Friday, 10 July 2009

confessions of a giant kuwaiti girl

I always have been a big child. I was so tall for my age. It started when I turned four; I was taller than everyone, even the boys. It embarrassed me so much and I remember always asking my mother why all the other kids were small and I wasn’t, she'd say things like; "everyone's different and you are a very special child". It never made me feel better because I never stopped growing. At the age of 10 I became so tall, my legs were impossible! I was the tallest in the entire school and to make things worse I became the best friend of the tiniest, cutest and most adorable girl in school. She was so small and her features were so soft and girly. Unlike myself, my hands were big, my jaw was strong, not to mention my height. I always wished I was her. And she always wished that she was me LOL, of course we found out about that many years later. Anyways, at the age of 14 I looked 20 because of my height even though I was skinny and my thick eyebrows weren’t touched yet. And I didn’t wear any make up but still, I looked older. I couldn’t wear heels since I was already so tall although I liked them a lot and I always wanted to try them, my best friend used to wear whatever she wanted. She looked like a doll with all those pretty dresses and heels while I stuck to shorts or mostly man jeans since I felt self conscious about my legs and most girl jeans were short on me. I loathed my height until one sunny afternoon in California; we were in a vacation with the family. so I was walking down the street with my twin brother(allaa yer7ema), I was so not attractive at that time with my messy ponytail , short shorts , dirty flip flops and the smear of chocolate ice cream on my chin. We were so similar to each other except that I was taller, yes I was that tall, and anyway this man stopped us. He looked really cool with his black shades and expensive clothes. "hello kids" he said.

We looked at each other and then my brother finally muttered "hi"

" is she your sister?" the man asked.

My brother nodded.

"How old are you honey?" the man asked me. I was so shocked LOL and so young!

"14 sir" I said politely.

"You're not really young aren’t you? You're a woman" he grinned while he talked to himself. Of course I don’t remember what he had said exactly but it was something like that.

"Are you interested in modeling honey?" he said.

I looked at him, wide eyed with shock and then at my brother, my brother watched my expression and giggled. "I'm sorry but were not from here and she's a kid" my brother said.

"Look, I won't consider this an answer, think about it and then give me a call. Here's my business card" the man handed my brother the card, winked at me and left.
When I turned back home I felt much confident about my size. Of course I still found it really hard to accept my looks, and I dreamed of a small, feminine figure but when I turned 18 every girl I knew wanted my body and that’s when I started liking the way I look. I didn’t stop growing until the age of 21 and all men I liked were shorter than me but that was okay because I was a shy girl and never dated. Until I met my husband…who became my bf of 3 years..he was the tallest! I looked small next to him, awwal marra 6ab3an;p and to be honest that's the first thing that attracted me to him. now I'm just worrying about the kids. If I ever have one it's going to be a tower:/ since his parents are giants! poor baby..

ps: I still think this tall figure does not belong to me and that I'm small and adorable;p!


Anony said...


Person said...

Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence??
Taben u give me a few centimetres i wouldnt mind abi a9er fog il170 =(

moi said...

anonYYY: kella embagega 3yonatech;p;p

person: haha how tall are u?;p

Monwa said...

wanasa inas idawrron i6ool idwara!!
im tall too bas moo that tall bas compared to my friends i am 3ad amshee oo a6anaz 3alaihum misakeen

ps madre laish i thought you were from bahrain

Person said...

163!! Bas abi 7.5
Sharing is caring tara ;$
Ps i was the one that shoot him Bas i can always bring him bk from the dead for those 7.5 (a)

serenade said...

lol cute post :* everyone is always self-conscious about something,, it's normal..a7la shay ina your hubby is taller than you

Person said...


Indimajt shwaya ;$

Anonymous said...

hehehe ,,, i guess u wont be as tall as i am or r u?, i'm 178 cm,, they've always made fun of me when im young, but girl, when i grew up i knocked them down ;P

Anonymous said...

hehehe ,,, i guess u wont be as tall as i am or r u?, i'm 178 cm,, they've always made fun of me when im young, but girl, when i grew up i knocked them down ;P

moi said...

monwa: yeah height is cool *sometimes*, bahrain is my second country;*** i used to study there;p

person: looool ur height is perfect mashallaaa;p

serenade: yeah nobodys fully happy with the way they r! el7emdellaa 3la kel 7al:D, yeah hes the best;p hehe

anon: i told u im the tallest girl:D, so yeah i can beat u hahaha;p

Anony said...

haw ya3ni ga3da ashoof :P

hehehehe mo layeg 3aleech :P i always thought u're petit and so tiny :P

bs sh3aleeech modeling haaa :P 3ad 3asa you said yes *rolls her eyes*

Anonymous said...

I tried drinking milk for three days so I can get tall bass it didn't work :/, umkin im not drinking rnough milk xD. milk,milk,milk. im the shortest one in the class ;(, ely a9'3ar miny 9araw a6wal miny may9eer!

Person said...

