Sunday, 1 March 2009


shesalfa?! kelman hab o dab gam yakteb about "being unique" or "stop cloning" or " girls should stop copying eachother"?!! first of all I'd like to talk about the "love stories all over blogger", whoever said that is right because they ARE ALL OVER THE PLACE indeed but that dosent mean that they should stop writing them just because you "DONT LIKE" the fact that there are too many love stories..if you dont like to read it then don't, I admit it, many stories are copy paste of one another bas its not my business ,kaifhom! ,and about the people who "ejamloon" me and write comments just so I'D COMMENT BACK ON THEIR BLOGS , tara I dont comment on articles I dont like.. I mean it shows who's interested in what i have to say and whose not!! and for the record I dont comment on people's blogs so they would comment back on my blog;\!! so flana lata3been ro7ech! and for the so called "old bloggers" I've been blogging since 2003 JUST NOT IN THE KUWAITI BLOGSPHERE ely I joined it later last year on december ,it dosent make me an intruder or to be treated as one, and thats one of the things I've noticed about blogging in the kuwaiti blogsphere , is that some people here are narrow minded , NO OFFENSE, but some offended me.

secondly, ely egolon girls look the same and that they want to be unique by wearing something different. by stop wearing uggs, juicy couture tracksuits, blackberrys etc... YOU'RE NOT BEING UNIQUE, because those things are trends here in kuwait, just like in everyother place in the world.., I lived in a foreign country for four years and trust me THEY DO FOLLOW TRENDS, but the only difference is that they follow trends by making them their own, so for all those girls out there who are trying to be UNIQUE; find what makes you really comfortable ,trendy and UNIQUE at the same time. (ITS EASY)

ps: my birthday is coming....*gulps*!! IM SCARED of getting old:'(


nameless said...

3ala rasy, 3adil kalamich,

.. and to whoever wants to be "unique"
.. it was never about looks.

Silhouette Crime said...

I'm loving the fact ur so blunt in this one! haha well it is true blogging is now about love stories , but everything is good in mild dosages! to admit i am a newbie blogger since September 08, but i wish i was in here before i'm loving it, and right now i'm joining twitter it is cool , but to public if u ask me ;)

sugar said...

loooooooooooool men gal feech 7ara;P

sexy_sour_sweet said...

I am new blogger too, and I think that people shouldn't attack us just because they don't like what they see, plus its true there are a lot of stories, but I for one enjoy reading them, and people shouldn't stop writing them just cause other people are attacking them!!!
Oh, and don't be afraid of being old :*
When You're over 35 start being afraid, and Lie to your self *cough* Like my mom *cough*

Silhouette Crime said...

we never grow old, if just stretch the word young long enough :P

Charmbracelet said...

mm ur first point was hard for me to understand=| madrre what ur talking about honestly bil first the second paragraph is soooo true!

TheLittleLifeOfMe said...

As I mentioned on my blog, they are not being unique in Kuwait because all they do is copy copy copy, and like you said in order to be unique they need to mix it with something of their own.

S said...

lol chenhum mo kafo itrideen 3alaihum..?!
Happy birthday muqadaman;*

*Bella said...

Two words ,, people should get a life ,,!!
Dont mind those losers as i said they should get a life !

I've been a silent reader, and i really admire they way you write & i encourage you to continue. Your on one of my top 5
And happy birthday mi8adamaan ,,

Anonymous said...

for a second u really scared me :S

laish em3asbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wala et'thaygeen khelgech wal ata7regeen damech !!


o ba3deen 3an el 3ayara ahoo shzeenech chenech el bakhat la old wala shay :P

Starlight<3 said...

That's all true but you have to admit there are way to many love stories on blogsphere and most are stereotypical copies of others, I'm not saying it's wrong but there are people out there who have real talent, like you for example but the large number of stories turn off people from reading them.

I think if people enjoy writing they should continue even if they aren't that good, as long as their happy with themselves, and for those opinionated ones, if they think those blogs are a waste of time, why do they bother commenting on it anyway?

Happy Birthday in advance and about the getting old, age is just a number and I doubt you need to start worrying about that yet ;*


lama said...

loool honey who pissed you off?:P
hope it wasnt me (a)!!
you are righ and sorry but FUCK THEM. Im getting lots of those and they are being so mean to me but im just rejcting their comments cuz they mean nothing to me..
w mou 3an shai but everyone has a love story!! its never just a group of people! every girl has fell in love or is going to one day so please you "san3aat" your going to join us sooner or later;) and for you moi, i love your blog, and im addicted, la yhimounich hal banat cause if they had the chance they would go waaaay more than any of us would.
For the unique thing, i agree, each girl kaifha and each girl should find the comfortable zone in her,btw HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAY MU8ADAMAAAN;***

