Wednesday, 22 September 2010

My name is Nouf(6)

I stepped into the wataniya airways plane the next morning. The hostess immediately greeted me and led me to my big, wide seat. I couldn’t smile; I couldn’t even take my shades off. My eyes were puffy from last night's hysterical crying and I didn’t bother wear any makeup.

I literally threw my body on the seat. I sighed and stared out of the window. The sun shone brightly, directly into my eyes.

"Thank you" a close masculine voice spoke to the air hostess.

"No problem sir" the air hostess smiled and walked away.

I flinched as he adjusted his weight on the seat next to mine. He wasn’t so close yet I could smell him and feel him moving. He smelled awful. As if he was out in the dessert or something.

I looked him up from head to toe; I didn’t care if he noticed me looking. I didn’t care about anything at all. He was wearing gray sweatpants. A white polo shirt and a navy coat. And was wrapping a"chmagh" around his neck. Yes a "chmagh"!

"yummah ana bil 6ayara" he said while holding the phone in his hand . He was obviously recording something to his mother.

I was looking at him all the time. He shut his phone and turned to look at me. He smiled and looked away.

It was about fifteen minutes in the flight, the seat belt signs had switched off, and we were taking off. I breathed with relief. I felt relaxed as soon as the air craft was no longer touching the Kuwaiti soil.

I started counting very slowly with my eyes closed, and that worked because by the time I reached thirty nine I was already moved to dream land only that I wasn’t dreaming.


I stepped into the large hotel lobby, suddenly finding myself in such perfect surroundings. This would be my perfect weekend getaway in my normal days but I just couldn’t feel it, this wasn’t a normal day.

My hair was frizzy and my skin was dehydrated and itched so badly. I was fully aware that I looked like complete, utter crap. I was also aware of the familiar face that was standing next to me at the counter. The guy from the plane was there, standing right next to me.

"I was wondering if you had a room available." I said to the foreign woman behind the counter.

"Yes actually there is a plenty of excellent choices for you Madame" she smiled widely while tapping on the keyboard before her. "Would you like a single or perhaps a junior suite?"

"I-I'm not sure about the suite since I-"

"Suite a7sanlich" the guy from the plane said interrupting me. I turned to look at him ,surprised.

"You need it" he said while looking down at his phone's screen and before I could say something, he left with the room's key in his hand.

"mako faida Kuwaiti" I muttered under my breath.

" So, have you decided miss?" she said, the smile never leaving her friendly face.

"The suite. I'll take the suite"

I dropped my travel bag on the floor as soon as I was inside the "junior suite". It was huge, modern, beautiful but most importantly it was unfamiliar.

I skipped everything and headed straight to the huge white bed centered the tastefully cream bedroom.

I ran my hand on the soft white sheet and turned to look out at the floor to ceiling window which showed a beautiful view of a large blue pool. The surface of the water glittered from the ray of sunlight reflecting against it. It looked beautiful, safe, and calm.
I could drown in it. I would drown in it. So calm, beautiful, safe…

My heart throbbed. Ouch, that hurt. I needed a painkiller. I opened my purse and took out a packet of Panadol Actifast, a bottle of multi vitamins and a another bottle of Brufen.

I washed down a couple of panadol. Ouch, the pain didn’t go away! It actually intensified.

I took two more. Oh god I couldn’t take it anymore! I should try Brufen. It's stronger. Yes yes it should take the pain away.


Oh god my heart is burning, it's so hot in there, I needed a swim. I don’t care if it's cold outside, I should take a quick swim and I shall feel better afterwards.

dying in a swimming pool in a five stars hotel in Bahrain was never the plan...


Shoug said...

heeeey, its been a while since u posted! Missed u o missed ur posts ;*

OMG the post was amazing!! Plz Plz lat6awleen 3alaina! :p 7adi loving the story!

Anonymous said...

gr8 story we'll be expecting something by next week plz dont be late

B. Nightingale said...

That was short, update soon! I wanna know what happened to that poor girl.

Anonymous said...

she died ??????

Diet Coke said...

Die mara wa7da? noooooo;p

moi said...

shoug: heey, wallaa I missed you all guys <3 enshalla I wont take long! xx

anon: since ur accepting something, I'll make them two posts ;) xx

B.nightingale: very soon enshalla..x

anon: wait for next post ;)

diet coke: yesss :p wait for next post ;p

Blue lilies;* said...

omg she died:o
makseena! no this cannot be the end!
maybe she just fainted!
i love your posts please post sooon;(

Anonymous said...

omgg 7adiii 7adiii maraiit ib nafs il heartache! wala i3awer o 9ejj no drug can take it away )),,;

Anonymous said...

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Hend said...

i think i know wats happening next bs i will just wait and c :P

My Prince Charming said...

NOOO she cant die :'((!!!!!
post soon!!;**
Please get me more followers :( i will be posting a true love story in ENGLISH!
im using the magic word ....... please :(