Monday, 1 June 2009

let me hold you for the last time it's the last chance to feel again

LOOOOOOL this dude is funny!!!, I can't stop laughing;p;p

I have nothing to say I just wanna show you this doll:P! LOL, qalel adab;$

I'll be off to bora bora, next week enshallah:D

Hmmm, what else..yeah! I need hot swimsuits! any advice?


S said...

i dunnoo bas shop till u drop for it!!
and ENJOOOOY;***
when u see the sea, mo tathkireeeny... insay kilshay ;p

S said...

OH OH i'm first! i havent been that in a loong time!

A Journal Entry said...

3ad tawa wa9ilni msg enna 2morrow eb Te Exibition fee ma3rath 7ag swimsuites o ashya2 il beach!
fee some cute ones eb oasis.. oo 7attan marks and spenser sa3at eyeeb ashay2 7ilwa,,

ooh fe wa7id bil 3ithman yellow eyaanin! o it might be on sale ba3ad!

Average.Q8i said...

No comment.

Bess ina i want to adverise my blog :P.

Errant said...

first time to visit ur blog ..

but wat the hell ! that doll is so funnnnnyyy n so boyyyyish lol

Um Mit3ib said...

ya salaaammmmm :P
7ata el dolls gamaw esawon chithy ;p?

R said...

awal shay abi agola is I GOT ADDICTED TO UR BLOG !! :p
thanii shay ;p
dont 4get to post wintay ib bora bora :p
o tell us itha its nice o tin9e7ena we go there wla la2 ;p

Kindle My Heart said...

LOL! The doll is so pervy :P
Have fun at bora bora :D

Limited said...

HAHAHAHAHA you can't sell this stuff to kids!! An adult doll ..

Have fun in Bora Bora!!! <3 and for swimsuits, just shop around .. and see what you like ..

What a stranger does to me;** said...

umbaaay haahahahaha.. ashkara the one created the doll is a perv ;p aaah BORA BORA.. have fun ;**

[MaDry-Shakw~] said...

Ro7ay top shop..

dawray bikiny lona TWITY..

W CHOOOFEEYYY SH7LATAAA !! u'll love me wala :P

Starlight<3 said...

''You can't play on broken strings, you can't feel anything, that your heart don't want to feel, I can't tell you something that ain't real''. I LOVE that song! :)

LOL, at the doll! and as for the swimsuits, I'm sorry I can't be of much help, I've always been more into a tankini and board shorts!


il shei5a said...

Nordstrom..bes they deliver in 2 weeks;/

Villa moda kanaw imnazleen Diane von Furstenburg Bikini's oo they always have Dolce and Gabana and more Designer swimsuits that are HOT!

Dreamer;* said...

This season's Chloe Petal Edges Bikini. 7ada zouuuuqah, a7ess ye9la7lech;p
Ou haha the doll film! Yaboun ekharboun 3goul the next generation. Mou nag9een more perverted minds haha;p

moi said...

s: lool i will remember u yal sweet;**

JE:thanx for the advice;** i started my shopping already!

average q8i: 7ather;p

errant: i knowww lool, welcome to my blog:D

um mit3ib: la o masek el kora b3d;p, enzain ge6ha o b3den saw she'3lek:o

R: awww 7ayati;**, then dont stop visiting my blog, tabeen gahwa,chai..anything?;p 5al athayfech;p!!

kindle my heart: heehhe, thanx;*

limited: et5ayely 3ad i buy it for my lil nephew?;p

moi said...

what a stranger does to me: looooool yeahh, the doll seems so happy:P, thanx;**

madry shakw: enshallah, i'll go look for it;p

starlight: aaaaaaaah the song is beautiful='),well i want to diversify;p y3ny i want bikini+tankini+1 piece etc etc

il shei5a: i'll complete my shopping tommorow enshallah, thanx hun;*

dreamer: lol thats sweet;p lesh y3ny?, ee wllah mo nagseen! this doll suppose to be a secret;p, bas 3shan enshofha o neth7ak:P:P

S said...

hahaha.. ee i said that on purpose 3ashan tathkireeni ;p
;** bas yeah i heard about the exhibition bas madry shyaybeen...

Candy said...

LOOL funny pic ;p
so hv fun in bora bora..

and ofcourse Victoria Secret is the best choice for a sexy swimsuit moi,for summer; they really got a nice collection :O

~Blat: said...

bora bora ,<3!!!! bas hatha eli baqait agola ;$ ma3endi salfa adri... enjoy ur time honey ;******

lama said...

enjoy yourself;p what a naughty doll!! go to BCBG they have hot swim suites!

Ruby Woo said...

Hahaha shal tanaqoth "the cross"

Have fun in bora bora. I heard that it's amazing.

R.. said...

yalla when is the next post?? ;p

Hayoona :* said...

stay away from sting rays..! and sharks :P seriously

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