Wednesday, 18 March 2009


is it me,or once your UNAVAILABLE, guys become soooo interested in you?!! I'm a freak magnet!! okay maybe not FREAK ,because as guilty and horrible as It may sound THOSE GUYS e7em who are interested in MOI are HOTTIEEES..:$!!!

incident n.1

I was dining at this japanese resturaunt with my cousin and her friend, and there was a few men sitting at a table in front of us, looking GORGEOUS, one of them kept staring at me soo shamelessly..when we were about to pay the check , the waitress came and said " ma'am I'm sorry but that gentleman over there gave me this for you, he said give it to the girl in the green dress" she blushed and gave me a piece of paper with his name and number written all over it, along with couple of lame words that I couldnt read;/...

incident n.2
I was at this store with my sister, she was trying on gowns for my wedding and I was waiting 3ala matgayes, when a thirty-something man appeared in the store, he was buying something for a woman I guess:S ...anyway he kept staring and smiling in a really FREAKY way, el mohim I moved to the cashier to pay for my sister's shoes while she get dressed in the fitting room, and the freak man said to the chashier " it's okay, I'll get it" and smiled at me.

moi: asfa o5oy bas ana gabel *smiles*

freak: adry bas ana badfa3

moi: *gulps* um laish?!

freak: *winks* it's okay, I want to....

moi: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! um I'm sorry but I cant accept it, um you can come before me if you want..*sweating*

I discovered something about moi!! I CANT DEAL WITH MEN, THEY SCARE ME!!!! I think I only can deal with my one and only HH!

incident n.3:
driving my way home , 2 cars behind me, even though I only went to my aunt's and passed by the supermarket .................:D

okay I'm positive now, UNAVAILABLE girls do attract freaks!
yours- SEXY moi;p

Monday, 16 March 2009

stunned! and a bit..scared!

My Bahraini friends came to visit me here in Kuwait. These two girls are the closest to me between all my friends from there. They trust me with their lives and I do too, so anyway, they brought a third girl with them; a girl I've never seen before. They said that she's a good friend of theirs who wanted to visit Kuwait and who really wanted to see me!

I was surprised at first because I've never seen here before and she was really excited when I welcomed them in Kuwait airport. She gave me a big hug and said " finally Moi!! I always wanted to meet you since day 1, hehe, btw I'm A! "

"um day 1?!" I asked, confused.

" sema3t wayed 3anich min L and D!" she beamed.

"Oh, nice to meet you!" I faked excitement, I didn’t know why but I didn’t feel comfortable around her.

Anyways, D's mom is Kuwaiti so she already has a house here, so the four of us went to D's house to have breakfast there. What I like about her house is that the food is always ready! Wela marra we prepared it ourselves, kela zaheb o na6erna there;p, we7na manet'3ashmar, we don’t eat cereals o hal sowalef, LA2;P..we eat the following: omelet, baith o 6oma6, baith 3yoon, club sandwitches, labna o za3tar wraps, na5y o bajela o chabati o samboosa;p, pancakes, waffles, toast mini bites(da5elhom balawi;p) etc etc…

Be5te9ar if you want to have breakfast at D's house, you should fast forever! Anyway that’s not the point from this post; this post is about that girl A…

Elmohim, while we were eating, I asked A what she'd heard about me?

A: sema3t 3an your super powers hahaha! Tgool D enich tegrain chaf o fenyaan o kel hal sowalef, so abeech tegraily 3ogob ma ashrab gahweti!

Moi: thinks "ahaaa" hehe wee hathela eshgayleen, e7em, yeah I do these stuff bas 3ad mu 9ij ya3ny it's something I read about a lot o darast 3elm el ferasa o chethy…

A: I don’t care hehe! Elmohim abeech tegrainly chaf O FENYAN!!

Moi: enshallah hehe, wala ehimich.

As I said before I don’t believe in these things I just studied reading tea leafs ,coffee beans and stuff and I studied face features etc..and anywyas it comes naturally.

After we had our breakfast we sat in the living room exhausted from food. The Arabian, Turkish and French coffees were served along with three kinds of tea and sweets.

L offered me her empty Turkish coffee "fenyan" to read it for her. But before I started, A shoved hers in my face.

