Wednesday, 1 September 2010

my name is Nouf (5)

"We just had a small fight, it was nothing" I blew my nose.

"What do you mean by nothing? You look like a widow" Noura said.

"It was my fault I upset him but it's all going to be fine in the morning, I'll call him and apologize" I mumbled while rubbing my wet eyes hard.

Noura came to sit next to me and touched my arm gently. " 7abeebtii you look horrible, please tell me what really happened?"

" mojarrad argument 3adii! But I got emotional, I'm getting my period that’s why" I lied.

"I'm sorry" she rested her head on my shoulder and then my heart shredded into million tiny pieces but I had a slight ray of hope that made me able to breathe.

I didn’t sleep all night. I tossed and turned in bed and was grabbing my phone so hard that I could feel my hand  leaving a trail of sweat on the phone's screen.

I was going crazy lying there doing nothing, I couldn’t sleep and I couldn’t even cry. So the unthinkable happened. I threw on a large jumper, took my car keys and rushed downstairs. I turned the engine and drove straight to his house.
I parked in front of his house and called him. I waited for him to pick up but he didn’t, I called again and still he didn’t pick up so I decided to get in. his parents were travelling so it was only him and the maids. I pressed the buzzer and waited for a response.


I pressed the buzzer again. No response.

I gave up and decided to wait. I sat on the wet porch. It was cold, actually freezing. I stared at the sky; it was star less tonight. I rested my head against the grand gate and closed my eyes. "besmillah el rahman al raheem" I murmured and that was the last thing I said before I lost connection with this world.

"Nouf!" a loud voice interrupted my joyful, dreamless sleep. What the fuck are you doing here??"

"hmm" I grunted.

"eshyaybich hnee?? Tabeeny adig 3l shir6a!!" the voice was getting higher.

My eyes cracked open. "Huh? Oh, Faris I…um.."

"Are you stalking me??" I could see his eyes widening with disbelief.

"No, no! Faris I came to apologize…" I said with my sleep filled voice. I could feel my throat tighten.

"Apologize for what?? What part of "I don’t want you" you are failing to understand?"

Painful, warm tears collected in the corners of my eyes. And my heart throbbed with pain. "I love you" I whispered between tears.

" etha mari7tay al7een tara wallah…" was he threatening me?

"Why are you doing this to me?? hal kethir hint 3leeek??" I cried. "I hate you so much!! You heartless piece of…" and before I even realized what was happening I felt his big hand gripping my arm hard and walking me to my car. He overpowered me. I couldn’t do anything but cry and beg for help.
He opened my car's door furiously and threw me on the driver's seat. "sem3eeny 3adil, mu entail elli etyeen 3ind bab baiti wetsabebeeli fethee7a o qalaq, emshai bil 6eeb la tara wallah betshofeen shai 3umrich mashifteeh, o la ashoof rig3at wayhich again, fahma?" and with that he slammed the door violently on me that I screamed and jumped with fear.

My hands shook furiously and I tried to move but couldn’t. I started to turn over the engine but failed miserably. I was in total shock and that shock paralyzed me! I reached for my phone with difficulty, tried with the little power that was left in me to dial shaikha's number. I succeeded. Luckily for me Shaikha picked up straight away.

"ta3alai bait f-faris bsir3a" I said in a low, drained voice.

"Oh god! Nouf?? Noufa? Whats wrong? Ok ok kani yaya" she yelled, panic was filling her soft voice.


A soft plumped object brushed against my face as I opened my eyes slowly. All I could see was white; I was sleeping against a soft, white pillow which wasn't mine. I was sure there wasn’t a single white pillow on my bed. I turned to my other side slowly, feeling my long brown hair slapping against my shoulders.

"She awoke!" a familiar voice spoke.

"shhh, roo7ai yibeelaha mai!" another familiar voice muttered. It was Noura  but I couldn’t hear her properly.

My entire body ached, I moaned. There had obviously been a breakup disaster. And I obviously had lost consciousness. How was I supposed to face my friends after all that they said about Faris? after all the warnings!
"where am I? I mumbled.

"You're in my bedroom noufie, shame on you to not recognize it!" Shaikha snapped.

"why am I here?"


" I want to go" I said, interrupting her.

"go where??" Shaikha said. "your'e too weak to move"

"Here's your water babe!" Noura rushed to my bedside with a glass of water in her hand.

"To Bahrain" I myself couldn’t believe the sudden decision.

I packed lightly for the first time in my life. I didn’t even see what I was packing. I stuffed whatever reached my sight. My parents weren’t an issue because my cousin was studying there and I visited her on a monthly basis.

Why Bahrain? I always thought of it as my sanctuary. The only place in the world that made me feel at home after Kuwait; my real home town. And at this moment home didn't feel like one, so I had to run, I had to protect myself or else I'd die.

Little did I know that even running to china couldn't save me from the heartache. A heartbreak is a heartbreak, you could never run from it...


doona said...

why do people put up with this kind of treatment? :s

Sugar.Free said...

7araaam;( that was so heart breaking ;(
shsalfat faariss? laish chithy e3amilha?;s
i hope she forgets all about him and move on asap!

thank u for posting!
cant wait ;D

Manoosh said...

7arrrrrram :(
that was heart-breaking and harsh
post soon

please visit my blog:

Cashmere.Poison said...

I hate Faris, he's so mean and so not understanding.
Looking forward to the next post ;D

Anonymous said...

Yaay waiting for ur next post please lat6aleen :*

zuz said...

next part law sama7atay ;p

B. Nightingale said...

Seriously, I agree with doona. He is so mean to her :( Update soon. Interesting story.

Starlight<3 said...

oh my word, you have been gone forever!

I have missed you a lot woman! I seemed to have disappeared off blogsphere too for quite a bit and that's why I haven't been commenting, but it's good to have you back :D

Post soon!


Blue lilies;* said...

awal shay looovedd the post ou missed you!:*
thani shay i don't blame him. il wa7ed yabe wa7da ily sha6ra ou responsible ou thegeela mu ily ga6a 3oumrha 3alay.
next posst please! dont take long!

Shelsalfa? said...

To be honest, ehya kanet shwaya maleQa weyah =S!

bs he shouldnt treat her like this !

Anonymous said...

Its a shame the guy lost a loving heart.

I am sorry for your loss.

Take care sister, be strong and good tide will come along.