Laa mabi petfect
I hate perfect
Kicks perfect

Abi 170.5

So shlon il deAl i contact arsela ba3dan u?

Ruby Woo said...

I was discussing this issue with a friend lol. I'm 176-177 cm and I tower over all Kuwaiti guys. Shakli maradi bakhithli wa7id agsar mini o ohwa ili byalbis ka3ab. Walla I know that a lot of girls say yaboon my height bas its frustrating. You can't wear heals, you tower over people, etc. Mind you I feel normal if i'm europe for example, it's just Kuwaitis who are extremely short!! How tall are u btw?

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

awal shay mashalaah 3alla il 6ool.. ;*

thani shay trust me every generation is being shorter than ily gabla.. !! :P wallah kil sina ppl yag9eroon.. fa dont worry abt the baby ! oo itha ur worried abt the baby.. il rayal 7alta 6weel ! oo il bint 7ilw itkoon 6weela oo thin.. fa dont worry.. o akeed be9eeroon 7ilween nafsich ;*

love ya ;*

Anonymous said...

fuck. i'm 155 .. hate you :/

Gossip Girl said...

Very interesting confession. I loved this post. You remind me of my younger sister. I'm so sorry to hear about your twin brother (Allah yr7ma). See il7imdillah in the end you got the type of man you wanted ;)

Average.Q8i said...

ilee yabeena 3ayat il nafs Tabgheeeh.
Welee NABEEEH, 3aayya il Ba5at la Yjeeba.

Loo Ta36eene cham gene min ur genes, A36eech 1000 denaar:P.

Standy said...

LOOL!! cute story...

Maitha* said...

elmshkella most 5aleeji people are short! especially the guyz! im 165 and thats tall here in Dubai... but when i travel im so short=s I wonder what we 5aleejis consider as short feel when they travel abroad =s

moi said...

anonYYY: ee wallaa i said yes o ahly shaje3oni 3l maskhara wel tefesekh:P!!! hehehe

just a teen: hahhahahaa ur sooo cute!!!;** short is good;pp trust moi!

person: golay el 7emdella:@:@

ruby: yeah kuwaitis are short, its like im a giant in a land of dwarfs! im 179 close to 180

7aleeb kkaw: awww ur the cutest;** thnx hunny!!

anon: ow:/ dont hate me its not my fault!

gossip girl: its ok it happened along time ago:), yeah el7amdella:D

average: 1000 dinar eshwayyaaa:P hehee

standy: hehe:)

maitha: exactly thats why we feel tall, bs im tall even in europe:P hehe

zuz said...

that's cool! im so short!;p

Person said...

So i conclude ur not sharing??

Anonymous said...

plzzzzzz kamlay el story white!!

post tonight pllllzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Zabo0o6a said...

hehehe, well i always thought i was average height until i got married and since mommy and sis are short and i'm taller than them mestansa 3ala 3mrey 7sbaley iney
6weelah :P
i'm 158 while my husband is 190 :/
bs ashwa i look kinda taller than my average height bs when i entered his house mashallah his family kelhum 6waaal 7ta his 13 year old brother a6wal meni !

S said...

tall ppl can be adorable too! they do tend to say the most adorable things ;p

I'm not tall ;p

nosa said...

im the tiny type.. well not so tiny! hehe

my bones r meduim.. but i was the tallest in scholl till i reached grade 5 ! then i just stopped! n here i am the same as i was then :p
im not almost the shortest amoung my frinds..

i dont mind being short anymore.. i just got used to it.. n sometimes i feel thankful 4 that.. i just hope i get a tall hubby so my kids will be a lil taller!

Shahad;* said...

abe agraaa blog hend:"(

Dreamer;* said...

Hey.. Are you okay?
I miss you and your story and the "creature" :o

Post soon? :*

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

moi is everything okaay !!? i am worried 6amneeni plzz.. ;** inshalaah mako ila il 3afiya.. !

Candy said...

you are so lucky coz the guy you truly loved is taller than you!!!

Zabo0o6a said...

Earth to MOI ! are you alright?

New Bride said...

i wast the tallest in my class till the age of 14 , then i stopped growing :( walah am so short and i`ll kill to be taller . anyway my hubby is soooo tall o shaklna eyth7ek he tall am short even in high heels :)

loved your post and be happy with your hights

Anonymous said...

hiii just want to say missed u and ur posts ;** .. just write any things 7ata law 2 word ;)

The Extravagate said...

lool cute

PaLoMiNo said...

a7laa a7laaa ;p
i'm tall ;P

Glitter said...

enjoying a "tall" vacation??


mysterious eyes said...

im taller;p am 183 a7es am stuck in a country of dwarfs

Anonymous said...

shit im 152... i guess thats okay for a 14 year old right?

Anonymous said...

I loved this since sometimes I think I'm a giant too. I'm 5'8 and I'm in 6th grade. But I loved how it all worked out for you in the end! Inshallah ill be like that!

Anonymous said...

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