Wednesday, 7 January 2009

honesty award tag thingy

maly 5lg akteb el conditions o el rules o madry sheno so i'll write the 10 honest things right away;p

1- i hate thongs

2-im in love

3-i have many many gfs but my best friend is a guy

4-im allergic to almost everything

5-jeans suffocate me, i live in dresses

6-i think 5ubez o jeben o chai is art!

7- blonde hair annoys me

8- i say "ya3ny" 5 times ebnafs el jumla:P

9- i want to live in bora bora and shower under the rain everyday!

10-im more of a giver than a taker

i'll tag anyone who wants to be tagged;p


FourMe said...

I hate thongs tooooooooo!! ew etloo3 chabdi minhom! Its like a permanent wedgey

Cooookies said...

alot of fans of bread n cheese .. where r the ice cream fans;/

zuz said...

eyanin 5obez o jeben o chai:P, o el thongs lo3aa!

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

5ubiz iraniii 7aaaar with jibin glaa9 :P !! oo chay 7aleeb hehehe

moi said...

fourme: ee ge6e3a;s o kelesh mu comfy wla SEXY

cooookies: ana ice cream fan tooo:P

zuz: agolich art;p

7aleeb kakaw: ee a7essa fa5er:P

eshda3wa said...

if u ever move to bora bora
tell me 3ashan i come visit u !

Limited said...

bl3ax i live in jeans! i cannot survive without them!

and LOL @ the 5ebz w jibn w chai .. i must say though its amazing =P

moi said...

eshda3wa: enshallah:P

limited: jeans is sexy:P, i wear jeans bas i love dresses more!, ee el 5ubz o jeben yumm;p

Anonymous said...

i live in jeans , i hate dresses
i hate 5bz oO jbn , i hate thongs