Friday, 1 January 2010

happy new year :D

happy new year my faaaavorite cyber people ;p hehe, shsawaytaaaw hal new year? :D ana I spent it in kuwait ;p with my family and my dear husband :*, we had a barbecue at our house and everything was perfect and cosy :*...and I must say the weather is amaaaazingggg!! hehe I'm happy ;**

love you people o enshallaa this year etkoon fat7aat khair o sa3adaa 3lena kelena

love-moi ;**


serenade said...

ameen! winty b5air sweetie :*

FourMe said...

did nothing.. stayed in where its warm.. was below 0c outside :/

3alaina o 3alech inshala :*

mrayty said...

kil3am wenty bkhair!

i blogged then tried to sleep while the people infront of us where havig a very loud party till like 3am ;Pp

Anony said...

shesma new year :D

Lost b2amreeka. said...

happy new year to you too darliiiing ;* I slept through it :P hehe

Simple Gurl said...

Happy New yeaaar hunii ;**

xoxo ,H

FingerPrint said...

We were in Dubai 6ab3an :P We spent our night having a BBQ by the beach at the Palm Jumaira .. My family and my 2 uncles and their families .. Crazy cold, over-indulgent desserts, good food, great company ..

And we could see the fireworks from Atlantis and Burj al Arab from our part of the beach .. And I took a million and one pics of them :D

All in all, a good new year :D

S said...

Happy new yr!
it was a good end and a great new beginning.. el7emdila ;)
yala khanshoof ur resolutions, let's see if u can actually go through with any;p

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