Wednesday, 20 April 2011

my name is nouf (15)

" so you're telling me that he had the chance to kiss you but he decided..not to?"Sheikha asked Nouf slowly trying to analyze everything her dear friend had just told her with so much anger and frustration.

" jeez, that's weird" Noura frowned.

Nouf nodded, ignoring the feeling of fresh annoyance that was sweeping over her. She spent the last two days overthinking about the humuliating situation and help her god she was starting to get angry and just didn't have it in her to tolerate some other jerk who had the face to act that he cared.

" damn it, this is so embarassing" Sheikha chuckled. " maybe he's gay!"

" you think?" Nouf said sarcastically. " you know, once I caught him flipping through vogue paris, not to mention that he always dresses so fashionably!..oh and those shoes!"

The girls laughed and Sheikha patted her friend's hand. " his loss, bes Nouf, you shouldn't have went to his house-"

" I know, I know!" Nouf interrupted her. " I think there's something terribly wrong with me-"

" chub" Sheikha interrupted her firmly. " there's nothing wrong with you, it's just that you have a habbit of falling in love with the wrong ones"

" and I thought this one was different" Nouf sighed. " the weird thing is, I don't feel sad. be6agag elli e6iga, I'm just angry"

Noura eyed her suspiciously. " that's great Nouf"

" oh, please" She snapped. " I thought you knew better than this"

Sheikha placed her cup of coffee hard on the wooden table making a loud sound and that brought the two girls' attention emmediatly to her, she cleared her throat and began to speak. " listen, I liked this Sagir enough to give him a chance, maybe he wanted to save it for a better time, place?"

" what kind of man would think such a thing while getting intimate with a girl,any girl?!" Noura asked.

" you little bitch" Nouf smiled at her friend.

" sorry" Noura mouthed sympathetically.

The girls were having an early breakfast at prime&toast and Nouf decided to join them before heading to work.It was a gloomy sataurday and obviously she didn't have to work on gloomy satuardays, not that she ever worked on any satuarday but she had to catch up on her unfinished work, especially after that pointless, stupid one day trip her boss forced her to go to! She thought angrily.After finishing two cups of coffee Nouf had to excuse herself and leave to work. It had been two days since she last heard of Sagir, and she resisted and fought the urge to call or text him, and boy that was the hardest thing she had to do. She wished that he'd called her and explained to her why he bailed on her, and she'd forgive him at once! she knew it, but he didn't and she hadn't been this angry her entire life.

Tucking a strand of soft brown hair behind her ear, she made her way into her office which was for some reason empty. She landed all her weight in the chair facing her desk and began working. if I put all my heart in my work it might take my mind off of other less important things, she thought with a loud sigh.

luckily for her there was a lot of work to do, since that business trip her work accumulated and today was her most suitable time to catch up. after several hours of hard working in front of the computer with only excusing herself for a couple of times to the toilet, she finally drew back her chair and looked up from the screen only to see a tall, broad shouldered figure towering over her desk, she jumped with surprise. " damn you!" she blurted out.

Sagir was standing there looking at her, she didn't know how he got in here as she didn't hear him coming. " I'm sorry...again" He said, amuesement filling his deep, gruff voice.

" I gather you're developing a hobby of getting scared of me" He added.

" I gather you're gathering a hobby of surprising me in my office" she mimicked him.

He bit back a chuckle.

" stop sneaking up on me!" She yelled.

" I'm the boss, I do as I wish" he said icily and that made her angrier.

" okay Mr boss, I think I've finished my work here, can I leave?"

" you're mad at me" He said in that cold tone of his and it wasn't a question. He was so arrogantly stating a fact.

" why would I be mad?" She demanded impatiently.

He took two steps closer to her desk and her heart leapt. He must have felt it because his smooth, inviting lips twitched into a smile.

A wave of unwanted heat shot through her entire body and she shook her head with confusion and then the unexpected happend.He knelt down before her chair and took her small, cold hand in his warm one.

" damn..." He cursed under his breath, and her eyes widened in disbelief. " shfeek?" Her voice shook with a mix of emotion and worry.

" I..I'm..." He frowned. " Nouf?"

She looked at him, still confused. " you look thinner" he said.

" thank you" She said.

" that wasn't a compliment" He said harshly. " laysh maywakloonich?"

She chuckled. " you like fat women?"

" I like women who look like women" He said.

