Tuesday, 21 July 2015

betrayal (5)

I woke up the next morning to the sight of a bulgari small box with a card and ribbons,I reached for the card hastily, ripped it open and read "thank you for last night-M" ....... I was stunned. He west rewarding me for using my body with a box of Italy's finest jeweler. The low life. A cloud of fury and hurt clouded my vision but I wasn't going to cry again. Not this time. I didn't even open the box, despite my undeniable love for diamonds, I was really hurting and I wanted to prove something to him. I'm not a whore, you will not use my body again. Screw you.

I put on a bathrobe and went to the living room area, as expected he was lounging on the couch with the paper and a cup of espresso. He nodded when he saw me and continued reading. My fury intensified. I ordered a cappuccino and sat on The sofa right next to him and reached for the remote control. I wasn't gonna make this easy for him.

"So did you like it?" He finally asked. What a nerve. "What?" I played stupid.

"You didn't er see..."


He cleared his throat. "I got you a present, it's In the bedroom. I was hoping that" "

Oh that" I delibaretly interrupted. He looked at me with puzzlement and then went back to reading his paper. Did He think I was gonna thank him and kiss his feet? I could feel him stiffening, trying to concentrate and warmth of victory filled me, I bit my lip to prevent a smile. Asshole is getting What He deserves.

"My friend and his wife is here, we'll have dinner with them tonight" he suddenly announced

  " we're on our honey moon darling, we dont have to do that" i said sarcastically He frowned.

" shaikha! Whats with you?"

"Oh nothing" I examined my nails "it's just bad taste.."

" you're coming tonight and that's final"

" you can't force me. But don't worry husband I'll come with you " The rest of the day I noticed something different about him, I was happily ignoring his existence but I could feel his stares, the stolen glances, the way He tried hard not to be around me but He was..this was new and it gave me a teeny tiny flicker of hope.

  I bought a New dress because I couldn't think of a better way to spend the afternoon alone other than shopping. I chose the most flattering to my body type.I might be a total failure when it came to relationships but looking good, this I knew how to do.

Red wasn't the color I usually went for but I saw dolce and gabbana's all prints collection and I was a goner; the floral red printed mini dress specifically, I paired it with the clip earrings from the same collection, a pair of satin sandals and tan. Hair half up and the rest in flirty tendrils I was ready to own the night. The husband was in a tailored suit...my insides melted. All my efforts went to waste with that cold brief nod of his. The bastard didn't seem to notice my supposedly flattering mini dress, show of tanned skin and everything else. I wanted to burst into tears and dissapear. The ride was quiet as usual, I was getting ready to that, and this time he didn't try to fill the awkward silence with pointless conversation thank god. His friends were nothing like I'd expected; I liked them emmediately! The man was short and balding,slightly thick on the stomach area, He gave off a brotherly aura and his eyes seemed so kind. the wife on the other hand was small and beautiful; her wild curly hair and geniune big smile won me over straight away; this is someone I could be friends with.

The dinner was surprisingly fun. Conversation easy, I felt like myself again, laughing and truly enjoying myself . Ahmed and Mubarak were really close, since college days and hearing stories from the time made us all crack up, and I started looking at him in a new way..

" So tell us more about you Shaikha..how did you two meet?" Nouf, his wife and my new fried said I cleared my throat and was about to come up with a totally fictional story when Mubarak decided to interrupt. " let's just say that I was lucky to find her" He said with a lazy smile. what?? WHAT? okay, he's a pathological liar.

" yes he is haha" I fake smiled at them. " What about you two? you seem so..so in love" My heart fell at the realization, of course they were.. Nouf talked about how they met, all sparkly eyes and pink cheeks. He wasnt a good looking fellow yet he made her happy. while my very beautiful, very successfull husband didn't. We exchanged numbers and I was glad I'd someone to hang out with other than myself in this foreign country, I hope this honeymoon ends soon. little did I know that night was just about to begin...


Anonymous said...

Love it! Plz post sooooonnnn

Anonymous said...

Oh my god I've been waiting for you to post for months! Please don't stop you're such a good writer and you should expose it to the world! I hope you continue with this story

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