Thursday, 4 November 2010

My name is Nouf (7)

I know it's been too long!! in my defense: I wanted to update earlier but my dear laptop died on me. here's part 7, I wrote it quickly and didnt have time to edit! so forgive any mistakes ;p, enjoy xx

Oww my head hurt, so badly. My chest ached so much! I felt nauseous and a horrible pain shot through my entire body. Brrr it's so cold! Get me a blanket my feet are freezing. Oh god I can't move them. I might get up and get me a warm blanket or…wait a second it's too dark in here.

I opened my eyes slowly and snapped them quickly shut. Oh god what happened to me? What the hell happened! Why was everything hurting! I was panicking; I didn’t know what really happened. Oh did I die? Wait a second I had a couple of painkillers and then…

Oh dear lord was I dead? I opened my eyes quickly again and looked around my surroundings. I was lying in a bed apparently in a hotel room! Was I dreaming? I smiled briefly for the thought. And then a silhouette of a man appeared in the dark interrupting my only hopeful thought.

I rubbed my eyes hard and rose up from the bed with great effort. Ouch, my head. He approached the bed and his face began showing. He was the weird guy from the plane. Oh crap, what the hell happened?!

"oh that explains why you're a creep! Are you the angel of death? Oh god esta'3ferallah" the words rushed from my mouth involuntarily.

His eyes bulged right out with astonishment and he opened his mouth to say something but changed his mind almost immediately. I trembled.

"No, I actually found you in…in the pool…I…I thought …" he looked down awkwardly ,unable to finish his sentence.

My eyes began tearing up and I couldn’t hold it any longer, it all came back to me, I drowned in that pool and if it wasn’t for this good man I would be dead. I gulped.

"I wasn’t trying t-to k-kill….myself" I sobbed. Tears were no longer welling at the corner of eyes.

"Is there something I could do?" he asked awkwardly. Sympathy filling his voice.

I covered my face with both my hands and started crying, it was so embarrassing, the whole situation was so sad and embarrassing and I wasn’t a big fan of myself at this very moment.

"Death in the family?" he asked.

That took me by surprise. I had no clue why he came up with that idea! I vigorously wiped my tears with my fingertips and sighed giving myself a chance to breathe. "Something like that" I mumbled.

"I'm sorry" he said awkwardly. He obviously wasn’t comfortable with the idea of a weeping girl in his hotel room. Suddenly his phone started ringing and vibrating. Saved by the bell, I thought.

"I'll have to…um…take the…" he waved the phone before my face awkwardly.

"Yes! Yes, sure" I blurted out. He smiled briefly and literally ran out of the room.

I sighed heavily and collapsed on his bed. " bada3tay Nouf bada3tay" I started crying again, this time in humiliation and shame, and because I could not help but feel so sorry for myself.

After that dreadful incident I rushed to my room, took a long, hot shower and wrapped myself in the hotel's fresh towels. I decided to stay in bed and never leave until I find a situation for what I'm going through, until I find a reason to leave bed.

I got a couple of text messages and missed calls from my beloved best friends shaikha and Noura who were obviously very worried about me. I couldn’t use my phone yet so I switched it off and threw it in my purse.

I rested my head against the soft, white pillow and sighed heavily. Who would've thought that the fun, bubbly Nouf would end up like this? Dumped and alone in a hotel room. That thought brought tears to my eyes. It seemed that all I did today was cry and…die.I was slowly losing myself.

I woke up shortly after that accidental nap, feeling disoriented. My head hurt and I was starving! I got out from bed and headed straight to the mini bar, I took a bag of salted peanuts, a redbull and a snickers bar.
I sat on the floor, in front of the enormous floor to ceiling window. I drew back the curtains and gazed out of the window while throwing a handful of peanuts in my mouth.
 There he was sitting in a chair beside the huge pool, rummaging through a small, black suitcase, with his laptop placed on the small table before him.
to be continued...


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