Monday, 16 March 2009

stunned! and a bit..scared!

My Bahraini friends came to visit me here in Kuwait. These two girls are the closest to me between all my friends from there. They trust me with their lives and I do too, so anyway, they brought a third girl with them; a girl I've never seen before. They said that she's a good friend of theirs who wanted to visit Kuwait and who really wanted to see me!

I was surprised at first because I've never seen here before and she was really excited when I welcomed them in Kuwait airport. She gave me a big hug and said " finally Moi!! I always wanted to meet you since day 1, hehe, btw I'm A! "

"um day 1?!" I asked, confused.

" sema3t wayed 3anich min L and D!" she beamed.

"Oh, nice to meet you!" I faked excitement, I didn’t know why but I didn’t feel comfortable around her.

Anyways, D's mom is Kuwaiti so she already has a house here, so the four of us went to D's house to have breakfast there. What I like about her house is that the food is always ready! Wela marra we prepared it ourselves, kela zaheb o na6erna there;p, we7na manet'3ashmar, we don’t eat cereals o hal sowalef, LA2;P..we eat the following: omelet, baith o 6oma6, baith 3yoon, club sandwitches, labna o za3tar wraps, na5y o bajela o chabati o samboosa;p, pancakes, waffles, toast mini bites(da5elhom balawi;p) etc etc…

Be5te9ar if you want to have breakfast at D's house, you should fast forever! Anyway that’s not the point from this post; this post is about that girl A…

Elmohim, while we were eating, I asked A what she'd heard about me?

A: sema3t 3an your super powers hahaha! Tgool D enich tegrain chaf o fenyaan o kel hal sowalef, so abeech tegraily 3ogob ma ashrab gahweti!

Moi: thinks "ahaaa" hehe wee hathela eshgayleen, e7em, yeah I do these stuff bas 3ad mu 9ij ya3ny it's something I read about a lot o darast 3elm el ferasa o chethy…

A: I don’t care hehe! Elmohim abeech tegrainly chaf O FENYAN!!

Moi: enshallah hehe, wala ehimich.

As I said before I don’t believe in these things I just studied reading tea leafs ,coffee beans and stuff and I studied face features etc..and anywyas it comes naturally.

After we had our breakfast we sat in the living room exhausted from food. The Arabian, Turkish and French coffees were served along with three kinds of tea and sweets.

L offered me her empty Turkish coffee "fenyan" to read it for her. But before I started, A shoved hers in my face.

A: la la me first! L entay ne6ray hehe

L: sure, 5anshoof sheno ye6la3lech , Moi shedday 7ailech hehe

I smiled and took her "fenyan" from her hand.

" entay et7ebeen wa7ed, 9a7?" I asked her while I looked inside her cup.

She nodded eagerly.

" hmmm tabeena for zawaj?" I asked.

" ella mayta 3leeh!" she said sadly.

" aww I'm sorry, laish mu rathy eyey yetqaddam? hehe shemsawyatla?" I tried to cheer her up.

Her eyes widened and she reached for my hand and squeezed it hard " ENTAY ESHGA3DA TGOLIN?!!! MASAWAIT SHAY!!! …he deserves it…bas manefa3 weyah, shasawy ya3ny aqtela?!!"

My heart was pounding so hard and her hand tightened around mine " let me go!" I demanded.

She stood up and pulled me from my shirt while I was speechless! I couldn’t fight her off, I was seriously stunned and she was strangely STRONG!

" MU MIN 7AGICH TGOLIN 3ANY CHETHY!!!! ana masawait lah 3amal wela se7er!!!" she cried.

my friends rushed to pull her away from me, I was still so shocked to move a muscle I just sat there, staring at her WIDE EYED!

she tried to attack me back but they held her tight and moved her away.

after 5 minutes estaw3abt el mahzala ely 9arat chan A3A9EB!!!!!! and suddenly my eyes filled with tears, chan D tyey..

D: im sorryyyy 7abebti, hathy madry esh6ara 3leha! I'm so sorry wallah ana..

Moi: "my throat tightened" min wain yaybeen hal ashkal el mon7a6a D!!! min 9ejkom?!!! el bnia mu 9a7ya!! taby et6eg@@!!!!!!!!!!

D: wallah madry eshfeha moi! ehya mu chethy.. wallah im so sorry..

Moi: I DONT CARE!! " I started sobbing I was seriously angry, shal mas5ara!!! wa7da awwal marra ashofha tgoom et6eg:!!!

