Tuesday, 27 January 2009

true story

for those of you who ARE STILL WONDERING , yes it is a true story, and jana is not me, she is someone im proud to write about, iam a part of the story though, and im sure you figured out meno ana in the story by now. maybe the story is against our kuwaiti islamic traditions, but back in the day , we lived like that, and i wont lie and edit things just to please everyone, i did edit events that werent necessary but im sure i didnt miss the point of why i wrote this story. no one's perfect and im sure each one of you did things that you werent proud of, or things you wont do again. i wrote this story to let go of that past that has been haunting me , and so far it feels goooooooooood:)



Anonymous said...

i loved the story and never really wondered whether its rue or no :) .. im just enjoying it ;)

S said...

U know we love u, don't you ??
I'm waiting for the next part! oh and what u said.. just makes the story more interesting ;) o ba3dain it happened.. who cares if anyone's against it now?
jelly beans?

moi said...

anony: thanxx:)

s: i love u more;***, ur absolutely right WHO CARES;P

S said...

again... jelly beans ;p ?
They're a real treat!

moi said...

s: why not;p,i mean they wont do any harm, they'll just gimme tummy ache;p, THEY DO

Gutter Flower said...

i totally agree with u.. no one's perfect.. we've all made mistakes.. it duznt matter if any1's against it kz they cant change the past.. none of us can.. and i absolutly LOVE ur story! and now i love it even more kz its true! never change the way u write kz it's amazing and it keeps us wanting more every time.. oo b3dain its sexy =p hahaha.. we love u!

Candy said...

ur so damn right!o bel 3aks jana story show me what's happening around me :D & i like honesty rather than saying;laa hal shay ma ye9eer 3endena! n8e9 o neth7ak 3ala mno? really to be honest walla 3ala ayam our mothers,there were more liberty than now,<_< i was shocked when i've heard their relationship affairs,
seriously.ur story compared nothing to what was happening :P i mean the events..
what i like abt ur story that its true :D
i think am gonna be a loyal reader of ur blog

My.Silhouette.In.Red said...

"I am going to speak my mind because I have nothing to lose,"

I always go by this saying.

Speak your mind w tell the truth the way it is. Weli mo 3ajbah kaifah.

JuMaNa ;) said...


I LUV U !! looool

e5thay raaaa7tich 7ubii :P ketbay elii tbeeena

and we are all going to read ur posts =D !!

Anonymous said...

hii i love ur story bas 1 thing, you need to write faster im to egar to read

Zaina said...

Babe, really, who cares;p ma3alaich minhum, ignore them!!!;p
seriously, they have nothing else to do than il ligafa and trying to figure out who's who;p don't pay any attention to them;p

annd we love ur story :*

sexy_sour_sweet said...

<3 the attitude;*

Music, Happiness, Love said...

dont care wat others say.. i love ur story thats all that matters

love ;** said...

I am so glad that your story is based on real events because I wanted to write my story but I was scared about what people might think because not everyone wants to hear the truth...I just wanted to thank you for giving me the courage to start!!


Anonymous said...

sorry... adri 7adi dasha 3ar'6 bain all these comments... and i doo love ur story very much!!! and who cares if its true or not!!! and if it is.... so what? this is life!!! we experience, learn and move on!!!!... but i have a question.. am i the only one that doesnt know who u r in the story? farah?

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

ahlaaan.. :* hope ur good now.. !!? who cares if it is true aw laa2.. !!? il mohim ur doing a nice job... oo kilmaan makes mistakes.. oo we all learn min them.. 9aa7 wella laa2.. !!? oo cant wait 7g il baji.. WBAQ LOVE

mwaaaahhh !!

Limited said...

actually i like it more cuz its real .. that we know stuff like this can happen around us .. its about time people opened their eyes to the world around them instead of saying "no no stuff like this dont happen here" and blah blah blah ..

we still love u :**

moi said...

gutter flower: haha;*** im glad u like it! i like u;*

candy: yeah well truth hurts sometimes;p,thanx;**

my silhoete in red: ur absolutely right

jumana: love u moree;**

anony: i know dear:) i'll write next part soon;*

zaina: i love u;*

sexy sour sweet: haha 7athreeen;***

m,h,l: thanxx;** i love u guys

love;*: ur welcome dear:), speak ur mind!

anony: lool, i wont say who iam in the story, u'll know by the end of the story enshallah:), glad u love it:*

7aleeb kakaw: iam gooooood;****, thanx 7abebti, lovee uuu;**

limited: absolutely, i love more;**

Jacqui said...

Regardless of whether its a true story or not it's a great story and one we should read and learn from.. we all made mistakes in our lives and maybe by airing out our stories we can warn others or advise them on what to do or how to deal with things :s

So way to go for telling a true story babes :*

Lost b2amreeka. said...

awww 7ayatii.. you tell them :@ hehe a7ib ur story (a)

Captivated said...

laish el nass maleeqeen oo qaseb be3arfoon true or not!!! WHO CARES!! To readers.. its supposed to be a nice story to read!!! el legafa mo 9ej!

ur writing is amazing.. 7addii i enjoy reading ur story oo can't wait till ur next post!!

Cuteness said...

bl3ks ur story is great suwaa' kanat a true story wala l2......we luv u ;**