Tuesday, 19 May 2009

who needs sanity anyway?(part 2 of 2)

I ran down the wet street with wet eyes and a heavy heart. I couldn’t get over the fact that ahmed, the only person who believed me among all the people in my life, gave me that look, that look that only means one thing. I was mad.

My tears turned to sobs and the rain poured even heavier. I have to find him, please god help me find him! I muttered under my breath…

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, waited two seconds and then opened them again. Talk about magic. Talk about shock and euphoria. Angelo in his flesh and blood was standing right before my eyes.

I blinked once, twice, he was still standing there. Right before my eyes.

"A..angelo?" I hesitated.

" im sorry?" he said.

" you're angelo?" I asked him, more confident this time.

" I'm sorry I'm not the one" he grinned widely, sending electric shocks through my entire body.

" oh..wh..then what's your name?" I trembled.

He frowned. And before he opened his mouth a blonde woman came behind him and held his hand. "Everything's ok?" she almost whispered.

He nodded and they left hand in hand.


a month later

I've seen two shrinks, one of them was too scared of my story and the other one couldn’t help. He gave me anti-depressants, as if they would help. Angelo stopped visiting my dreams after that night, the night I really saw him. I missed him terribly and I hated sleeping so much; sleeping was tasteless without him.

I couldn’t possibly stay awake for a long time; neither could I sleep for more than two hours. So I took two sleeping pills and surprisingly I slept like a baby.


I saw him in my dream that night. but I only saw him breifly. He was sitting on the edge of my bed, He reached out for my hand and held it tightly. " I can't help you anymore Hannah, he needs you, and you need him. I'll leave you now dear, I know you don't need me anymore". he said that and left.

I was hurt to say the least, I didn't understand, who was he? why did he started visiting me 15 years ago and now he quit? I needed an explanation, but I haven't got one yet.

I went to ahmed just like Angelo had told me, he was so happy to see me, and he admitted that he loved me from day 1.

I loved ahmed back, but he was no Angelo. he wasn't that guy who grew up with me, who took care of me, who spent every night with me. who made sure that I slept safe and warm every night...

after two years of my Angelo-free life I'm still looking for answers. and I haven't find any.I'm still with Ahmed, he loves me like no other but I never talk about Angelo, this time I kept it to myself.

I still need answers..I still need help...


madeline said...

aww poor thing:(, he must be a ghost or something?! it's weid;/

Change said...

i think he's just a character her imagination have created so she can move on in life, maybe her life was complicated and she needed the simplicity of following someone’s orders to make her go on and do what she needed to do..
but when her subconscious felt that she didn't need that imaginary help because she found it in someone else the imaginary figure stopped appearing..!!

a3rf wayed tfalsaft but it's just interesting.. :$

Queen Bee said...

I agtee with madeline;\ Is she muslim? If yes, let her go to shai5 dean...This will help, 3ala il aghal yegra 3alaiha, It will help her.

Anony said...

OMG!eksarat kha6er :\

o weya wayha he just left like that :@

bs a7mad seems nice i like a7mad :D

Anonymous said...

he's such an ass:O!! kaify me7tarra!!:@

moi said...

madeline: it is weird, i dont have an explanation for that but im searching..

change: lool no u didnt! i think ur explanation is completely reasonable;*!

queen bee: yes she is and i agree with u except that she lives abroad!

anonYY: yeah ahmed is sweet;**,i dont think we should get upset with the dude:P may3arefha!

anon: looool!!

Anony said...

i didnt mean the real angilo !!!

la 7aram i feel bad for the real angilo a7es ygol eb galba shfeha hal maynona !!

i mean the dream angilo :P ya3ni ba3ad 15yrs !! i know it doesnt make sense!! i dont know how dreams work, or whether there's rules for them :P bsena 15yrs !! 15! :\

yalla maykalef a7mad enshallah y3aweth'ha :D

Limited said...

i have no idea what to think of it actually .. it's strange but interesting but creepy but nice ..=P

Anonymous said...

wow, is this a true story?

love ;** said...

7uby send me your email 3la live.love.28@gmail.com I started a private blog 3n your beloved gang ;p

~LoveStruck Blat::: said...

:'( aww... poor hannah!

FourMe said...

this has to be one of the saddest stories i have ever heard!! poor girl :( I would be devastated if i was in her shoes :/

Starlight<3 said...

Ohh. well some questions are best left unanswered and maybe she should stop searching, ofcourse she can't help but be inquisitive but the more she tries to find the answers, the harder it'll be to move on.


Candy said...

that is just super weird,... =.=
ana fene legafa o aba a3arf sho mestwee weya terky and jana,..i like realistic more than this imaginary angelo crap sorry but that's ma opinion :S

Hend said...

i want to know what has happened to jana and terky i loved their story it was so reall !

Silver said...

t3awer ilgalb:/

moi said...

anonYY: i knoww theres an answer for what she went through but we dont know it yet;p, enshallaaaaah el baraka eb ahmed:P

limited: lool it is;p;p

anon: yep!

love;*: i did:D

lovestruck blat: indeed:(

fourMe: ee maskeena she thinks shes crazy;/

starlight: ur right, some questions cannot be answer, not in this world at least...

candy: ur free to express whatever openion u believe in:)

hend: i will write about them soon hun;*

silver: yeah:/

Jay Anderson said...

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