Monday, 22 December 2008

fahad (part 4)

i sighed deeply. why was he the last thing I remember?always! I felt guilty dialing his number . he picked up on the second ring.

" aloo.." his voice was sleepy.

"nayem?.." I asked him almost whispering.

" la , I was watching a movie o ethaher eny '3afait" he said yawning.

" you wanna go back to sleep 7abebi?" I asked him , hoping he would say yes.

" you were so distant elyom, tara sending a message is easier than you think" he said coldly ignoring my question.

" I know! Wllah I know, bas you know .. I was busy at the wedding o chethy!" I started my usual list of excuses ,almost yelling .


" im not! Bas agolek , im sorry.." I said in a low voice.

" hmm luckily for you maly 5elg at'hawash ,im really tired, I had a long day." He said " and I missed my baby…" he added huskily.

I gulped. Why cant he just be mad at me?! One day is all I ask for!

" I missed you more" I said feeling uncomfortable.

" you wanna sleep now 7abebti?

" in 5 minutes I'll be ready for bed, let me just wash up" I said.

" okay baby, miscall me when you finish, a7ibichh" he said.

" ana akthar" I hung up.

Fahad. What can I say about fahad. He's every Kuwaiti girl's dream, he's so gentle and sweet and adorable and handsome, to top it all he's from al-x family, one of the richest families in Kuwait. Fahad and I met three years back. At a library in Switzerland, we picked the same book , he smiled and I couldn’t help but smile back at him. Since then we became "the couple" . everyone thought that we were born to be together. And it made sense. We look good together, we know eachother very well. he loves me like no other. And he sure knows how to make me happy with all his gifts and sweet gestures. And I always feel safe around him, he feels like family. But , There's just this tiny teeny problem , I do love him. Really, I mean how can I not? It's just that im not" in love" with him. Or maybe its just stupid me shoving bad ideas into my head? I don’t know really, Its just that whenever I read a romance novel or watch a love scene, fahad don’t pop in my head, I never pictured myself with him , I never felt like I want to kiss him . I never felt like wanting him to be around me all day just like he feels about me. I never felt a rollercoaster in my heart. I want to feel the rollercoaster.
After I finished washing up and applying my moisturizers , I lied on bed wrapping the covers on top of me until it reached my forehead. I picked up the phone and dialed fahad. He didn’t pick up. i was about to turn off my nightlight when my phone started beeping . it's fahad.

" hmm 7ayati.." he whispered.

" hey.." I whispered back.

"ready for your beauty sleep?"

" aha.." I said softly.

" you want me to tuck you in?" he asked his usual question.

" yes please" I giggled.

" okay, yalla put your head on the pillow, golay besmella elra7man elra7eem , and close your beautiful eyes" he ordered.

" besmella.." I murmured falling asleep.

" goodnight 7ayati." He kissed the phone and hung up.

I woke up at 11 am , my head ached and I could hear annoying humming in my ears. it must be last night's wedding hang over! , I couldn’t move. I picked up my phone, a single message from farah "janooo I have sowalif!! Call me when you wake up! asap!"

I dialed her number. She picked up immediately , "9aba7 el5air.." I said groggily.

" ahlan sleepyhead!, guess who I spent the whole night with yesterday??" she said eagerly.

" the groom's fa…….."
"s3oood!!!" she said interrupting me.

" ebayen , wela this excitement mo lallah" I teased.

" laa 7aram 3lech im excited for fayon too!" she said giggling.

" eeee shlon el newlyweds?! Ya7lailhom" I said.

" wllah mashefna fayoon ams chenha mo m9adga enna she finally married him"

"ya7aytee they must be thrilled!, enzain faro7 I got to go wash up and say hi to dad, tawwa rad men el sefar" I said.

"Okay , esh3endech today?" she asked.

" wllah I don’t know yet, I'll check with my mom etha feh shay o I'll let you know , if not lets do something fun with the girls"

"sounds great, yalla bye"

I sat on the comfiest armchair in our cozy living room sipping my Irish cream coffee , my twin brothers were watching tom&jerry and laughing hysterically every second disturbing my serenity.

"shabab .." I began, they liked when I called them that they felt like grown ups despite the fact that they were only 7 years old. " ro7aw shofaw tv eb dar mama mako a7ad." No response.
" yalla gomaw!" I snapped at them. A snort of laughter and still ignoring.

