Monday, 29 December 2008


2 weeks later

I woke up to find chinks of morning light edging underneath my half closed shutter. My phone was on the night stand. i reached for it, 1 message from terki "good morning sunshine:D", I sighed.
it has been like this for the past two weeks, we messaged each other daily and i haven’t told any soul about it, even Farah my soul mate .

I went downstairs , mom and the twins were sitting at the dining table having breakfast . "jana t3aly mama emsawya baith o 6oma6! " 7amani said with his mouth full. I chuckled "mama! Sha5bary baith o 6oma6!"

" ta3aly mama, el6abakh msawy kel shy, o sowalef hnood ba3ad 7amsat ma 7amsat" mom said.

" wai mama ma7eb chethy mn e9eb7!" I made a disgusted face.

"feh pancakes etha taben, , honey and chocolate syrup " mom declared.

I sat down on the table with them, having a lil bite from every dish, even the ones I hated just to please my mother. " mama, elyom yemken shway at2a5ar" I said hoping that she wouldn’t ask questions.

" haw lesh ba3ad?" mom asked.

" mama because awal shy baro7 weya fara7 terki's exhibition , khalid's brother… o b3den.."

" meno Khalid??" she asked interrupting me.

" mama shfech ,Khalid rayel fay bent 5alti muneera, e5et farah? Ring a bell?"

" eee ee 3arafta , ya7lela okhoh msawy gallery?"

"ee mama, I'll go with them, bashof his artworks" I said innocently.

" enzain lesh ra7 ete2a5erain?"

" I'll stay at faroo7 shwaya, benshof movies o chethy, mama please??" I begged.

" khalas 3ayal nami 3endaha mu a7san?"

"ee eee mama a7san!!" I rushed to her, kissing her forehead. She smiled, patting my cheeks softly.

I drove all the way to the avenues to buy a new dress for tonight, I shopped everywhere from phase 2 to phase 1 , and I didn’t find what I wanted , with frustration I dialed farah's number " hala joono"

" hala faroo7, im at the avenues, el sog we3! Ma3ejabny shy" I said, dissapointed filled my voice.

" borrow something from me, or wear an old thing , you have lots of nice dresses. " she suggested.

" madryyy, you know how I feel about re-wearing my clothes!"

" el7emdella weshker!! Janoo minona! You have lots of dresses labsat'hom bas marra w7da!! 7araaaam!!! , 5ala9 3ayal give 'em to me!"

" okay ta3aly take them bacher!" I joked.

" wallah seriously mala da3y el5abba, wear anything as long as you look clean and good" I would wear anything if it wasn’t terki's event!

" hey farah I'll call you back I think fahad's calling" I said.

" okay, salami 3leh , bye babes."


" aloo, hala fahad"

" hala jana" his voice was undeniably pissed off. He never called me jana, Unless he's angry.

" shlonik fahad?"

" I know enich met'3yra o 7dech distracted , bas I hope enna kel hatha for something that is worth it" he ignored my question.

" fahad ana .."

" maby asma3 your excuses , we both know enich met'3yra, 9a7 wela la2?" his voice was getting higher. Uh oh!

" yes, fahad I have to see you tonight"

" enshallah, bye" for the first time in three years he didn’t say "a7ibich".

I held my phone ,staring at his name on the screen, i should tell him the truth tonight, I thought. he don’t deserve this. And im going to.

At 7:00 pm I was all dressed up in my favorite donna karan black dress , diamond earrings, and my killer zanottis . I decided to go classic, since nobody can go wrong with it. I checked my reflection for the last time ,staring at the long mirror and talking to myself " terki , your artworks are spectacular" no no! "terki i like.." the gentle knocking on my door made me jump, crap! I dropped one earring on the floor " meno?" I yelled , looking for my earring.

"ana ana farah!" farah's voice came behind the door.

"come on in it's not locked!"

"la 3abaly your not decent " she said laughing.

"as if! Fara7o , remember when we were four? When we used to go to the chalet together o I was always topless bel ba7ar? "

" eee, kent kella agol hathy lesh matalbes bikini nafsy!" she giggled.

" ayal klba!! Ba3ad shasawy wla mrra 9ar 3ndy swimsuit ella when I turned 6!" I couldn’t help laughing at the memory.

" enzain yal topless yalla we don’t wanna be late!"