She shot him a resentful look and snatched her hand away from his. She shoved her chair back and began to stand up, he stood up with her, blocking her view with his powerful frame. " I'm leaving" She said, her voice shook with fury.

" you're not going anywhere unless I say so" He said, a sense of authority in his gruff, deep voice.

" who the hell do you think you are?!" She snapped.

" why, your boss" He said, giving her a hard look.

" You arrogant, loathing-" and before she could continue enlisting all the insults she knew to provoke him he pulled her in a rough kiss. Her breath was sucked out of her lungs as he parted her lips forcefully, roughly with his hot, teasing mouth.

His finger dug painfully in her arms when she resisted at first, but as his kisses deepend she lost control over her achingly strong emotions and  kissed him with almost the same urgency and passion that she was recieving from him,and that was when his roughness turned to sweet, torturing caresses along her back and waist and she was absolutely sure that if he pulled away from her now, she'd...hurt. Her hands circled the nape of his neck and pulled him closer. She should be offended, she should be pushing him away, do anything but melt into his arms. She cursed herself for being to easy when it came to him, why didn't she have any problem with resisting all her exe's? even Faris, the one she thought she was madly in love with, wasn't a problem to her control. She lost her control now, in front of a man she barely knew, in front of a man she wanted oh so much.

He was arrogant, stubborn and...irresistible! She let out a groan of defeat and he finally pulled away, resting his chin on the top of her head. She was the first to speak. " you are a man of contradiction"

" you're still mad at me" He said again through her hair, pulling her closer to him.

" I'm not, I're weird" She said.

He laughed. " I've missed you"

" oh you missed me so much that you decided to ignore me?" She said sarcastically.

He didn't say anything for a minute but when he spoke again the cheerfulness in his voice was gone. " you won't understand" He said.

" No I won't" She snapped.

" Will it matter if I said I'm sorry?" He looked down at her, she was very upset, he noticed and it took him a huge effort that almost caused him physical pain  to stop himself from kissing her again.

His tormenting uncertainty vanished when he saw a hint of an approving smile on the corner of her lips. He let out a loud sigh of relief  and she chuckled.

" wow! I think I love to see you like this" She grinned.

" Like what?"

"never mind" She waved her hand dismissively at him. At that moment she was hundred percent positive that he cared for her and that she held some sort of power over him, she saw it in his eyes when he was so desperate to prove to her that he wanted her and that what happend before today didn't matter.

" okh" He suddenly spoke after a moment of silence. " esa3a 3addat 2, nesait enni emwa3id el ahal atghada ma3ahom, I'm sorry Nouf kan weddi I spend the entire-"

" No Sagir, min sijik! my parents are awaiting me for lunch too" She lied quickly. " you go to that family lunch, oo I'm sorry I distracted you" She blushed.

" you did" He said, amusement filling his deep voice. " but that won't stop me from walking you to your car"

The building was completely empty, she noticed as they walked to the elevator together. He kept gazing into her eyes when the elevator's door closed behind them and she couldn't help but giggle as it was so corny and the fact that she enjoyed it made her laugh even harder. She'd never experienced anything of this sort, she happened to realize that later, because when she was with Faris, their relationship was so distant, so cold and superficial, and to her embarrasment their relationship revolved around the fact that she was desperately trying to win his heart by showering him with gifts and doing all she could do to please him while he treated her like dirt, made her feel insecure and in constant fear of being deserted any second. She also came to realize that she never loved him as a person; It was his charming looks that she loved, his powerful name and the fact that he was one of the most eligible bachelors in kuwait.

Sagir's phone rang, and he picked it up emmediatly, moving his eyes away from her's to concentrate on the phonecall. " hala yumma" He muttered through the phone. " mani em6awil enshalla, enshallah, ok, ok ma3a elsalama"

" troubles?" She smiled at him.

" la bes el walda mat3rf takil ella o ana yamha" He said, returning her smile.

" ya7lelha, allaa ekhaleeha" She said, touched by the way he talked about his mother. 

" allah esalmich" He replied politely.  

He walked her to her car, kissed her hand tenderly and waited for her to start her car's engine and drive then he walked to his. Nouf could barely concentrate on the road, she played Frank sinatra's strangers in the night and sang along " something in your eyes was so inviting, something in you smile was so exciting" and blushed gorgeously when she remembered his passionate kisses.

When Sagir reached his family's house, his nieces' joyous laughter filled the magnifecent garden of the house and a delightful grin filled his  handsome face. They ran up to him as soon as they spotted him walking to them across the vibrant green grass, the two girls adored him for he showered them with gifts and love.