" lesh ta7geron??" I yelled angrily "haa?" I came down to them on the floor, they started giggling furiously sensing me approaching , I started tickling 7amani's tummy he laughed hysterically trying with all his power to push me away, wahab came and tickled me from behind " aaa wa5eer!!! " I jumped laughing . "5ala9 5ala9 wa5raw 3anny I wont tickle" I said covering my body with my hands. I think I woke up the beast in them that can never have enough of playing because they don’t want to go back to tom&jerry. "come here" I opened my arms to them , they rushed tickling me , I shoved them hard" hey hey don’t tickle I meant ta3alaw hug me!" they laughed hugging me hard. God I loved my lil brothers, they drove me crazy but I couldnt live without our morning hugs.

I waited outside farah's house in my car , desperately trying to warm up my hands since the stupid heater was making me colder. After what seemed like five minutes she came outside wearing burberry's Hemmingway quilted trench coat with jimmy choo patent ankle boots. Her hair was perfectly sweeping with the air. " hellooo" she opened the door of my car, adjusting herself on the passenger's seat.

" ahlaan" I beamed at her. " wain benta3asha?" I asked.

"slider station, im craving burgers" she bit her lips.

" yum yum 7elo el burgers bel bard!" I agreed.

We were waiting on the chairs before the entrance of the restaurant ,it was freezing outside and the long stupid waiting list was still long!, but we didn't want to sit on the bar. Cold air was stinging my eyes, I closed them briefly because I didn't want to cause mascara disaster.
" mr terki your table is ready" I was not sure if I heared the name right but when I opened my eyes he was standing there wearing Abercrombie and fitch green sweater ,his hair was messy in a sexy way and his eyes were in thatvery moment the same color as his sweater.


FourMe said...

fahad seems like a sweetheart! hMmm but I guess love can't be forced :/

Um Mit3ib said...


moi said...

fourme: he is , bas 7aram shes "trying" to love him too:(

moi said...

um mit3ib: ee 3ad terki '3airrrrrrr;**

shoosh said...

mskeen fahaaadd y7lilaa

shoosha said...

7abbait fahad!

moi said...

shoosha: ofcourse 7abaiteh he's "every kuwaiti girl's dream":P:P

Anonymous said...

al7eeen she spent 3yrs with fahad o mala7ethat ena she's no IN LOVE with him :(

7araaam kesar kha6re fahad :(

i like ur blog :D

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

wain e7a9loon hal shabab eli yhabloooooon oo ohma eli ma yabooooonhom!

malat 3la haya oo jana! ;Pp

desertpalms said...

fahads boring muahahaha ;p Terki <3 all the waay

ow yaay im tha first one on ur followers list *highfives herself* ;p

moi said...

anon: este3abha ba6e2:P,ee msken fahad:\, my blog likes u;*

dandooon: mako mako;( they get the wrong girls like jana o haya:P

desert palms: lool,;**

Khayala said...

i like i like i like :*

more ?

moi said...

khayala: ;** afa 3leeeech!

GorGeous said...

Ahhhh I LOVE TURKY!! ;***

GorGeous said...

Ahhhhh Turky! I love Him!! ;***
Post Post.. I love your post but plz longer ones ;P

moi said...

gorgeous: ohwa ba3ad loves u;**

Anonymous said...

When is the nxt post??? I'm addicted

moi said...

anonymous: in few mins, bas ga3da akteb more 3ashan latgolon 6awlai el post:P

Anonymous said...

poor fahad

Anonymous said...

is this a true story?

Anonymous said...

Really like your blog, story is great!
But.. Irish cream coffee? I've never heard of Irish cream without alcohol, correct me if I'm wrong :)

moi said...

anony: it is a true story but i twisted up a few things

anony: thanx;*, irish cream is a very yummy coffee bag i get it mn el jam3eya, alcohol free;p

Jooj said...

Hey fara7 .. I really liked the way how u wrote your bestfriend's life story, ana garrait the whole story bs I think fii the first 3 posts is missing 9a7 ! cuzz i started reading it from post " Fahad (part4) " w i guess that's not the beging so plzzz can u tell me where can i find the first 3 posts i really wanna know how jana met turki and what happend in the beging of jan's lifestory .. Thanks

lameta said...

me 2 i wana read the first 3 posts plz where can i find it ??

Anonymous said...

Ehhmm hiii my friend told me about your blog bas wain the first 3 posts?


Anonymous said...

the first three posts ? :( abeehum !