Friday, 30 April 2010

My name is Nouf (2)

"aloo" I murmured huskily through the phone.

" hala wallla bil zain killa, eshloonich?" he said in an apparent happy tone.

" ebkhair damik ebkhair"

He laughed a little. " magilt enny ebkhair...esh3indich now?"

"It's 12 so we're staying indoors, watch a movie and stuff"

" bashoofich"

"Now?" I asked surprisingly. He caught me off guard.

"You know where my room is, 7ayyach" his voice deepened.


"lebsai pajama I like you best when you're not trying hard" he interrupted me.

My heart started pounding rapidly, it was late but he'd be leaving tomorrow and I had to say goodbye properly. "enshalla, shwai oo ayeek" and I hung up.

I froze in my place for a second, my heart leapt and a zillion thoughts ran through my head. I didn’t know what sort of "pajama" to wear. I didn’t pack any interesting ones and my hair was dripping wet. Damn it Nouf why didn’t you wait for the morning to take this damn shower. I shook my head and made my way out of the bathroom. The girls were lying on the bed talking and the TV was on.

"Where's the hair dryer?" I asked nobody in particular.

"Over there" Shaikha pointed at the night stand.

I brushed my hair hastily and put on a long sleeved baby blue pajama that looked like anything but sexy. "ambee shaswii, 3indkum pyjama 7elwa?"

"ebtekshekheelina? Nice." Noura rose from the bed.

"I am going to meet Faroos al7een!"

" al7eeeeen? Laysh? Wayn? It's late!" Noura's eyes bulged out.

"kaifii, it's just for a few…minutes, his flight bacher o mara7 ashoofa ella lamma enrid"

" kaifech, kaifech bes please reddai ebser3a 3ashan akhaf eseer shaii"

I laughed. "Eshda3wa his room is the last room in this corridor"

" tara pyjamtich mafeeha shai, don’t change" Shaikha gazed at me.

"thaim! Chinni teenager" my voice was filled with disappointment.

" bel3ax, y3ni 'naturale' eshfeeech"

"What about my hair? My face! Aren't they way too "naturale"? 3la goultich" I mouthed in dismay.

"Remember entai elmafrooth betnameen so naturally you won't be wearing makeup". Shaikha winked.

I was ready in less than thirty minutes; I tied my hair in a neat pony tail and couldn’t help applying some concealar and vanilla flavored lip gloss. I decorated my earlobes with my small pearl earrings, inserted my feet into the hotel's white slippers, took my phone and our room's card and was ready to leave.

"la7tha Noufa nesaitai shai muhim!" Shaikha said in panic.

"sheno?" I looked at her with eyes filled with worry. 

" nesaitai talbiseen a3la ka3ab bil 3alam" she laughed hysterically and Noura joined her.

" Malat. el sharha 3lai elli ma36eetkum wai" I bit my lower lip, trying to hide my grin. My friends were crazy I couldn’t stay angry at them for long.

"7ayallaah" his face lit up when he saw me outside his hotel's room. We both went inside and he closed the door behind us.

"7alaat el banaat walla bil pyjama" his eyes examined me from head to toe.

I blushed. " thank you" I was happy to say the least that we were finally together, alone.

"yesti7oon ba3ad" he grinned. "ta3alai abii hug elli e7iboon ba3ath" he extended his hands out to invite me in. I laughed.

Everything about Faris screamed "Kuwaiti" The way he looked, the way he dressed, talked and behaved. It should be a crime for a man to be that good looking, irresistibly tall and well built. There was an aura of confidence and power around him; He was the type of guy I would marry in a heartbeat.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him deeply. "hmm ree7tich 7elwa" he murmured into my ear while he placed his both arms around my waist.

"you too" I said.

He ran his fingers over my hair for a few seconds and then he pulled away. "tabeen awadeech mukan etsolfeen 3anna 7g refeejatich ba3dain?" he asked with a hint of amusement in his eyes.

I chuckled. "sheno ya3nii?"

" 3n el3ayara adrii enna you girls etefalsefoon 3la ba3ath eb hal sowalef" he grinned.

" madrii min wayn etyeeb hal sowalef" I grinned back while blushing deeply. "And where is that place you are talking about Mr. Faris?

" come with me, I'll show you" he offered me his hand and I accepted. He took his wallet, a bottle of still water and we left the room hand in hand.


Anonymous said...

faris fee waaayid minnaaa ;p plzz continue

Anonymous said...

never in a million yrs would i ever be with a guy like that.. law aghna w a7la w most wanted guy on earth.. el ghuroor yeeewww ! mal 6rag;p bas i can see why some girls would fall for him..

Secerts said...

MOREEEEEEEEEEE PLZ;P Ambaiii I cant wait post sooooooon. I LOVE !

Average.Q8i said...

ur Story Writing .. (Y) ..

Um Mit3ib said...

bil bijamaaaaaaaaaA????? bihaylon bil shiware3 bil bijama?!?!?

Anonymous said...

I'm loving ur storyy!
Bs I'm hating nouf w fares madre laishhh w I love nouf's friends;p
Keeep up ur good writingg


L said...

ee me 2 ma7abait nouf oo faris wayid d3al but her frndz 3ijba

Nawarii said...

i likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this story...

very nicely hooked

moi said...

anon: enshallaa ;p

anon: faris was inspired by a real person o i swear to god enna elbanat emotoooon 3leh;p which is a very sad thing le2na men like that kellish mu kafoooow

secrets: i love ur comments :* soon ;p

average: :*

um mit3ib: loool ne6raaai next post;p

fayye:maybe they'll turn out being good people?;p

L: lol 3a6oohum fursaaaa;p

nawarri: glad u do :*

PopPrincess said...

I love your story! You're such a great writer, and I would appreciate it if you had a look at my own story :)

shoosha said...

bero7oon el 9a6e7 ;D

ding ding ding i win wheres my present? ;p

luluty said...

3endy e7sas ebye6la3 7aqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer ... love the story and miss u :*
um mit3ib misss u 2 :**

moi said...

popprincess: thank you, sure :)

shoosha: saa7raaa? :p

luluty: miss you too :**

ALWAYS.BE:* said...


im new here:p!

amazing post cant wait for the next posttt !!!;)

Nawarii said...

wainich? :(

u okay? 6awalti

love ;** said...

wow I actually got butterflies in my stomach from reading this, loved it ;**

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