A: la la me first! L entay ne6ray hehe

L: sure, 5anshoof sheno ye6la3lech , Moi shedday 7ailech hehe

I smiled and took her "fenyan" from her hand.

" entay et7ebeen wa7ed, 9a7?" I asked her while I looked inside her cup.

She nodded eagerly.

" hmmm tabeena for zawaj?" I asked.

" ella mayta 3leeh!" she said sadly.

" aww I'm sorry, laish mu rathy eyey yetqaddam? hehe shemsawyatla?" I tried to cheer her up.

Her eyes widened and she reached for my hand and squeezed it hard " ENTAY ESHGA3DA TGOLIN?!!! MASAWAIT SHAY!!! …he deserves it…bas manefa3 weyah, shasawy ya3ny aqtela?!!"

My heart was pounding so hard and her hand tightened around mine " let me go!" I demanded.

She stood up and pulled me from my shirt while I was speechless! I couldn’t fight her off, I was seriously stunned and she was strangely STRONG!

" MU MIN 7AGICH TGOLIN 3ANY CHETHY!!!! ana masawait lah 3amal wela se7er!!!" she cried.

my friends rushed to pull her away from me, I was still so shocked to move a muscle I just sat there, staring at her WIDE EYED!

she tried to attack me back but they held her tight and moved her away.

after 5 minutes estaw3abt el mahzala ely 9arat chan A3A9EB!!!!!! and suddenly my eyes filled with tears, chan D tyey..

D: im sorryyyy 7abebti, hathy madry esh6ara 3leha! I'm so sorry wallah ana..

Moi: "my throat tightened" min wain yaybeen hal ashkal el mon7a6a D!!! min 9ejkom?!!! el bnia mu 9a7ya!! taby et6eg@@!!!!!!!!!!

D: wallah madry eshfeha moi! ehya mu chethy.. wallah im so sorry..

Moi: I DONT CARE!! " I started sobbing I was seriously angry, shal mas5ara!!! wa7da awwal marra ashofha tgoom et6eg:!!!

L appeard alone without the freak and tried to calm me down, she said :sorry, I'll end my friendship with hal 5eblaa, bla bla, moi latez3leeen, hathy e6la3at maynoona, blaaa blaa blaa!

elmohim radait baitna wana men9adma:/ o za3lana o ME5TAR3A!! nemt chan a7lem bil maynoona wagfa fogy bil frash o ete7acha strange language o 7a66a her hand fog rasy chan et'hef 3la wayhe smoke aswad :/!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gomt min enoom 9raaaaakh :'((((!!!!!!!!

yours- scared moi:'(

Sunday, 1 March 2009


shesalfa?! kelman hab o dab gam yakteb about "being unique" or "stop cloning" or " girls should stop copying eachother"?!! first of all I'd like to talk about the "love stories all over blogger", whoever said that is right because they ARE ALL OVER THE PLACE indeed but that dosent mean that they should stop writing them just because you "DONT LIKE" the fact that there are too many love stories..if you dont like to read it then don't, I admit it, many stories are copy paste of one another bas its not my business ,kaifhom! ,and about the people who "ejamloon" me and write comments just so I'D COMMENT BACK ON THEIR BLOGS , tara I dont comment on articles I dont like.. I mean it shows who's interested in what i have to say and whose not!! and for the record I dont comment on people's blogs so they would comment back on my blog;\!! so flana lata3been ro7ech! and for the so called "old bloggers" I've been blogging since 2003 JUST NOT IN THE KUWAITI BLOGSPHERE ely I joined it later last year on december ,it dosent make me an intruder or to be treated as one, and thats one of the things I've noticed about blogging in the kuwaiti blogsphere , is that some people here are narrow minded , NO OFFENSE, but some offended me.

secondly, ely egolon girls look the same and that they want to be unique by wearing something different. by stop wearing uggs, juicy couture tracksuits, blackberrys etc... YOU'RE NOT BEING UNIQUE, because those things are trends here in kuwait, just like in everyother place in the world.., I lived in a foreign country for four years and trust me THEY DO FOLLOW TRENDS, but the only difference is that they follow trends by making them their own, so for all those girls out there who are trying to be UNIQUE; find what makes you really comfortable ,trendy and UNIQUE at the same time. (ITS EASY)

ps: my birthday is coming....*gulps*!! IM SCARED of getting old:'(