Saturday, 6 August 2016


Hello readers! I'm trying so hard not to get distracted with life and post at least once a week. شجعوني

Yours truly -moi


FA said...

ان شاءالله متى مارديتي راح نكون موجودين w w'ell always be here to support you no matter how long u leave or how long u stay don't worry about a thing Hun xx

Anonymous said...

We're always waiting for your return!!!

Anonymous said...

Everydayy i check ur blog to see if you have posted anythingg !! U r truely an amazinggg writer cant wait!!

Anonymous said...

انت من احسن الكتّاب اللي قريت رواياتهم وأجمل الروايات عندج أمانة لا توقفين كتابة بليييييييززززز والله نحبج ونبيج تكملين تكفييييييننن ❤️❤️

Anonymous said...

Ur amazing w we love you to death! Betrayal is my favorite blog❤️��

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Anonymous said...

We miss you

Anonymous said...

ابرك الساعات احنا موجوديييين لو كل يوم بعد :*

Anonymous said...

Fav writer ever!!! Always checking ur blog constantly.. Waiting for the next post<3

Anonymous said...

3ashat Yallah you can do this!!! We love you wayeddd!!!xxx

Anonymous said...

تكفين نزلي بوست جديد

Anonymous said...

You'll publish a book one day, and waterstones would kill to host a meet and greet ;)

Anonymous said...

Post just a tiny bit and youll be so motivated by r replies!!

Anonymous said...

im sick of having to wait and u saying will post when u don't, if u can't or don't want to post just say so rather than get our hopes up and us continuously refresh hoping u stick to ur word....

other readers can u recommend any good blogs?

Anonymous said...

I hope you write something soon. Been checking every single day

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Dina said...

We are always waiting for you, please don't stop.

Anonymous said...

Please post we love u

Trading In Mcx said...

your posts are always awesome..

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عبده العمراوى said...

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