*R said...

lat3a9been tara the ppl are so not worth it babe. :)

±What±Im±about± said...

i can not agree more ! ana ile ygethnii ena laish lama a7ad ysawii shaii mahma kan lazim awal shaii yengdon b3dain ygaldon :S ! wela dayman 3balhom enna that person is copying someone else :S ma adrii laish sara7atan !

about love stories ! sa7 maybe fii waaaayid ! bs ana ashof ena thats a good thing ! wetha fi wayid !? wetha ! SOOO ! i dont get ena lazim yseer shawaya ! ok ma ne5telef 3la ena lazim il.mathmon ykon zain oo akthar min zain to stand out ! bs hatha ma yemna3 ena yseer fe waayid !

oo la t7ergeeen a3sabech faroo7a ! ma7ad yeswa ! elhaaii b.ur wedding preparations ;p oo ur b-day oo ma 3laich menhom ;p
Happy Birthday 7beeebtii ;**

Zaina said...

you're right :D

Happy birthday Muqadaman :*

Silver said...

People love to talk, it will never stop. Just brush it off and continue doing what you're doing. Cuz ur story writing ROCKS! honestly..

And as for those trends, in my opinion kuwaiti girls are one of the most stylish girls in the WORLD. thats why a lot of styles look alike cz we all have the same gorgeous, high maintenance taste:P no?;p

o happy birthday mo8adaman, how many years young are u?;p

Captivated said...

heyy happy birthdayy (even though its still early).. The unique thing.. 7attan ana ppl give me a hard time enna banat lekwait kelhum nafs eshay.. (great example btw 3ala el uggs oo blackberry oo juicy) .. mathalan I find juicy wayed mufeeed! Ooo kaifiii ana mestansa mn blackberry... ethha the materialstic things we own uhma eli make hal nass unique.. well i feel sorry for them uhma shallow.. uniqeness is skin deep mo 3ala the things we own..

Ruby Woo said...

I have a feeling that I was a part of this. What I'd like to clarify about the love stories. I am one who's glad to see our girls expressing their love in writing. There are some that are amazingly talented and I'm proud to see them write. My problem is that even though it's a trend, people still have the right to write love stories. I'm not saying people shouldn't. I only stated that mala da3i just because it's a trend, someone decides to write a story with zero talent and nothing but a repeated story. But if you have the imagination and the skills in writing then go right ahead. Though again, I am not one who dictates who should/should not blog because my blog is also like others that talk about our daily life.

I said that from the beginning, if the girl knows how to write, then I would be a follower and the only love blogs I read religiously were glitter, chicken soup, flana, along those lines, and you (i don't waste my time in mojamalat) because there was talent in the writing, I was captivated by what they had to write about. So why on earth would I comment on a blogger just to have her comment back? I blog for me, not for people to comment, so I could care less if people wouldn't comment. I for one comment on posts that I have a say in them, if I have nothing to say I wouldn't. One thing I noticed is that some of the people who comment on my blog, comment so I can visit and comment on theirs, chinha wa7da b wa7da. Akbar daleel, the occasional ";)" I get from comments.

o ba3dain there's nothing new with "NEW" bloggers, cuz I was new at one point o I still consider myself new cuz I was never close with my old blog as opposed to this one. and I like introducing new ones every once in a while.

Mu 3an shay, bas if someone wants to be unique by dressing different then so what? It's not wrong, it's a fact that all girls look the same. I'd love to be unique but that doesn't mean I can't wear uggs, or own a blackberry but that has nothing with being unique or not. What I was saying is that by adding your own touch to it, you'd stand out (and I believe I wrote a post about that) So I agree with what you said about the trends thing.

I'm not really sure if you were offended by what I wrote previously. I'm not even sure you were talking about me, but I just wanted to clarify things.

Bo Fahad said...

hello .. 7abebty ur in Kuwait .. atleast we are open minded a7san mn other countries .. for me .. i`m open minded .. and keep writing and do what ur best at doing .. malech she`3el fehum .. ely yaby 7ayah Allah wely ma yaby .. `7aleh ywaly .. wely ma yaby aw mo 3ajbah .. laish ydesh mn il asas ?! w shno ya3ny fe wayd love story blogs ?! everyone falls in love !! wela hathail no3hum kilshay 3aib w 7aram w may9er ?! ilnas ew9elaw ilgumar .. w uhma still close minded !! hillary clinton rashe7at nafs.ha le aqwa dawlah bil 3alam w uhma still close minded .. anyway .. adry tefalsaft .. bas mn il 7arrah wAllah .. !!
waiting for ur next post ..
and .. HaPpY BiRtHdAy !!! kel 3am wenty b`7air :)
mithel ma sexy_sour_sweet said .. when ur over 35 start lieing .. as her mum and mine :P
athkerha mn il`3azew tgol 3umerha 32 .. and she still is :pPpPp
Allah y7afe`6kum we6awel ba3markum kilekum :)

wink! said...