L appeard alone without the freak and tried to calm me down, she said :sorry, I'll end my friendship with hal 5eblaa, bla bla, moi latez3leeen, hathy e6la3at maynoona, blaaa blaa blaa!

elmohim radait baitna wana men9adma:/ o za3lana o ME5TAR3A!! nemt chan a7lem bil maynoona wagfa fogy bil frash o ete7acha strange language o 7a66a her hand fog rasy chan et'hef 3la wayhe smoke aswad :/!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gomt min enoom 9raaaaakh :'((((!!!!!!!!

yours- scared moi:'(


Anonymous said...

hathy shaka ib 3umurha wila shinu:s
oo i think the dream means something!(kaify aftait;p)

Eliza said...

Moi! deerai balich! she sounds scary and like she's got tricks up her sleeves! try asking about 7elmich it might mean something

Silver said...

abbaih!! sij maynona!

t3awthe mn ibles wgray 3ala nafsech!!

bs inshalla mafe ila kil 5air..

hopefully it's just good ol' insanity!;p nothing else!

wink! said...

haha freaky bahrainni girl! yumaaa!! tara the rest of the population are normal i swear !! i think she was insulted ina gilty laha shmswytla!! freakyy!!

lama said...

shfeeha hathy? she is scary! ashkara msawyatla si7er w 3amal!
honey la t5afeen, but check out what the 7elm means with a sheikh or something cause anonymous is right, it sounds bad;/

S said...

ana ma ra7 aftha7 3umry wayid .. bas someone said ina there's a fight somewhere ib 6ireeji, sometime soon, and I win.. since I don't think it's gonna happen, shrayich agoomlaha?!

Glitter said...

MOI !!

Tegrain 3la nafsich 7alan ilmo3awithat, O tell ur friend la eyeeboon 6areech 3indaha again!

O b3dain pls bala igrayat fenayeen, even if it's just for fun, STOP!
SOme ppl take it seriously o yethel ib balhom kel illy itgooleenah, wl wa7ed mo nages aathaam walllah..

Take care ;-*

Anonymous said...

OMG hathe maynoona !!


bara elmawtho3 men ween etyebeen ur pics!! 3ajebeeeeen ;P

serena said... 9ij hathe helegeyaaaa...plz te7a9enay oo egraay 3ala nafseech...cuz this girl mo ne;6efaaa..oo i guess she visited cham sa7er men gabel...
egray sorat el ba8arah gabel la tnamen oo el mo3awethat ..NA9E7AA DO IT :))

Bahraini Barbie said...

IM SO SORRY on behalf of the bahraini people! hathee shakalha mo metrabaya..

9ij loser hathee !!!!!

BABE I hope ure feeling better please dont feel bad shes not worth it!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Moi,
I'm a silent fan, reading from the beginning but its the first time I comment. This girl sounds unstable and from a warped way of thinking. sij stupid o zbala. but I really do suggest entay tegrain 3ala nafsich. don't dwell on what happened or bring yourself down. don't let negative thoughts fester then it comes out in bad dreams. if you have fears just pray or read quran, nothing more soothng than that. take care. hugs.. f

love ;** said...

shofay babe honestly 5aly your mom tigra 3laich, moi intay warch a wedding o zawaj and I am not superstitious bs hathy freaky (sorry), please igray quran and have your mom/dad ygroun 3laich o 3la raylich 9adgeny babe ;**

moi said...

anon:lol, i think so too because it was scarily vivid:S

eliza: iam scared:S and i'll ask someone,thnx;**

silver: sektay ET9ARWA3T:s, bat7a9aaan:'(;p, ehya min na7yat insanity 7ad om el insanity;p;p,thnx babe;*

wink: i knowww honey bahraini ppl are 3asaaal;* bas hathy shatha;p

lama: a3ootho bellaaah:S,7dha 5ara3atny!!!

s: mafahamt! bas laa latgomelaha;p a5af tethbe7ech tara lebnia qaweya mu hayna;p!!

glitter: ee wallah ur right:S after this accident elwa7ed gam e5af!! thanx 7bebi;**

anonY: 7athreeen;)

serena:i did 7abebti thanxx;***, ee 7asait'ha musalsal kuwaiti:S

bahrainy barbie: dontttt apologize wallah a7ibkooommmm;******** ne9 my friends bahrainis, AKARER HATHY SHATHAA;P

anon: i did garait 3la nafsy,thanx 7bebti;* *hugs back*!

moi said...

love;*: i will, thanxxxx honey;**** *hugs*!! btw hows fahad o sara o 9ale7;p?!

