: yeah love hurts:'(

slouchy pants: no shes not;p, i corrcted it

captivated: madry:'(

cute and cuddly: lool, ur welx;**

queenbee: 2 words: kuwaiti man:D

dandooon: done;p u can read it now!

M: 3adalta:D

moi said...

limited: enshallah ana agola wela tez3eleen:P

M: mashallah 3lech;), it does...:(

anonYY: el7een bayyan:P,take a deeeep breath anonYY:P yeah they belong 7adhom sooo laygeen 3la ba3ath!*sniff*

pearla: muax;**

um mit3ib: i can see that terki 3leh doooos @@!

starlight: i fixed it! enshallaaah;**

S: keep in mind that shes the one who broke up with him at the end;p sam7eeeh:P,;****

Teenager At Sea said...

Laish painful tears? Didn't she want him?

[MaDry-Shakw~] said...

Laaish tredlaaaaa :@! maaabi 5al she gets over him !

Anonymous said...

are they back together officially? and are you gonna continue their story?

please answer asap ;PP


S said...

ee wa3alaya yananha!
ma agdar asam7a ..!
it's that time of month anyway ;p

madeline said...

poor jena she must be still in luv with him;/!

Anonymous said...

let them get back together if they really love each other ... bs 3ad ya jana ... marry each other
u both need each other u cant deny it ... plz tell her to get back together with him and this time marry him
3ad u guys r close frndz u should tell her that ... la2ana a7isha miserable without him o0o ohwa chithy ba3ad

Candy said...

ahhh galby is beating so fast :O
[endemagt weya el salfa ebser3aaa nxt post guurl]:S

jana and terki walla they suit each other no matter wut he 've done 2 her =D

Hend said...

bas khalas she should be strong o move on she should had enough from him!! ma7ebba

Anonymous said...

I think that they are both so stubborn... ya3ny they love each other...what is stopping them from being together??? I wish her a happy ending wallah...


moi said...

teenager at sea: because she's still in love with him..

madry shakw: she loves him lol

anon: yes i will continue their story:D lol

S: haha, sam7eeh hes worth it:P

madeline: she is;/

anon: yeah i guess they need eachother, but im not the one to decide their future u know;/

candy: loool ur funny;*, yeah they are my fave couple:P

hend: ana a7eba:P hes a good person bas 7mar

Mushu: wallah me too i wish it would all end and they wud get back togetehr and be happy

Jacqui said...

Can't wait to read more and more ehhehe I want to know what happened to Jana & Turki!

S said...

Fine Moi .. 3ashanich bas!
amerna lallah ;p

Anonymous said...

5el they get marryyyyy MAy9eeeeeeeeer chetheeee 3waaaaaaaaar 8albbbbbbb....
kellla mn s3odoooo .... 8alel adab 7ab wa7da yadre ena e5ooo y7ebha .... then 5araab 3leehoom oo shal eeddaa mn elsalfaaa ;@ ;@ ;@
oo ohma msaken 83edaw oo tha3at snen 3morhoom .. oo ohwa tezawajjjjjjjjjjjj " a9lan ma mdah 7ab !! mo kan ymoot 3alla janna"

sorry moi bas s3ooooooooodd 7mar
plz "6ee8ee " 3alashanyy ;pP

Anonymous said...

OMG! :o
I've been a silent reader of yours since forever! I was waiting for this post in months!
I knew the story wouldn't be a sad ending it can't be! there meant to be together! I LOVE YOU MOI! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU! :D
I'm feeling great! thanks to you;*!

chrissworld said...

ouuuchhh ! i love it when a woman is in control of her man and strong and powerful please more and more!:D your truly amazing at this!

Gossip Girl said...

LMAO! These underwears are soo funnyy!