" hii uncle" Luluwa the three year old wrapped her arms around his legs when she saw him. He picked her up and planted a kiss on her soft cheek.

" halla wallah eb 7abeebti" He said.

Haya, the seven year old niece tried to grab his attention by tugging at his dishdasha and blowing the enormous gum that was in her mouth. She was so tiny comparing to his tall, broad shouldered frame that he had to kneel down to talk to her. He smiled knowingly and took hold of her hand. " hala wallah eb hayoona, taghadaitaw wella na6reeni?"

She blushed furiously and nodded. He laughed and walked to the house with both girls clinging to him.

Inside their big house, his half sister and her husband were sitting in the living room, across from them sat his younger half brother with his step mother next to him. " Esalam 3lekom" He muttered and headed straight to his step mother,  kissed the crown of her head and greeted the rest of his siblings and his sister's husband. " 3ayal wayn oboy?"

" ga3id eb maktiba egool 3inda shighil, mal o oho yan6irik, kelina yowa3a" His step mother complained. 

He smiled. " Asif yumma 7abebti, al7een agoom anadeeh" 

He stood up and made his way up the stairs to his father's office. Sagir was born and raised in this big, beautiful house and although he moved to live in a seperate house five years ago, this house was home to him, it meant much more to him because for one thing he could still remember his mother's sweet voice filling the house, her laughter when she played with him, her warmth when she told him stories of soldiers and heroes before kissing him goodnight and finally her cries of anguish when she was too sick to know he was there listening to her heart-wrenching cries and shuddering with fear. He was eight years old when his mother discovered that she had a deadly breast tumour . He didn't understand anything at the time yet he knew something was terribly wrong because one day after he came back home from school, his mother was sitting in the living room, her face red and tear-stricken. She blew her nose and dabbed at her teary eyes when she saw him coming to her and his handsome, young face fell with horror and surprise.

His father said cheerfully, trying to hide his fear. " omik babyyaa, tabchii mithil el yahal"

Little Sagir giggled at that " laysh?"

" 3ashan qazooha ebra o ehya takhaaf" His dad grinned, his eyes twinkling with unshed tears, But Sagir was too young to notice that.

 Sagir approached his mother and held her hand. " mama, latabcheen ohwa e3awir bes ebsir3a..e6eeb"

His mother wept harder and hugged him to her.

At bed time, his mother didn't come to kiss him goodnight or even made sure that he brushed his teeth and was in his pajamas for the first time in his short life. He drew his bed covers back, rolled out of his bed and made his way to his parents' room. He froze before their bedroom's door when he heard his mother's loud sobs and his father's hard voice. " el walad wayid mit3alig feech , lat3aqdeena min sighir, 3ashani latabcheen jidama marra thania, khaleech qaweya, ohwa mi7tajich wayid  hl fatra"

" shagoola? mabuga shai el diktor egool mintishir" She cried.

" ensafir barra" His father said.

Five months later she passed away.

A year and a half later his father married his cousin who loved Sagir like her own child and gave him a little brother and a sister.

to be continued...


Um Mit3ib said...

lail7een ma fasarlina laish ohwa m3aqad w maynon ... w hal ragla seeeda basita?

D said...

I kept reading with excitement about what's going to happen next! It's the first time I discover your blog. Will definitely be coming back. Great work.

moi said...

um mit3ib: hahaahha yayich el7achi next post ;p

D: glad u enjoyed it! xo

Shahd said...

Seriously? She was just annoyed and not livid that the dude asked her to get her bag and leave during their last encounter!?!! *screams and pulls out her hair* I'm dying to know what his excuse is! ya3ni he mskeeeneh t7ebbeh lakineh hu ja7shhhh 8ahrenni

Sigh I love how ur stories shed light on women who love a man more than their own self-resepect and self-worth. That and the search for love seems to be a theme in ur blogs.

Beautiful post. I'm on pins and needles waiting for the next one.

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Aww maskeen! :( I'm loving the posts, moi!

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WITH YOUR STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please please please keep posting and don't desert us like all the other bloggers did :(

Again, I LOVE IT !!!!!;*

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I started reading your story out of curiosity & wasn't planing to finish, but then couldn't stop myself. It's the first time I discover your blog. Can't wait to know what will happen. When is your next post ?

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LOOOOOL um mit3ib's comment is trueee.. I LOVE LOVE LOVEEE YOUR BLOG xx