Cinderella said...

bismellah el ra7man el ra7eem!
yummaaah menhaaa! 5eft!

fatima said...

laaa seriously that was hilarious!
OMG, i can't believe myaneeen exist this much! that you would pop into one at your friends LOL
hahhahahaa and the best part is the dream

i love you moi.... you are one of a kind

love ;** said...

il7imdilah they are all good, saro is going crazy shway her wedding is in June o she feels like ma3ndaha time lol ;**

how are you coping m3a wedding arrangements?

S said...

lol moi ..feeni 7arra o madry shasawi feeha.
Bas yeah.. igray 3ala nafsich o inshala mayseer ila kel khair..

Anonymous said...

Read el Quran before you go to bed. The girl shakelha msawya balwa and she freaked out when she sensed that you might know... shakilha mal se7r and those things tell ur friends to stay away from her too...


libero anima said...

besmellaaah!! 3an la etkoon emsawyatlich shaiy hay !!
egraiy 3ala 3imrich !!!!

moi said...

cinderella: ee ge6e3a maynoona allah layableena;/

fatima: trut me it wasnt hilarious when she attacked me *shudders!*, awwwww 7ayati entay;*** i love u too!!!

love: since im jobless,el7emdella i have lots of times, i go out everyday with mom,sis,aunt to see bridal stuff;p, so far sawwait fanaaateg;p;p;p!!

s: le3bay boxing;p, i do it ALL the times!

mushu: i did, allah ekafeena eshar;s

libero anima: ET5ASY:@!!! hal bgara!!:@!!!!, ma5alait shay magaraita,im still scared min hal shefa:O

Anonymous said...

AMBAAAIH mo 9a7yaa :|! a9lan men gal enha emsawya se7iir?! ehya eb kaifha galat "ana ma sawaitla 3amal wala se7ir" :O!! walla shakelha emsaweetla oo 7asbalha enich chakaiteeha hehe:P..!! wel dream 7adda scary oo a7iss it means something ;/

Even Sweeter said...

Sa7reta hal freak!! mafeha ro7 ta3al o 3abalha inich chaketeha...

egray quran o 9alai lat7e6 3alaich ;x!

Change said...

wooow..!! SORRY.. yes we do have cham Psycho maniac total outraged freaks in Bahrain..!!
i think you should what everyone tells you.. egry elm3owthat, and STOP with the whole fortune telling thing.. it is scary..!! and send me her name if any trouble occurred..;)

seriously.. take care..!!

S said...

lool .. i do workout bas this week magdar lana mashghoola.. instead, i went shopping, and radait el bait o i reorganized my cupboards!
Don't worry about her, ma ra7 it3eed'ha.. o Change feha libreka ;p She got lucky that time, ma3ana i dont think she got to do much?

zuz said...


3aliya said...

OMMMMMMMMMG!!;P scary creepy!! i think you should see those future tellers or those dream tafseer physcos!!;p haha

Bo Fahad said...

hello all .. laisj ana daymen akher wa7ed yakteb post ?!
ana mu 6ama3 maby a9er il awal bas 3la il aqal il 3 aw il 4 !! ;p
anyway ..
hathy maynona .. mo 9a7yah .. and as i read up there .. la tasketeen .. egray 3la nafsech .. laykon makhtha minich shay malmos .. qe63at hdom aw hir aw ay shay .. egray 3la nafsech aw yebelich shaikh yegrah ..

Anonymous said...

The girl doesn't sounds stable!

Anonymous said...

amby @@
hathy sa7ra @@
egy 3ala ro7ech ;'(
etha sawatlch shay ra7 athb7ha :@

moi said...

anon: ee 3abalha ana musha3wetha;p!

even sweeter: sektay 7dy 5ayfa:s ma5alait sora magarit'ha;p!

change: haha thanx 7bebi;*, i'll do the precautions;p

s: loool 3ajeeb el gym, ana 6ay7atla el gym aby a9eer a39al min ely ana feh;p

zuz: i knowww:O

3aliya:lool adryyyy;p

bo fahad: wllah 3ad enta bared;p, ehny la7eg matla7eg;p,enshallah next time i post agoliik;p

amu:shes not stable

anon: 7ayaaati;** who ever u r;p

Ortizqmxa said...

Moi! deerai balich! she sounds scary and like she's got tricks up her sleeves! try asking about 7elmich it might mean something