Saturday, 2 April 2011

the pair

Lying between the soft, plump pillows that were surrounding her, she watched him fix his "nasfa" in front of her dressing table. Her man standing ever so gorgeously, fixing his "nasfa" in front of  the glossy,large mirror. Her man, she thought while smiling viciously. He turned around hastily and began to leave the cosy bedroom to head to work but his eyes betrayed him and landed on the beauty of the creature that was lying seductivly on his bed making him pause for a moment and then change his way to the bed instead. He sat on the spot beside her on the bed and reached for her small hand. She smiled for believing that she controlled him, she could easily seduce him with a flutter of her long,curled fake lashes( but of course he believed they were naturally her's) or simply with her ravishing smile . He brought her soft hand up to his lips and planted a small kiss over her fingers.

" you need to stop doing this, I cannot possibly skip work...again." He said while smiling at her,the green in his hazel eyes standing out against his tanned skin.

" doing what?" She asked him with exagerated innocence.

He answered her by placing his head over her chest and holding her close to him. " terki...I too have to go to work" Jana said through his hair.

" I don't want you to work" He said while tightening his arms around her.

" your perfect "nasfa" will be ruined" She said. " and I do want to work"

He sat up and took his hands off of her, looking her in the eyes. " I think obedience is a good quality to have in a wife"

" I should've married a woman who stays at home to clean, cook, listens and agrees to almost everything her husband says and takes care of their upcoming children" He added ever so seriously, but she could see a hint of amuesement in his beautiful hazel eyes. 

" you should have..." She said softly.
" I shouldn't have picked a rebellious hard headed, stubborn woman who-"
" rebellious!" She interrupted him in disbelief.
" that hair..." He ran his long fingers over her light brown hair which was almost blonde and furiously shiny under the sun lights. This very discussion has taken place between the two of them many times before and it always ended with him still hoping of her quiting her job and staying at home while her stubborness never failed to kill that hope, but only temporarily.

" I love my job baby" She told him.

" I don't" He said honestly. Despite the fact that he was a modern, open minded man he still prefered the idea of his own wife, staying in the safety of their home, not necessarily cooking or doing anything at all as it killed him to see her tired, but he always thought that his wife was too delicate to handle that demanding, exhausting job of her's. Of course he fully knew that she was a strong, independent woman, afterall she lived in a foreign country all by herself for several years and she obviously did well without the help of a man. And he saw it with his own eyes in the times of the year when he visited her. And damn it he couldn't admit it to her but he loved to see her doing feminine stuff that he was too shy to talk about He smiled as he imagined her spending her mornings in their bed watching tv, reading a fashion magazine or simply...knitting.

She has agreed to take a week off from her job for his sake but she loved her job way too much to quit it. She never understood why he hated the idea of her working, he did not have a problem with that before he proposed to her! Maybe he was jealous, she thought while she bit her lower lip to prevent a smile. Maybe someday she'd quit and obey her husband, just not today or tommorow or the day after...

"fine" He rose from the bed in defeat, kissed the crown of her head and ordered her to rest before leaving to work. As soon as he got inside his car he lit up a ciggarette while waiting for his engine to warm up. Terki blew a smoke and smiled when he could almost hear jana's voice threatening to break his neck if she caught him smoking again and then his smile left his full, pink lips when he remembered her complaining about the severe neck and back pains she's been feeling lately. He was too worried and afraid but he never told her anything about those feelings and he wasn't planning to.

He couldn't convince her to quit her job this time, and he could not possibly force her to stay at home against her will, he loved her and respected her too much to do that. Oh, how much he loved her but maybe tonight, or tommorow or perhaps the day after tommorow his love for her lessened and then he'd be able to make her quit her goddamn job. With that thought, his smile landed back again on his mouth, he put the gear to drive and drove off, the smile never leaving his handsome face.

Back in their bedroom, Jana thought of her gorgeous husband and his ridiculous obsession with rest. "I've known him for 6 years, laysh tawnii alaa7ith that he's old fashioned?!!" She asked no one in particular before she flopped back against the soft pillows.

She never knew that she was the center of his universe and the mere thought of any harm that could happen to her left him in constant worry and fear that was too complicated to be easily seen as an obsession.


Rummy said...

This piece of writing is just plain amazing. I love it <3

Shahd said...

Welcome back to the wonderful world of blogging.

Beautiful post as usual. I love the intimacy between Terki and Jana w the modern day conflicts of being married.

I have only one comment. When was the wedding and why weren't we invited? =p Because last i read Jana walked away from Terki thus proving her independence and vulnerability as a heroine. I guess i was hoping for a fabulous reunion and a wedding. Terki is Mr. Big lol. Ya5tyyyyyyyyyyy Get published. Its soooo the kuwaiti sex and the city

zuz said...

mamloooo7 hal ensaan wayid mamloo7 :p

........elly ba3doo ;p

Bella said...

Wala law terki is my husband, I'd quit the world for him :$

Beyond amazing ;**

DoLce Vitta said...

i think i want to marry an old fashioned man
SO SO SO UNique .. Rabi yhaneyha :D

luved ur post ;***
waiting for the next one

moi said...

rummy: thank u :) glad u do!

shahd: thank u! oh i though i'd spare u the boring details of the wedding ;p woow get published and sex and the city? ur amazing hehe thanx!xo

zuuz: haha enshalla ;p

Maniacs In Love said...

mashalla you're talented!!!

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Anonymous said...

when can we see another "my name is nouf" post? i wanna know what happens next :)

thank you for writing those amazing stories. they're interesting to read!