Tuesday, 23 November 2010

my name is Nouf (9)

" 3afwan, etha widich tig3ideen hnee o mista7ya, tara ana mashy…" he said politely. 

" laaa, la 3adii , ekhith ra7tik, ana elli mashya" I bit my lower lip; I was feeling guilty for some reason.

" khalas 3ayal etha bag3ad entai ba3ad ra7 tig3ideen" he said, looking determindely at my face. I stood there quiet for a moment, I thought about it quickly and decided that it won't hurt anybody if I stayed down here with him , it wasn't like I have something better to do. " sure" I said, forcing a weak smile.

 We walked side by side awkwardly,  he waited for me to sit on one of the wooden chairs facing the swimming pool before he joined me. I noticed he was so polite. I sat on the chair next to his, shuffled in my chair and moved it slightly away from his, he pretended not to notice and sat on the chair beside mine.

The atmosphere was blanketed with an awkward silence. I quickly searched in my head for a topic to bring up , only to be struck by the most beautiful picture I've ever seen. I didn't know if my mind was exagerating but I was so mesmerized by the man in the background picture of Sagir's laptop, by his eyes to be precise. His entire face was masked with a red shmagh, showing only his beautiful, dark black eyes. The man's eyes were so captivating that I couldn't keep my eyes away from the picture, his thick lashes colliding with his thick eyebrows, creating a beautiful mess, I finally noticed that he was holding a huge black hawk, a real hawk! and was standing in the dessert. He reminded me so much of the hot men they described in the arabic poetry I sometimes read about.

" wow" I said involuntarily, blushing a little.

"beautiful isn't he?" He asked, a sincere smile danced across his face.
 " who is he?" I asked, still looking at the picture.

" he's my favorite hawk!" He said excitedly. WHAT? oh...oh right, he was talking about the hawk, right. Does that mean...? I looked up at him, seeing his face for the first time. His eyes, similar to the ones in the picture, but darker and ...scarier. I shuddered, not sure why I felt so scared, I took a deep breath and looked away.

" are you okay?" he asked me, examining my face. 

 " yes! I'm fine" I coughed and rubbed my eyes, trying to understand what just happend. I must be very tired. 

"so sagir e7ib el sagir?" I asked him teasingly. He laughed, blushing a little. " shagoolich, 3ishgy el barr(dessert) , amoot 3la shai esma barr o chethi barr activities, tadreen enni gabil la ayey hnii kint emjabil el ghanam wil horses?" He grinned. that explained why he smelled bad at the airplane! He obviously was engaged in so many "barr activites" .
" ghareeba, hl sowalif mo chinha 3ateeja? barr, ghanam, 7aywanat?" I joked. " yes well, my grandfather is my best friend" He winked and I wasn't sure if he was joking.
" anyway Sagir, I think it's getting late, I better go get my dose of beauty sleep" I lied, I didn't want to sleep but I wasn't feeling very comfortable sitting with this stranger with the captivating eyes.  

" will I see you tommorow?" he asked, looking directly at my eyes. 

I was a little taken aback by his question but I recovered quickly. " why not? goodnight" I said. 

" good night Nouf"  


once I was finally back at my hotel room I thought it was time I switch on my phone and start making some phone calls, I missed my parents and my two best friends so much, and I couldn't help but miss him the most. 

I reached for my phone, switched it on and opened my inbox to find five messages,with shaking hands I opened the only message that stole my attention, and read the two words that literally stopped my fragile heart. " feeni entay"


Zaina said...

those last two words stopped my heart tooo...........

Jenan said...

8e9a ta2lef wla 9j?

Mno nouf o mno hatha

Sorry but its my 1st time here!!

moi said...

zaina: i looove ur comments zainaa ;p

jenan: read the previous parts, its a mixture of reality/fiction

zuz said...

i love 9agir ;p

Glitter said...

Sagir 7ad el COOOOOOL :)))))


Nouf -----> Maleeqa


Feeni Enti
*sigh and passes out*

Charlie said...

i don't get it . whats feeni intai supposed to mean?


PLZ DONT TELL ME TRJAA3 7g her EX... cuz i hate him ;( !!!

abi itkoon 7g 9aqer.. aw itha ma tabii ana abi 9aqer! ;$ :D

Anonymous said...

Hi "toi"
nouf 9 is the shortest story laish ib 7azat indemajy tkhalis mamedanni.. plz post nouf 10 soon mo tamqe6enhaa shhar:P

Anonymous said...

naby post bachir! law sama7ti y3nii ;p

Bella said...

Post soooon pleaseee!!!

moi said...

zuz: 7abitich el3afya ;p

glitzy: hehe ;**

charlie: feeni entay= im craving u/want u

milk choc: lol the new post is up :D

anon: enshalla ;p new post is up

anon: sorry to reply a bit late (a)

bella: enshalla x

Anonymous said...

loooooooove where the story is going! avid reader of your blog!
mary poppins

Anonymous said...

loooooooove where the story is going! avid reader of your blog!
mary poppins

noura said...

im not the same noura in your story, i love your blog please post soon

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