Monday, 27 December 2010

my name is Nouf (12)

The weekend had passed quickly with events such as Sagir interviewing me and showing me around the office to make me feel at ease in my first day at work. I parked in the employee-only parking lot, gathered my things and stepped out of my car.

I slowly made my way inside the building; I was very nervous, almost tearful yet confident. It felt exactly like first day of school, I didn’t know what to expect and I sure didn’t know how things worked in an investment company.

My stomach churned as I entered the elevator with a bunch of strangers I held my breath and waited for the elevator to stop at the floor I was supposed to work in. My sudden smile outshined the sunshine as I read the message I just received from Noura. "Good morning Noufie! Knock 'em dead ;* "

I took a deep breath, trying to hide my genuine grin yet failing, god I loved my friends. I got off the elevator as it finally reached my floor and headed to my office, everything was familiar thank god, I thought. I landed safely in my cubicle, unnoticed.

A couple of minutes later Two girls greeted me, introducing themselves as Nadia and Latifa. They worked in the same department and I loved the friendly vibe they gave off.
The first few hours were eventless; I spent several hours of sitting at my computer, trying my best to pay attention to every word Nadia was saying about working here. I was starting to get hungry and a part of me was wondering where was Sagir and why wasn’t he around for me to see him. I knew it was ridiculous since he's an investment manager and he didn’t have time to check on the new employee. I bet he forgot all about me by now.

When it was finally time for my coffee break, I made a successful visit to the restroom to fix my hair and makeup and then to the nearby STARBUCKS to get my daily dose of grande skimmed Latte with a drizzle of caramel on top, along with the not so good skinny blueberry muffin.
When I finally turned back to the office the girls were talking about our supervisor "Mariam" whom I have not met yet. They talked about how pretty and kind she was and they mentioned something about her being in a business trip. I didn't participate in the conversation yet I enjoyed listening to their small , girly talks; my colleagues were fun I decided.
By five PM which is when I got back from work, I was starting to feel hysterical. I was really feeling the effects of a night without sleep and I yearned to be home, in my bed.
After taking a slow, hot shower I slipped into my pajamas and headed straight to bed to have my milk tea before drifting into a goodnight sleep.

I picked up my BlackBeryy, even though I was dead exhausted and began typing a message to Sheikha on BBM, my phone quickly vibrated in my hand and I jumped. Not expecting it at all, I quickly opened the message that was the begining of it all.

" ya36eech el3afia...adrii dawamna wayid mut3ib o shaklich mit7asfa 3la gad sha3ar raasich enich rethaiti eb this job" the message was from Mr Sagir himself.

I smiled involuntarily, that caught me off guard. I began typing a message as a reply to his, I tried to think of something smart to say but ended up with " allah e3afeek :), you can say that.."

" afa2! kint bayey at6aman 3lech bes el shighil elyoum mayisma7…7itta ma3indi wagt a7ik raasi, hatha yizai?"

" hehe eshda3wah, I'm kidding. I loved it there, again thank you so much Mr Sagir.." I replied him emmediatly.

" radaina 3la Mr maltich hathi, yuba getlich Sagir o bes latkhaleeni asadig 3umrii, o lat7ateen 6al 3umrich kelha esbo3ain thatlath o enshalla betit3awidain o eb takhtheen 3l shighil"  I couldn't help laughing at his message. I found it a bit weird for the manager to text me, especially that our messages were not at all formal yet they gave me this feeling of familiarity and comfort.

" enshallah Sagir.., I'll try my best"

" I believe you will, we need someone like you. good night." I reread his last message and automatically saved it. There was something about it that made me feel wanted, might be the word "need", I couldn't decide then.

 When I got to work the next morning , I saw Nadia, Latifa and some other girls gathering around a woman and talking a bit too excitedly. I approached them saying my hello before heading to the office, only to be stopped by Latifa who introduced me to Mariam, our supervisor. Mariam was a tall brunette with a body of a goddess and a smile of a hollywood diva and as soon as she greeted me I fell for her charms like the rest of the girls.

At eleven I wasn't the slightly bit expecting Sagir passing by our office. He entered the office so tall and handsome in his gray "wintery" dishdasha and neat ghutra and that was the moment when I realized how hot he was and how much I'd wanted him. And the fact that he stood right before my cubicle didn't make anything easier. "Nouf, sa7?" he said, looking so serious, I gulped.

" aamir"

" mayamir 3lech 3adow bes baghaitich etsaweeli shaghla, fe file mawjood eb your computer abeech teshtaghlain 3leh wetkhalseenly eyah elyoum." He ordered, not a hint of a smile on his face.

" enshallah" I simply obeyed.

After less than five minutes I recieved a message from him that made me blush a hundred shades of red.
" lesh ekhtara3tay? btw u look even nicer than  the last time I saw u in bahrain."

I didn't know what to reply to him, what if he treated everyone here this way? my stomach churned for the thought and I shook my head to push it aside and replied him back instead. " madri, I didnt expect you..thank you"

I put my phone away and began working on Sagir's file hoping to finish before five PM, I had lost track of time working on that file because when I finally looked above my computer screen, the office was already empty.I glanced at the digital clock resting on my desk, 5:11 PM. " ugh, mita akhalis!" I whined loudly as I knew nobody was around the office.

" coffee?"

I jumped in my place and my hand atumatically landed over my mouth to stop an upcoming shreik. " YOU GAVE ME A FRIGHT!!!" I yelled.

" besmillah 3lech, I'm sorry I'm sorry! eshfeeni ga3id wakhar3ich elyoum.." Sagir apologized while standing awkwardly with two STARBUCKS cups of coffee in his both hands.