" wait im looking for my earring!"

" kaho hanging from your dress!" she said pointing at it.

"Oh,3ayal yalla im done!" I took the earring off my dress and replaced it on my left ear.

Our drive was so much fun, we listened to our favorite songs and farah couldn’t stop talking about saud which relieved me, because I didn’t want to talk, I might say something I shouldn’t say about either terki or fahad.

" et5ayely eyaninnnn , 3enda lad'3a mayegdar egol 7arf el R!! " farah was still talking about him.

"ya7ayatiii!!! Maskeen!" I said " enzain he knows that you like him?? He likes you?? You have the same feelings towards each other?? Shno bethab6 elwath3? Million questions poured from my mouth. Because honestly I was busy with my own love triangle that I forgot to even think about farah's love life.

" madry ,all I know enna we get along very well, ya3ny we talk a lot belyam3at o chethy"

" hmm, enshallah it will work out, if you really want it"

I reached terki's house since the exhibition was held there , it was an event for close people only, family and friends, and It was very nice of him to invite me over, he even begged me not to miss it. We parked behind khalid's range rover, "how do I look??" I asked farah urgently before getting inside.

" you look like yourself" she joked "ofcourse you look nice jano!"

I made a face to her. "yalla lets go" I said.

The decoration was amazing, nothing like that day when i spent the night at his house. It was dark, no lights except the ones framing each painting which made them stand out so magically and a few red lights here and there. i held farah's hand so tight, I felt like a total stranger between the huge crowd. Terki was nowhere to be seen. i spotted Khalid and fay chatting to someone. "theres fay,lets go say hi" I said to farah.

Fay looked so good in a red silk dress , her hair was in big shiny waves and her face was glowing , Khalid is an old version of terki , I came to notice that.

" shlonkom banat sha5barkom?" Khalid began "terki is over there 9ob el kitchen ,etha taboon tsalmoon 3leh wetbarkolla"

"sure, emshay jana" said farah.

We headed "9ob el kitchen" , it was dark , a small group gathered there, terki was one of them. ofcourse. we approached them and they all turned around. I recognized one face aside from terki's, deema's; the one and only.

terki's face lit up "ahlaaan, you made it" he said looking at me. Farah narrowed her eyes.i think she was getting suspicious at the way terki was looking at me, my cheeks were flaming. " shlonkom? " he asked ,smiling sweetly.

"tamam, el7emdella" we muttered together.

"shlonich deema?" farah was being polite as usual.

" im fine, shlonich?" she asked farah while sliding her arm around terki's , if im not mistaken she was doing it on purpose! She smoothed his hair with her tall fingers while giving me a very unreadable look. I need to get out of here! i felt so uncomfortable and irritated, That I wished that the dogs outside would chew off her butt.

" farah lets go check the paintings, nice to meet you all" I gave them a polite smile and pulled farah . we walked far enough from them when her mouth opened "shfeeech??" she hissed.

"mafeny shay bas I don’t like this deema, tnarfezny" I muttered angrily.

She chuckled " she is annoying! especially when she touches terki, wedy agolaha 3aib!"

My phone beeped in my hand , I looked at the screen : 1 message, I opened the message it was from terki! " stay… bagolech shay later."

My heart stopped for a second. Okay. He wants to tell me something. what on earth he wanted to tell me?!

The rest of the evening passed so slowly and I couldn’t wait, I so wanted to know what terki had to tell me. There was plenty of photographers, farah and I made sure that we appeared on every magazine and newspaper, that part was fun atleast, it made me forget the churning in my stomach . at 10 pm we had to get back home but I couldn’t go , I wanted to know what terki had to tell me so I lied to farah "farah ro7ay weya your parents elbait o ana ra7 al7agkom later on, ok?"

"lesh?" farah asked stupidly.

" because bashof fahad shwaya o radda,ok?"

"yeah sure" she said.

"wer shud I wait u?" I texted terki.

" here, latro7een" he texted back.

"I cnt! They'l notice!"

" khalas 3ayal park wara o stay in the car,k?"


I waited in the car for what seemed like thirteen minutes, maybe more.I wasn't sure, Until he called. "hala terki"

"yalla nezlay kelehom ra7aw"

"you sure?"