happy birthday!! xx
i laughed so much at what you wrote u actually made me smile so early in the morning..!
ooh about the trends btw ppl a9lan a9lan a9lan to9al lina iltrends mit2a5ra.. y3ni u can be unique if u wear 9rwal a5'9ar o hair ties on both end bas i dnt see ppl actually doing it cuz it's away from the norm. o la ba3deen bgoloon ishfeeha thy mub labsa o b3d byntgdoonha hal mskeena!
o i agree with you whatever blog u dnt like ppl shouldn't read.. y3ni if u had 50 books o 45 minhum not worth ur time u will close the book o u wnt read (I'M SURE YOU WON'T READ IT) fa do the same remove them from the follow list and stop reading.. WTH lazm ilnass wayd judgmental? o obviously the "exquisite" blog that are worth reading every1 is reading.
moi ana agoool mala da3i it7rgeen a39abech o 6aaaf! ;)

moi said...

nameless: ur right, even in a shallow society like ours,people notice the personality:)

silhoete crime: actually im too blunt eb kel shay lol

sugar: read the title of the post;)

sexy sour sweet: loooooool forever young i wanna be forvever young,u know the song?:P

silhoete crime: thanx;**,ur absolutely right I FEEL 18:D:D

charmbracelet: yemken 5ala6t el 7abel bel nabel bas its pretty much wathe7 to me;p

the little life of me: you wont be unique by stop wearing the things you like,and unique is not always about the looks

s: thanks 7ayati;**

bella: thank you, im really flattered:)...and thanks for the wish;*

anonY: ee 7abebti entay s'3era lel7en madashety eb ur late twenties:P 9eray twenty-shesamona and u'll feel old like me:(! and thank youu;**

moi said...

starlight: ur right about the HUGE amount of love stories,they r too much that while i was writing mine i wanted to stop:S ,like it lost it's touch\taste if u know what i mean, but letting go is the purpose of this blog so i continued for the sake of it..thank you;*

lama: i woundnt write my love story in a blog because its something too special to be written here:), i wrote this story because i wanted to show people something and i hope it showed at the end of the story..thanks 7bebti;*

R*: ur so sweet;* thanks..

what im about: i have to disagree with u on that, i dont see it a good thing enna fee wayed love stories l2na el salfa 9arat sa5eefa,ya3ny MANY are writing stories for the sake of following the trend:s and thats not even fun to read... thanks hunny;*** lool its cute when u call me faroo7a:P:P

zaina: thankks;***

silver:thanks;**, i love ur way of thinking;p,actually im turning twenty-something:P:P:P

captivated: I COULDNT AGREE MORE!!! unique-ness is whats inside! thanx;*

moi said...

ruby woo: i agree about many are writing love stories for the sake of following a trend, they are not even interesting and i never commented on a blog im not interested in although many commented on my blog so i'd comment back on them.

when girls stop wearing what they like for the sake of being unique and standing out then ur not being unique at all because what u like is part of ur personality and i believe that uniqueness can be acheived during ur personality, and there is absolutely NOTHING wrong about wearing clothes that arent trendy if its part of the person's personality. and thanks for thinking that i have a talent:)

bo fahad: looooool ya7lelha elwalda;p, thankss:D

wink: bel3aks mu ga3da a7reg a39aby i just wrote my openion...maybe el trends yo9lon met2a5er 3ndna but if u were a fashionista o u read vogue\bazaar and other fashion magazines,u'll know whats in and whats out.

Candy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Candy said...

wohoooo happy birthday to u moi :DDD
LOOOL,2 be honest,seriously,the only love story
that i was following in blogsphere was yours
& i enjoyed reading it 2 the max...
i was commenting not coz LOL! coz wanna get comments from u,wallah a9lan maybe u wil think am weird;
but i don't want 2 have so many comments on ma blog,or if there is no comments,it will be good,coz i don't wanna be one of those who will shut her blog coz someone knew my identity !! i want to be mesterious as possible as i can,coz i know some swalif o situations that happened 2 me i wrote in ma blog,if someone i knew has read it,he/she is gonna know that's me <_<
if my opinion doesn't show my opinin abt some intersting post,why would i bother by commenting,although there is many nice blogs around 2 yours..

sexy_sour_sweet said...

LOOL Moi!! ahhh I wish it's possible, but unfortunately we're not Vampires (twilight affected me too much) *rolls eyes*

Traveleer said...

UGG boots! they were hot in the UK 4 years ago! FOUR years, and they are only the trend in Kuwait now?

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