Friday, 10 December 2010

" el 7igraan ega6i3 el misraan"

his cousin and cousin's wife were inviting us for dinner, I spent four, long, real and VERY tiring hours deciding on an outfit, the perfect outfit needed to be put together PERFECTLY, but he didn't know that because he obviously thought that I didn't spend the whole day staring at my wardrobe which suddenly seemed so dull. He simply picked out his dishdasha, did his "nasfa", sprayed half the bottle of his perfume and was ready. I on the other hand, straightened my hair and then I used the curling iron to achieve those perfect big, shiny curls. spent a decent hour on my make up, because I wanted to look perfect, for you Mr , and for your cousin and his wife to " yemdi7oon" your wife. I poured myself into the bright pink " pencil" skirt, tucked my white tee into the "pencil" skirt and finally my fringed leather jacket. I filled the essentials in my small clutch; ruby woo lipstick, a tiny perfume bottle and kleenix.., He was already waiting for me in his car, I got in the passenger seat and began to apply my red lipstick carefully.

" enti eshlabsa?" He eyed me from head to toe.

" clothes?" he never had a problem with the way I dress before so I was very surprised! was he PMsing? I heard men PMS too.

" mu 3ajibni libsich" I've known him for too long to know that he was literally mad at me.

" mumkin etgooli shino elli mu 3ajbik eb libsi?" it was my turn to get mad.

" roo7ay badlai, I'll wait" he simply said. eb kil biroood!!!

I paused for a second. tears forming at the corner of my eyes but I refused to cry. " mani embadla"

" goomai badlai gitlich ra7 an6ir!" his voice got higher.

" shino tabeeni albis mathalan, 3abaya?? libsi el 7imdella mafi shay, o for your information ana 6ool 3umri albis chethii bes enta el thahir tawwik etla7ith!"

" gitlich ma7ib talbiseen thayij chethi, 3l aqal ghayrai hal tanoora! aslan moo 7ilwa, 3indich wayid hdoom a7la."

"gitlik mani embadla"

" et3andeeni y3ni? mrra thania mabeech tishtreen skirts chithii, mu 7ilween 3lech ( mayyit min el7arra)" moo rathi yaskit! moo rathi yaskit! wela sikat! 6ool ma he was driving e7in e7in e7innnnnn, but I ignored, I ignored and played with my phone.

I ignored o za3alt za3la chaida..., during dinner, solaft with his cousin and his cousin's wife, my smile never leaving my face bes ohwa killish ma3a6aita waih, on the way back he was already " mit7asif 3la gad sha3ar rasa" o kil shwai yet7arrash feeni. " moi, tathkreen lamma kinti tadriseen bil bahrain? ayam el mitin, madrii shlon 7abaitich"

WTH? that wasn't funny. " aslan I was thinner. 7asilik bes!"

He laughed. " la el7een wayid a7la, el thahir 6agich el mil7 min awwal ma akhathteeni"

I ignored.

when we got home, he tried to " esaaa7ilni" as much as he could. I simply ignored him because he literally lawwa3 chabdii, 6alla3 el 6al3a min chabdi! oo mako e7saas, he simply thought that I will forget everything and get back to normal in minutes.

after all the 7igraan and 6anagir what do you think he said? " moi, y3nii le mita eb ta7gireeni? I already miss your ez3aaj...wayid"

I won ;)


Bella said...

Wala ench 3ala rasi!! (y)

Please please post noaf part 11 ;$ (a)

Hend said...

LOL!! i always have this argument with my man 3la ehdom so i know wat uve been through !

N said...

Awhh 7aram he loves you!

Bs it annoying telling you to change-.- zain itsaween!

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say, as an unmarried girl, I reaally do love this little snippets from married life. I wish you would do them more often..xx

moi said...

bella: enshalla xx

hend: I never had such an argument! that was a first and the last enshalla ;p

N: he does <3

anon: glad you like my personal posts :) will post more often enshalla! thanx xx

Hend said...

i always always do ! bas ana ma a3aned abadl el sara7a :P u qawia

Shamma said...

lol loved it, my husband would just cancel the whole thing if i did that

-D said...

i totally agree with the anonymous !!!!!

Glitter said...

3afya ;*

Noona said...

zain itsaween may9eer yit7akam ib kil shay, mashalla 3alaich 8aweeya... waaay a7iskom itshawgoon;p
im not married bs i love your random posts hathail kathray minhom;p

Standy said...


me and my husband always fight about clothes and yoom ye'3la6 he does the same thing and my reaction is like yours loool

zuz said...

part 11 ma3alech amir ;p

moi said...

hend: hehe I love "qaweya" ;) thank u!

shamma: LOOL aww thats not nice;p

-D: ;*

glitzy: ;**

moi said...

noona: aww thats so sweet! thank you so much for your lovely comment ;**

standy: high fiiive sistaaah ;p

zuz: min 3yoooniii its up :p