"ee 100% sure, yalla nezlay ,I'll open el bab ely 9obich"

He opened the door almost immediately I didn’t even had to wait, he smiled and I couldn’t take it! His eyes were gray now just like his gray shirt. God, why did he have to do this to me?!!! " come on in" he said politely.

"thanks" I smiled " so sheno betgoly?"

"besmella" he laughed " shfech mesta3yela, emshay lets go outside bel 7adeqa ,eljaw 7elo" he led me to their garden ,it was so huge and beautiful and there was a big trampoline in the middle.

" allah! Trampoline!" I said laughing.

"taben tnagzen feha??" he offered.

" laaa mn 9ijek"I laughed

"eee mn 9ijy! Wllah im serious ,it's so much fun tara, o now that you mentioned it, wedy anagez myself!" he said excitedly like a seven year old.

He got inside the trampoline, waiting for me to join him. " yalla jana" he said laughing.

" maby! Wallah wallah" I said . I cant jump! Not now! Not like this!

" yallaa come , wallah I wont let you get away with it" he said . I couldn’t resist him so I took off my shoes and joined him there.

" good girl" he said grinning. " its fun all you have to do is jump"

" la wallah?" I giggled.

I couldn’t move I just stood there , worrying that my dress would flew up , he jumped and my body couldn’t help but jump with him and betray me , he held my hands tight and we started jumping together , it was so refreshing, the cold air was slapping our bodies from each and every side, yet I felt warm. We talked while jumping, and I couldn't cared less about my dress later on.

After a little while he laid on the elastic ground of the trampoline and I continued jumping , I couldn’t stop! It was an amazing feeling. " shway shway " he laughed.

" it's fun wallah! Its been a long long time since I last jumped, let alone jumped in a trampoline!" I said short breathed.

" ya7lailech, with that frame of yours ,you look like a little girl"

"afaa!! " I said giggling.

" it's sooo cute, wallah" he said

His complement made me blush, thank god my face was already flushed from the effort of jumping. He was gazing at me and smiling , I avoided eye contact with him but I continued jumping and talking about random things . before I knew what was happening my feet were skidding and I lost my balance , I tried to grab anything near me but I failed , there was nothing to grab, and I couldn't do nothing but fall straight on top of terki . SHIT!

He grabbed me so hard and tight " you okay?" he asked, I could feel his warm breath against my face. I nodded quickly " I think I hurt my finger"

He rolled me around and put me on the elastic ground. His eyes never leaving mine. "let me see" he took my hand in his , looking at it for a moment , then he started massaging it slowly, his fingers were leaving a warm, delesious sensation wherever it went. " mafeha shay" he said. I didn't want him to let go off my hand! , before I knew it, I had my hand on his, clinging to it. He smiled warmly, brushing a strand of hair off of my forehead carefully. he got closer. " I wanted to tell you that I.." before he could continue his sentence my stupid phone rang, making us both jump , I sat myself up quickly ,it was fahad! " terki, I think I ..i should go" . I got off the trampoline , leaving him speechless.
I got in my car, and drove as fast as I could. My heart was pounding so hard, my hair was all over the palce, and my cheeks were flaming. I called fahad. "hala fahad, I'll meet you eb the usual place" I said.

"okay ,kany five minutes wakoon 3indich" he said.

He showed up after less than five minutes , he parked next to my car. "yalla come in" he mimed through the window.

I got in his car, he was wearing his pajama pants with his navy polo sweater which I got him a year ago. " kash5a ashof, o taly elail ba3ad, wain kenty?" he didn’t even say hi.

" ee, kent ma3zoma 3end ahal fara7" I said.

" aha, so shba'3aity tgolin?" he said coldly.

I sighed deeply. I can do it, I thought to myself . " fahad, I don’t think that me and you ne9la7 7ag eachother" I said.

"na3am? O men meta hal 7achy anesa jana?" he said sarcastically .

"fahad, I know that we shared three years of our lives together , and it was beautiful, wallah I'll never forget you bas I don’t think enna it will work out"

" theres someone else 9a7?" he said quietly .

" no it's not about that, I just don’t think that I love you" I said honestly.

" you don’t love me? hmm"

I remained quiet because there wasn’t anything else to add .

" enty met2akda mn ely ga3da tgolena?" he asked even quieter, his reaction surprised me.

