Sunday, 10 May 2009

who needs sanity anyway?(part 1 of 2)

A dear friend of mine told me a story about herself, a story, my imagination loved so much that it decided to share it with you and make it a more interesting(moi) version. after all that what jobless moi does...she sees people through her crowded, interesting head...

hope you readers enjoy it.


" watch out 7abebti..the floor is wet" ahmed said while touching my arm slightly.

" I'm fine" I pushed his hand away.

Ahmed is my listener and my best friend. He's the one who listens to my delicious, beautifully strange dreams and endless talks about "Angelo" that lacks sanity.
Another rainy day in Cape Town. Another ordinary day to be precise. I made my way down the library's stairs carefully, while he watched me with his intense eyes. " hey..hannah?"

" what?" I looked at him.

"why don’t you spend the night at my place?um… I can cook you that blue cheese steak you like..." he offered.

"hmm sounds tempting, you know what? I guess beef at 12 am wont kill me!"

He chuckled " great!"

We walked to his apartment together, him talking about things I wouldn’t give a damn about, me dreaming about my one and only, my beloved "Angelo".

When we reached his house he changed and made his way to his tiny kitchen, and I sat down on my favorite seat.

Angelo didn’t visit me last night and I needed to tell someone about it, ahmed to be precise, since he's the only one who knows about him.

" um..ahmed?" I called out for him.


" angelo didn’t visit me last night"

He sighed " and?"

" and im upset" I said, while tears stung my eyes. god I missed him.

He leaned against the wall, while I could see him. "Hannah, I didn’t think I would say this, but don’t you think that this Angelo dude thingy is getting a bit ridiculous?"

"I'm sorry Hannah, I do believe you and everything, and you know it! But you have to move on because I'm sorry but the dude is not real."

"I don’t believe this!" my voice broke. " you said you understood! God, I don’t believe this, im outta here!" I took my jacket and ran my way out of his house.

"Are you serious? Hannah wait!" he followed me to the door.

" come back, it's raining! And you didn’t have to get angry!! Im telling the truth! " he snapped.

" go away ahmed I don’t want to talk to you!!" I said between tears.

Angelo. I was 8 years old when I first dreamt of him. He was 12, he was handsome, funny and I fell in love with his smile the moment I laid my sleepy eyes on him. I don’t know if he was real but it's been 15 years with him in my dreams. He grew up with me, he's the reason behind my success, he's the reason behind my happiness, and he's the reason of my existence.

I used to long for sleep just to meet my beloved Angelo, I still do. I love sleeping so much to the point that I sometimes skip my works and sleep early, and when that happens Angelo would yell at me and he would get really upset with me for doing such thing, once he threatened " Hannah if you ever skipped your priorities for me I wouldn’t show up again here, okay?" . and since that day, I haven’t skipped a single priority for angelo, although secretly he was my priority.

I searched for him for whole 15 years, and never found him. I was sure Angelo was real, I mean ofcourse he was, and he's just waiting for me to find him. And I will.

I never told a single soul about my beloved Angelo, except for ahmed, the only person who understood my craziness, who nodded and smiled when I told him my story from A to Z.


Anony said...

im 1st im 1st im 1st :D :P

khal agra :P

Anonymous said...

weird:/ 3ad did she meet him? waiting for part 2 =P

moi said...

anonYY: yes you are:P:D:D

sugar: weird? I KNOW!!, soon enshallah;)

Anony said...

al7een this is a true story, sarlaha 15 sena etshof angelo wala hatha ur part lool

moi said...

anonYY: laa its the true part;p, weird as hell! bas beautiful as hell too:')!

Queen Bee said...

;\ I would be scared to death if I were in her place, I know it's weird bs a7es ina yeniy;/
Alah i3eenah

Anony said...


bs come to think of it! .. a7es wanasaa! im living a life ghair my life! .. im a living a dream!! she's actually living a dream!
ambeeh 7adee 7abeet'ha :D

bs kaser kha6re a7mad a7esa y7ebha :P

yalla yalla part2 .. al7een part 1 shwaya chan ketabtee kila mara wa7da:P

Candy said...

lovely <3

et7amast 3al salfa wanna know wut will happen =D

don't worry about being jobless coz u already got one,ur new job is an author =D

moi said...

queen bee: if u put it this way it is scary:O, but come to think of it, it's adorable and extraordinary..

anonYY: exactly!! i loved the idea too;p, its so exciting:O, wllah i wanted to write more bas a7es gaffalt;/

candy: yeah im not jobless anymore;p haha!

S said...

wow .. haha now that's a story i havent heard before! said...

couldnt a7med be her angelo witfkna :P

Change said...

i'm very intrigued..!! can't wait and see how it ends.. :/

Starlight<3 said...

I love it!

Here's my insight: A7med is the Angelo she's always known but never actually realised? Either that or her real-life Angelo stumbles onto her while she's in the rain =p I'd prefer the first one.


~LoveStruck Blat::: said...

i love it! i think i can relate to that. when i was 13 i dreamt of a guy, of course he has the looks and the charm and the words and all of this crap but the thing is that he kept showing up and that made me feel he was a real guy waiting for me to find him (like hannah here). but then before the end of that year he stopped showing up. i have sketches of him in my diary (not very good ones, but i try). i told my best friend about it but she just laughed at me, and i dismissed it. so its been what? 7 years now? but yeah i guess i dont think she's really insane.

post more post more post more <3

What a stranger does to me;** said...

loooooooool.. this is funny, but I like. Something new hehe intrestiiiiiiing!! ;D

Limited said...

interesting .. bs she never thought that Angelo might actually be a figment of her imagination? like a version of imaginary friends?

zuz said...

thats weird;/ and...cute!!

Candy said...

since everyone is nagging on ma head abt the problem of recieving updates
e7em the easiest way to solve my updates problem is creating a new account
my new place =D

Anonymous said...

Precisely, you are right