"I'm sorry" He apologized again. I gazed down at my manicured nails, not bothering saying anything to him. He placed the papercup in front of me, on the disk, waiting for me to take it.

"thank you" I said and finally looked at him again.

" you're doing a great job Nouf..." he said gently.

"I'm not ..quite done yet" I almost whispered. I could feel the hard lump in my throat, keeping me from talking, I sighed heavily and to my utter dismay a big, fat tear escaped my lid and landed on my cheek.

I could see the shock in Sagir's face as I lost control of my tears, he placed his cup of coffee beside mine and pulled a chair to sit next to me. I burried my face in my hands and I cried and cried and cried, while he remained silent in the chair next to mine.

"Nouf...6al3eeni" He said.

I wiped my tear streaked eyes with the back of my hands and looked at him.

" ana 7aywan" He said ever so seriously and I laughed.

" it's just been a long day" I said, blushing deeply. " I'm so sorry for what just happend"

"Don't...mara7 agool 7g a7ad" He winked.I laughed again.

" enzain yallah goomay, wayid eshtaghaltai elyom, let me walk you to your car."
We walked together to the parking lot, sipping our coffee and talking about random things. He opened my car's door for me and my heart did a back flip.
" drive safely.." He said. " o Nouf, mabii ashoof dmoo3ich again"
  A month had passed with him as my boss and my...undefined. We texted each other all night long, spent hours staring at each other at work if we had the chance, he would stare and I'd blush and pretend I didn't see him, he would buy me my favorite STARBUCKS drink everyday and walk me to my car if we both worked until late and nobody was around, I loved everything about it and I couldn't imagine a day without his good morning messages and his strong perfume.
It was one of those long days at work when he called me into his office. I adjusted my skirt, ran my fingers through my hair and nervously made my way to his office, aware of the audience that were my very curious colleagues.
I walked in his office and closed the door behind me. His face emmediatly lit up as he saw me walking in.
" el salam 3lekom" I said politely.
"wa3alaikom el salam ya hala" He grinned, obviously enjoying this.
" Nouf..." Oh god I loved my name coming from his mouth.
" mayamir 3lech 3adow... enshallah bachir 3indina conference bil khobar 7g our company oo... I really want you to come..."
" bachir?" Sagir and his surprises, I thought.
" ee, for two days only...bes enshallah 3ogb salat el magharb benroo7, please come as my assistant.."
"madri Sagir...faja2tnii" 
" ra7 etyeen? 3ashani..?" He looked deeply into my eyes and I knew right there and then that "No" wasn't an option.
" yes Sagir, I will go with you"

When I went back home that day I was welcomed by mother and her friends who were having tea and watching their favorie turkish show at the living room. " ya36eech el3afia Noufa, ta3ali shirbai weyana chwaiha" mother offered,

" allah e3afeech, La yumma mashkoora 3lekom bil 3afia ana baroo7 arayyi7 foug"

" 3la ra7tich, bes lat6awleen, banat khaltich shireefa beyoonna b3den"

" enshallaa" I assured her. " oh and yumma? zahbeeli 3abat eb geyaasi"

to be continued...


Anonymous said...

LOL, the part where Sagir said, "ana 7aywan," made me laugh so hard! Loved it so much:) Keep bringing us your amazing posts!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I found this in Twitter ...
This Is absolutely Perfect ... I Loved it!!

caramela said...

9ager yshawiig ;**
cant wait for the next post ;D
i loved the post ;D
o i love u moi ;**

Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOUR POSTS! You're such a talented writer mashallah! Please try posting today. Thank you soo much in advance.


Noona said...

i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed the post oo 7ABAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT 9ager... kafy ina isma 9ager madry laish i love that name;p
anyways im loving your story keep up the amazing posts oo tikfain la it6awleen 3alaina lana im in love with u story.. bs i love you more;*

Zaina said...

moiiii I looovvve this :D oo sager ehabellll :$ you have a way with words mashallah...

Sugar.Free said...

im loving sager <3

cant wait for more ;D

Hend said...

i loved it keep up ;** bas 9aber bel previous post u mentioned somewhere enha just a story ana mishta6a 3abale its a true one

Hend said...

oh btw nouf et3aser eb redodha 3alaih alla law ana chan el msg esh6ola lol:P

Anonymous said...

loooooove it.
9agir awwwwh perfect personality <3

Anonymous said...

ta3jebni thegel 6enat nouf !

Person said...

il9ouraaaaaaaaa made me melt hatha o bas nu9 shifayfa tbayen law kila chan :x

Bella said...

oh and noaf is being too cold with him, which is 3AJEEB!! cuz like ebayn ena she's not too forward oo ga6a 3omrhaa..

Everything about your blog is 3ajeeb!!
Post soon please :*

moi said...

heaven: glad you liked it :D I will xx

anon: thank you :)

caramela: love you and your comments caramela xxx

AJ: thank you so much for the compliment I hope I dont dissapoint x

noona: aww thank you for the lovely comment, enshalla I wont xx

moi said...

zaina: I'm loving sagir too! haha, thank you zee xx your comments makes my day x

hend: its a combination of reality and fiction x

hend again: hahahah a7san, men should be treated that way ;p

anon: you'll love the upcoming parts, I promise x

anon2: haha ;p

person: I believe the model is kuwaiti! it's from osama al majid's flickr but I changed it anyways ;p

bella: enshalla :*

Chriscsnl said...

moiiii I looovvve this :D oo sager ehabellll :$ you have a way with words mashallah...