"yes, I think so" I said. Silence.
Just then when I was about to say something else to break the icy silence , his big hand reached my face slapping it so hard, and then he slapped me even harder and again harder than the time before. I was speechless, I tried to fight him off but I was so weak comparing to his masculine big figure. I screamed and pushed him away but he grabbed my arms and pushed me off his car, I fell on the ground shocked . "thelfay 3an wayhe yal 7aqeera!! Enty 7emday rabich enna wa7ed nafsy e7ebich o ga3ed weyach all these years! Ee o by the way tara I cheated on you twice, bye!" he drove away ,leaving me alone on the cold street's ground . my body was numb, I couldn’t move. I was so shocked to feel anything.

That night we both did things for the very first time. I broke his heart. He lied his hands on me.


Music, Happiness, Love said...

wai3 aham shay! i hate him ;o!

moi said...

m,h,l: ee;\

Anonymous said...

At first I thought 7aram fahad; Ma alouma when he slapped her, but why the hell did he cheat on her! She told him the truth, she did not lie at him! And that was his reaction, hit her? IDIOT!
-Love your blog<3 , waiting for your next post:*

-Queen Bee.

shoosha said...

atwaqa3 lo ana chan radait 6agaita ;p

moi said...

queen bee: all men are idiots:S, my blog loves u 2;**

shoosha: loool;*

Jacqui said...

That is the perfect guy that everyone was envious about? :/ Allah yakhtha inshalla.. ya 3al eeeda il kasr!!! I hate hate hate men who lay their hands on women!

Ugh narfazny!!!!!!!

GorGeous said...

Waaay ehwa el7aqeer! He`s not even a man! A man may6eg marra!.. E7taraait! Ya3al eedah elkaser..

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

mo mn 9ijja!

hatha eli little mr.perfect! =@

moi said...

jacqui: nobody's perfect, o hadday a39abich;**;p

gorgeous: your absolutely right;\

dandooon: ee hatha ely ethba7ona feh;p

Zuzu said...

I actually like fahad :P kaifi a7ebah she broke his heart :@

desertpalms said...

efffff...what a bastard!

Anonymous said...

next post?

Anonymous said...

:|.. 7aqeer. She should've so hit him back.

Anonymous said...

O-M-G! LAISH I6IG-HA What the hell!! :|

Anonymous said...

wai3 6ala3 qaleel adab! hawant mo 6ammaa3a

Um Mit3ib said...

laaaboooo labo ele yabaa !!!!!

ilnextpart should be up by midnight.. ok ?

Um Mit3ib said...

w cheat on her twice ba3ad? far7an awy ???


Anonymous said...

a7ib ghi9itich wayid! bas i think u need to work on ur spelling and grammer errors :S

moi said...

zuzu:5al ewaly:P:P

desertpalms: 7addaa;s

anony1: enshallah;*

anony2:maskeena she tried :S

anony3:l2ana me7tar:P

anony4: eee thalamtoha;p

um mit3ib: ee qalel el adab:@, i'll try to post it elyom enshallah;*

anony5: thanx ;*, theres no spelling errors(i checked with microsoft word) as for the grammers i was in british school so madry;D bas i'll try to work on it;p

Um Mit3ib said...

3 minutes to 12


Anonymous said...

where's the next post :(

Zaina said...

hatha minsijaa ?? wila yitqashmar??
haw! laaa laa mu sa7iii !!!
shaku imid eeeda????
laa ou mistanes inna he cheated on her.
wai3!!! kalb.

I love ur qissa btw:*
3ajeba 3ajeeba 3ajeeeeeeeba ;p

moi said...

um mit3ib:sorry bas wllah mamedany;* bas it's coming soon!

anony: im writing it wllah;*

zaina: ee kalb o 7mar o kel shy:@, enty el 3ajeeeba thanx hun;*

jooj said...

7aqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr!!! omg wallah mn awl ma jbte 6areh 7saita 7ywan hal fahad ! :@

Anonymous said...

yayyy i'm gunna go read it now...

Jacqui said...

Hehehe shasawe ba3ad.. bs yalla we need a knight in shining armor ;)

Limited said...

5ala9 i changed my mind .. i dont want fahad anymore..

i think a man is not a man if he lays his hands on a woman ..

Anonymous said...


DreamerGirl said...

Woman beater!!

What a butthead.

Loving the story so far<3