Monday, 10 May 2010

My name is Nouf (3)

"el sa6i7??" disappointment filled my voice.

 " agool 7asellich hal sa6i7, wait and see"

I shot him a resentful look, I hated when he talked to me like that but I rarely said anything. " akhaf a7ad echikna? Mu mamnoo3?"

"Nothing is illegal or forbidden for Faris alfulani , nesaitai meno your boyfriend?"He smirked.

I rolled my eyes. "Fine, show me what you got"

*weddii a6ega ;@* I wrote a BBM message to Shaikha.

*3a6eeh afa :D*

*ahahahah nathla shaikho!* I snorted with laughter as I read her message.

"shfeech teth7ekeen?" Faris frowned a little.

" just a joke" I said quickly.

He ignored me. " yalla wesalna"

I said nothing as he led me outside the elevator and into that large, opened roof. It looked like a place out of a movie. Romantic, chic and expensive! Everything looked so costly, from the large bed in the center of the spacious roof which was consisted of cream sheets and big gold cushions, the round small table with the two cream chairs and the delicious looking food and drinks on the table.

"I concede. You were right about this place" I was very impressed.

"Told you, mu 3ajibha ba3ad elklba" he spanked my butt.

"Hey ya qaleel el adab!" I shouted involuntarily.

" mu chethy esiboon yal…"

"I'm…I…I'm sorry!" I stuttered pathetically, he sometimes scared the shit out of me.

"Masawayt shai '3ala6! Entai malti, sa7 wela la2?" his voice softened and he asked although my answer didn’t really matter to him.

"Yes". I answered robotically.

"How did you manage all this?" I asked, still in surprise. "It's…beautiful"

He took my hand and we sat on the large, luxurious bed. He opened his wallet and pulled out a big wad of cash and three credit cards and he threw them on my lap. "Money baby" he laughed.

I took the money of off my lap and threw it on the other side of the bed. "Faris! Sh'hal 7araka el baykha!" I snapped.

He laughed. "Loosen up, eshfeech 3lai elyoum" he brushed my cheek with his pinky.

"That was unnecessary." I looked down.

" sheno? It is true. If you have the money you can buy everything. Literally everything" he gazed deep into my eyes and I shuddered. Those brilliant eyes never breaking contact for an instant. How often had those eyes held me with power and intensity? And I found myself, again helplessly in love with his perfection.

He pushed me down on the bed and wrapped his arms around me from behind. He kissed the back of my head and inhaled my hair. I turned around to face him. "tabeen etjableeni?" he asked tenderly.

I nodded. I touched his shirt at his chest, right above his heart and left my hand there for a while.

He looked down at my hand and touched it. He started examining my French manicured hand. " 7e66ai red nail polish, it's sexier"

"What's wrong with my French manicure? I thought you liked it" now it was my turn to examine my own nails.

"ethayeg elkhilg a7isich ommi" he frowned.

I hit his arm softly. "Faris!" he laughed and moved closer to me. "tabeen etbooseeni?" he almost whispered.

I kissed my finger and touched his lips with it. "eta'3ashmerain?" he asked, seriously.

I ruffled his barely there hair and examined his lovely features. "He is way too sexy he'll never be anyone's fiancé" I remembered Shaikha saying when we first laid our eyes on him. But I never really believed that. Who needs a fiancé anyway when you got the hottest boyfriend in town? Besides he never said he'd never get married.

"Can we move to the dining table please? I'm hungry" I lied. Physical interaction with Faris was a very difficult thing for me to do. Not because I wasn’t attracted to him, in fact it was the exact opposite. It's just that I was aware that a small kiss wasn’t enough when Faris was involved. It wasn’t enough at all.

I knew him way too well not to notice the utter disappointment that filled his handsome face but his arrogance didn’t allow him to show it and "yes, sure" escaped his beautiful mouth.

He moved his chair to sit next to me instead of in front of me and that delighted me. We ate our second dinner slowly, or at least he did. I kept gulping on my glass of non-alcoholic white wine.

By the time I was about to leave it was past 3 in the morning and Faris was fast asleep with his head on my lap. I covered him with the bed duvet and left the chilling roof.

He left the next morning and I couldn’t help not missing him terribly even when  I went skiing with the girls. I secretly hoped I was in the airplane in the seat next to him.


to be continued...


Um Mit3ib said...

wayed narfazny hal maleeq

moi said...

um mit3ib: "eshwayya" enarfiz sajja ;p

Nawarii said...

pfffffffffffffft too arrogant ...even if he is hot 7abait 7arakt el floos...thats so mean and shallow ....

but LOVED the post...very well written

cat-eyezz said...

7aarne 7arneee hal ensan;p wel banat that fall for this kind of guy 7arreeeni akthar.. i dont blame her bas a7es abi agollaha wakee uuppp ;p tara this story is really addicting.. great writing ;*

zuz said...

Chebaaa7 :@ wai guwaat 3ain hl faris :p o hathy lesh chethy ga6a 3umrha :@? Min zeena :@

:D nice writing as always ;*

zuz said...

Chebaaa7 :@ wai guwaat 3ain hl faris :p o hathy lesh chethy ga6a 3umrha :@? Min zeena :@

:D nice writing as always ;*

madeline said...

I like him;p

Anonymous said...

Wai3 maleq :S:S !!! KAMLAAAAY !!!

moi said...

nawarii: thank you ;*

cat eyezz: mutheeer 7esnah mutheeer ;p haha, glad you liked it ;*

zuuuuz: 6ala3tai 7arritich?;p lool, thanks ;*

madeline: that's a first;p!

anon: enshallaaa ;)

shoosha said...

ma yenbele3 PERIOD

love ;** said...

7qeeeeeeeeer 7arakat the money thing is really insulting or am I just over reacting?

dont ask me why but this post made me cry :(

I love this story, I just love it!

Anonymous said...

why did u stop?

Glitter said...

Please accept the Sultani Crown:

Anonymous said...

Mashala ur such a great writer with such great talent! i love your stories!! i really hope you continue!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

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F. said...

gathni hal 7mar... umbay he reminds me of how in denile i was when i met a guy named ameen.... that ass. COPY PASTE