Friday, 14 August 2009

beautiful nights

I love nights! especially beautiful cold nights..full of sparkly stars night...romantic ones...and so on;p

btw I'm back :D with lots of news and stories;p;p miss everyone;******

so what's new with you my lovelies?


63 said...

I love mornings hehe;p
and welcome back:*
I was just wondering, when will u be back ela u posted;p

moi said...

63: aww hehe =) someone missed me;p, i love mornins too;p

November said...

beautiful pics!

Person said...

a new disney song found its way into my itunes @@
im gonna love you- jennifer hewit-the hunchback of notredame 2
listen to it oo tell me wchya think =p

ps u do like disney songs 9a7?? wela bas john =p

Starlight<3 said...

The sea and the sky are probably two of my most favourite things ever.

Nothing can compare to those nights where you just sit out on the grass and look at the sky filled completely with stars, it never fails to amaze me even after I see it all the time.

Unfortunately living in the city has it downsides, we don't see as many stars because of the lights but there's always the weekend and camping out at deserts

I guess I tend to get carried away. I missed your posts dearly, do update soon!


nosa said...

nights r soo romantic!

welcome bk
missed u around..

Captivated said...

welcome back;** Lookingg forward to read those stories;*

serenade said...

welcome back sweetie, you've been missed :*

Anony said...

eee yalla ba3aref shsarma3a alex o jon :O

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

missed you babe ;**

moi said...

november: arent they?;)

person: hahaha somebody is in love with jon:p!!! yes yes who dosent wuv diseny;p!!

stralight: i miss u girly;* and i miss ur post-like comments they never fail to make me smile:D, will update soon enshallaa;*

nosa: they r;)..thanx;**

captivated: thanx hunny..looking forward ur feedback:)

serenade: aww thanx hunny;** i miss all as well

anonYYY: enshallaa;*

dandoonaa: heyy girl miss u too;**

Candy said...

waaaainech yal 8aaa63a!!
missed ya wayed tara :)

and can't wait for ur news !

Anonymous said...

we missed you!
im a night person too :D
nights are romantic and the shining stars in it just makes it perfect!

Lulwa said...

WB hun ;-***

missed u alot

yallah update us ASAP ;-D

Azure said...


moi said...

7alawaa: missed u too 7alawty;** wallaa ive been busy!

just a teen: wallaa missed u all;*..nights r perfect!

luluwa: missed u too sweets;* i will sooon

azure: thanx :)

Glitter said...

Welcome back love ;-*

Anonymous said...

btkamlen il story malat terki and jana ?? cuz u said btkamleenha oo i waited so long bs now i cant wait any longer abee a3arf itha they got back together or not ;$

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Just Another Blogger said...

wow i love the third pic, i honestly and truly need that !

moi said...

glitzy: thanx ;**** miss u!

anon: enshallah i will:)

social butterfly: okay:)

just another blogger: we all do :D why dont u go to a local spa? u'll feel much better:)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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