Thursday, 17 March 2011

my name is Nouf (14)

our plane landed safely on kuwaiti soil early in the morning. It was such a bliss to be back in the comfort and familiarity of my bedroom and to finally have time for my weary self. A huge smile plastered over my bare face as I reached home and found mother drinking milk tea and eating breakfast while doing so with my father. I kissed her cheeks, kissed my father's head and sat down on one of the chairs around the table.

"el7emdlellah 3ala salamtich yummah, eshsawaitaw, shlon kan el mo2tamar?" mother asked while pouring me a cup of tea.

I chuckled. " yumma kan ejtima3 o esara7a makint adrii wain allah ga6nii!"

"haw! 3ayal eshmalah rai7a?"

" khibra" I winked at her. She laughed.

"hathela banatna, emdali3een, e7na ayyam gabil waain" My father mumbled while biting on a powdery piece of darabeel.

" yubah, awwal ghair oo il7een ghair" I said. " yumma khaleehom esawoollii omellete, mishtahia bai'6". I felt my phone vibrating on my lap, looked down at the screen and emmediatly silenced it as I saw Sagir's name flashing on the screen.

 I ate my breakfast almost slowly, ignoring my now rapid heartbeats.I loved it when I made him wait. I hated the idea of being too available for a man, especially a man I had cared about too much and wished to be around him more than anything.

 after finishing my breakfast I headed straight to my bedroom, laid on my lonely, very comfy sofa and dialed his number.

" Aloo" he answered on the third ring. " naima?" he asked.

" la, kint ga3da m3a el ahal.." I answered steadily. " what's up? mataby etnam? mint emdawim?"

He grunted. " la  ta3ban 7ddii, shakli ba6igha nouma, hmm I miss you"

 " midak?" I said, amusement filling my voice.

"osh, come over let's have breakfast together"

" la bil3afiaa tawni makla.." I was a little taken aback by his offer.

" ok latakleen bes t3alii.." His tone dropped slightly.

" wain? baitkom? are you serious?"

" my house, not the family's" He said. I felt awkward, he must be really rich.

" do you think it's appropriate to show up in your house?" I asked, trying my best to play hard to get while a big part of me wanted to be there with him.

"it's not. I'll show you around, o I want you to be here tjableeni wana akil"

I laughed. " fiiine, tabi ayeeblik shai wana yaya? oh and the address please!"

I showered, changed into comfy clean clothes and straightened my natural wavy hair. By the time I was finished it was already past 10 and I hurried to my car to the realisation that I made him wait for quite a long time. back in the car I reapplied my sheer lip gloss and ran my fingers through my hair.

I parked in front of his house which looked more like a beach house with it's sleek modern design and floor to ceiling glass windows and equally big glass gate. It was white and big yet very simple. It was absolutely beautiful.

I was about to press the buzzer when I heard his voice shouting "it's open 7ayach" and realised that he was already sitting outside watching me watching his home, I blushed deeply to the thought, pushed the gate gently and entered the house.As I predicted he was sitting on the deck, dressed in  navy pajama bottoms and a V neck white T-shirt.He looked absolutely gorgeous and relaxed in the daylight.
"allah e7ayeek" I smiled at him.

He patted on the space next to him, an invitation for me to sit down next to him. I did so, leaving a small space enough for both of us to move without touching. " how can you manage?" he asked.

"manage what?!" I asked him, his question confused me.

"looking this gorgeous all the time.." He said. I laughed.

" you know I don't look gorgeous all the times! you look good yourself" he really did.

 his hand reached out for my cheek and caressed it gently and ran it back smoothing my hair causing me to wince  by his simple yet very effective touch. I blushed instantly as I saw a smile of knowing, forming at the corner of his beautiful luscious mouth.

" would you like to come inside?" He said gently.

I nodded. With our hands interwined, he led me inside the house which was much more simpler in the inside. It consisted of white and everything about his decor shouted male! it wasn't as sophisticated as it looked from the outside, but it was still beautiful, I decided.

