Thursday, 28 May 2009


I recieved a very funny mail and I decided to share it with you;p, a woman makes lingerie for married women 3ala their husbands names:P, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ahlag?!!

kash5a sa7?;p, et5ayelaw asawy 3ala HH's name?:P


Anony said...


Anony said...

enzain laish el tartar eli ta7aat

waaaay halaga 3ala osool ba3ad :P

Anonymous said...

WTH 0_0

that would look horrible ! loo anaaa ryal i would burn it on her ass :p

lillybelle said...

omg hahahah theyyy are hilarioussss yet sooo sketchyy hahah <3

Pearla said...

HAHAHAHAAHHAHAH ,, the first one if for (love;**) hahahah ,, he boo is FAHAD :D hahaha ...
ino MA A9DEG :| bs akeeeed 3leehm e8baal ,, i'm sure that jst turns the guy on!! hahahah his name hahahahah

Um Mit3ib said...

alaaahhh yal sakbaa:P

shoug said...

wai3! la3at chabdi... thats disgusting :(

~LoveStruck Blat::: said...

wtf?! what was she thinking!!
ill go stick needles in my eyes now..

Anonymous said...

ewwwwwwwwwwwww...that is so cheap... LOL...


Candy said...

sexy =D
do one for ur hubby name =D

moi said...

anonYY: loool,eshfeech y3ny package:P tartar o ashya2 el theme malhom:P

anon:looooooooooooooooooool it is hideous!!

lillybelle: etha7kooon 9a7?? hahahahha so sketchy:P:P

pearla: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL too bad mafy 3la esim my husbnad:P:P, hahahhahahaha its a major turn off;/!

um mit3ib: tabeen raqamha?:P

shoug: loool bas funny:P

lovestruck blat: eshda3wa;/, its funny:D

mushu: it is:P

candy: 3ashan at6alag wallah:P!! my husband's taste is classier than this:P!!

Anonymous said...

Fee nass lahadaraja ma 3ndhum thou8 ya3ni ma twa8a3t lain haldarajaa ;@!
a9lan fashla lama enass ys2lonha shno your business SHTGOUUUL SWAAD 3AINN !!
wala el 3atheem ..
wl strass 9ara7aa 3ATHAAAB ;P
alah yahdehum bass .

cherriiMuffin said...

HAHAHHHAHAHAHA THAT'S REALLY COOL heheheh I WONDER WHAT'S HIS REACTION WOULD BE lool ..hey i want you to go to my blog and wish my friend a happy birthday please this is a surprise for him<3 please do it for me

What a stranger does to me;** said...

is she freakin serious? waai3 who on earth would buy those? they're disgusting *throws up*

Susy.Q said...

Haha omg this is too sick to look at !
I would so never get them, their cheap lol.
wallahi if my hubby ever got me something like this i would throw him out of the window ..

aghhh gross !
but u seem quit intrested so get urself one ;)

Ruby Woo said...

kameyat il strass 3ind il khaleejiyeen mo 6abee3iya

Anonymous said...

awww.. ur hubby's name on ur ass?? how adorable.. how cute.. howw... nauseating ..

y3ny shno? i'm his property?

moi said...

anon:looooooooooooooooooool 7adda sowad waaai:P, i hate strass too, and hers is soooo cheap;/

cherrimuffin: i would never wear such thing:P my husband and i both would freak out:|, oh i already did wished him a happy bday:D;*

what a stranger does to me: hahahahahha 3leha demand :O egolon!

susyQ:looool it's scary! lol honey iam not interested to buy or wear one, im just interested of the woman behind this idea y3ny was she serious?:O

ruby woo: oh tell me about it;/ and im anti swarovski;/

anon: how nauseating hahahahhaha, madry the idea is sooooooooo hailegeya o '3abeya o et'tha7ekkk:P!

S said...

oh dear God 7aram 3alaaaaich!
la o el kha6 chena kha6 yahal ba3ad!

Anonymous said...

i think ive been scarred for life
oh my poor eyes

Anonymous said...

waaaaay ma 5alaw shay kel shay strass!!! elawi3 il chabd! bas heey she's making profit =P fa 3afya 3alaiha ;D

Hend said...

sexy ! ako set of Pajamas yenba3on eb ma9r maktob 3alehom "Noom il3awafy" they would perfectly match

Hend said...

Next post please

Anonymous said...

sho el hdf mn esma 3ala el ass? :p

lama said...

"wow they are gorgeous, aby shinu ra8amha?"

looool im being sarcastic;p imagine ya3jibny:P

Anonymous said...

kaaaaaaaaaaakkkkk... el5bal shloon 9ayerrr:pP
loo katben el.names in english wayeeeeed ar8aaa3 looooooooooooooooool :D

Even Sweeter said...

Woooooww!! Oscar de la renta must be dead jalous now!!

i mean its so classy

*traaaaaassshhhyy ;p

Kindle My Heart said...

HAHAHA!3abalaha il i5it inna she started in a new trend. 3ad ta5ayilay itshofa 7amat il mara :P
P.S check out my blog

zuz said...

looooooooooooooooooooooool sweeter ur so right:P oscar ra7 yashneq nafsa! heheheheh

moi said...

s:looool e wllah 5a6 yahal;p

anon: hahahahahhahahahhahah im sooo sorry!

sugar: hathy el moshkila;p

hend: lool allah e3afech:P::PP

anon: wallah i have no idea;p

lama: hahah i got scared minich for a sec there;p

anon: the entire idea is disastrous latrag3onlaha;p

evensweeter: hahahahaaaa lat3ayboon 3leha tara shes unique:P haha

kindle my heart: lool, will do:D

zuz: looool baskom e6naza:P:P!

Um Mit3ib said...

yes plz;p

nosa said...


no comment!
aham shay elglb :p

Project Kenya 2011 said...

Ahahahaha waiii3! These panties are so ugly!