"So do you live here like..all the time?" I asked him.

" most of the time, it's much quiter here, artaa7 akthar broo7i" He said while leading me to his small kitchen. The kitchen was also very modern with it's Stainless steel appliances and wooden cabinets. It was surprisingly very clean for a single male who lived alone.

"I ordered sushi for two, matabeen titghadain?" He grinned.

"Sagir! tawni mitraygaa!" I laughed.

" 3adii, you're too skinny, you could use some fat you know.." He said while his eyes dropped to my waist.

" I'm not and I do eat...Alot!" I lied. ever since I met that bastard Faris and I'd made a decesion to stop eating, partially because he loved it when I was at my thinnest and since then I've developed some sort of phobia with food, mainly fatty foods.

He picked up the food bags easily in one hand while still holding into my hand with his other. " let's eat in the living room, you'll feel more comfortable there" He assumed without waiting for my openion.

He sat on the floor while I sat on the white leather couch opposite him and watched him rip the bag, he first took out the chopsticks and then the many bags of sushi and sashimi that were inside the white plastic bag.
" t3ali gi3day yammyii" He ordered.

" kani yammik"

" no you're too distant...t3ali eklai m3ai" He said while offering me brand new chopsticks.

"if you insist" I sat next to him on the floor and took the chopsticks from his hand.I wacthed him closely in admiration as he threw the first sushi in his mouth and chewed rapidly. I was developing strong feelings for this man and I wished from all my heart that he felt the same way towards me.

"try this, it's so good" He said, interrupring my thoughts. I savored one and emmediatly felt like eating another and he was more than happy to offer me the entire plastic box. We ate, talked and laughed together. This intimacy was becoming stranger by the minute but I enjoyed every minute of it and I never wanted it to end. I was so comfortable around him that I was too afraid to trust this, to give him my full trust.

I felt his hand again on my body, this time he was brushing my exposed arm ever so gently, I closed my eyes involuntarily, a mere touch from him had left me weak and wanting him even more. He was examining me carefully, mentally touching me with his eyes, I was out of breath as I saw his gaze dropping to my collar bone while his hand travelled up there to feel it. His fingers traced my neck, up to my chin and then back to my collar bone. " you're beautiful" He whispered.

I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I felt a strange lump rising in my throat. As if knowing what I was feeling, I felt his other hand wrapped tightly around my waist, pulling me closer to his warm body on the floor.

What the hell are you doing Nouf? that nagging small voice in my head tried to put sense into me but I ignored it by burying my face in his broad, taut chest, his masculine, unique smell invaded my nostrills and I clinged to him even harder.

Suddely, unexpectedly  he grapped my arm and pushed me down on the floor so my back was pressed against the cold marble floor. I gasped with fear and maybe excitement when he clasped his hands on the floor on both sides of my face and lowered his body to mine with so much passion and force that were almost frightening. He was so close to me that I could feel his warm breath on my cheek.I shut my eyes when his breath came closer to my mouth and held my breath with anxious anticipation. With my heart almost running out of my chest I waited for a second, two and three but nothing happend and suddenly a wave of cold air hit my now burning cheeks. I opened my eyes slowly only to see him standing up, and looking as casual as nothing of these intimate events just took place between the two of us.

I was startled. I waited for a minute for him to explain what just happened before I adjusted my clothes and began to stand up with my wobbling feet. 
" you must be very tired, I too need to rest.." He finally talked. His voice was so calm and collected.
"ye-s, I'll leave" I said, my voice hoarse.

" don't forget your bag" He said coldly,and without waiting for a response from me he headed up the stairs to his bedroom,leaving me alone and startled in his living room. with wobbling legs, I clutched my shaking fingers aroud my bag and rushed outside his house with sudden, hot tears of rejection and humuliation forming at the corner of my eyes.

to be continued...