Thursday, 15 January 2009

help moi!

i cant sleep :( , i cant stop thinking of him..

im so in love with him, and he proposed million marra , why cant i just say yes?

*sigh* whats wrong with me?;\

if any of you have such problem , please share with poor moi:(, if not,what should i do?!!


FourMe said...

ahhh my dear girl alah y3eenich!

some people write down a list of pro's and con's and see if that person is right for them. Others take a week or a month apart so they can make it crystal clear what they want. tara byee wagt that he won't propose again. Simply because el rayal mn ynrad wayed tnjri7 karamta o 3ogbha eydoos 3ala galba w yamshy..

I don't know how I can help you but if you are really head over heels over him and he feels the same way then go for it! Nothing more beautiful then being in love and ending up together.. 9alay 9alat elstkhaar and maybe it will help guide you..

I'm a night owl so if you need a shoulder to complain on am here :)

raby eywafgich w yjm3ich ma3a weld el7ala ely ys3dich inshalla :)

M said...

ooooh :( 9aly istekhara o illy allah kabtah bey9eer, itha you've been in love mn zeman inshallah you'll be happy.. imagine your life without this person if you feel something is missing then don't let him go!

S said...

I think u should do all 3.. 9alay 9alat istekhara.. o id3ay ib far'6ech..
then imagine ur life without him, as M said.
Then list the pro's and con's, as FourMe suggested, just to be certain.
And if it's yes, stress on the pro's ;p

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

i agree with them just 9alaat 9alaat ist5araa oo id3aay rabich.. ooo uhwa ma tagdam lich malyoon mara ila uhwa shareech.. ya3nii yabeech.. fa just dont go ahead with it..

allah yaktib feeh il 5air inshalaah :* !!
alla y3eenich oo eewafgich inshalaah oo if u need anything i am here for u.. !! ;)

moi said...

fourme: everytime he propose af9el 3leh:S, i dont know why,and ur right beyey wagt betlo3 chabda:S , thanks 7ayati;** i will do kel shay and eventually enshallah 5air be9er

m: i cant live without him:|, thanx:**

s: will do:),thanx;**

7aleeb kakaw: ur absolutely right, thanxxx a million:** , u guys make me feel like saying yes:P!

Even Sweeter said...

Saaaaaaay YEEESS!! Walla u'll regret it ba3dain;** alla i3eenech love!!Aww how cute!1 you cant live without him!

Anonymous said...

If u cant live bdoooonah then saaaay yes oo live the rest of your liiife m3aaaah
i've been in a similar situation.. NOW I think knt a'3baaaaaaaaaa ensanaaaaaa fel dniaaaa ma kaaan y7taaaay afaker !

three letters made us happier akthaaaaaaaar 3n gabel ib malyooooon maraaa :')

Music, Happiness, Love said...

well i dont have any experience but if ur heart says yes then u shud say yes!
gd luck!

moi said...

even sweeter: enshallaaaaaaah:P, thanx;***

anony: sheno el three letters??!! o did u end up with him?!

m,h,l: YES:p!, thanx:*

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

ur welx.. hun. :* ! oo saay yes.. !! cuz believe uhwa shareeech.. oo u rarely find guys like him.. !!

7afsa said...

i believe the three letters are y e s ?:p
bs ee, sounds like u want to say yes bs mikhtar3a min the change, say yes, khi6ba mu zawaj:p one step at a time, khe6ba, see how u feel, if its a yes then its a yes, if its a no then khala9, alah mu katib!

moi said...

7aleeb kakaw: i knoww!;**

7afsa:ambe mu55y thareb:$! or maybe the three letters are "i do?" :P, u make sense!

Cooookies said...

9alay 9alat istekhara .. maybe u need time off .. discuss it with him and takin e few days off think of things clearly w/o any distractions or extra pressure .. then reday 3alaih

Btw beyee youm n he'll stop proposing .. don't waste ur chances .. ur lucky enough to realize ur inluv with him now while he still want u =)

Mwafeggah nshallah ;*

Chip'n'Dale said...

It sounds like ur heart wants to say yes bas ur brain is saying no..maybe u should start thinking about why you DONT want to say yes and work from there, dunno if im making sense!
My only advice is: Trust your heart.

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

9ara7a ma 3ndy experfience wayed in relationships =\

bs if your heart says yes, then where is the problem?

moi said...

coookies: wallah i know im lucky:), thanx 7bebti;**

chipndale:lool, u r making sense ;**thanx

dandooon: yeah wheres the problem:(

Gone Bonkers. said...

hi :)
ana agool af'9al shay inech t9aleen 9alat istekhara w enshaAllah you'll feel better.. and you'll be able to see the signs, either you'll feel good about it and say yes, or you'll find an answer in a dream, or t9eer sha'3lat tgarrebkom lba3'9 akthar...

3iiny min Allah 5ayr w b3dain kel shay minnah sub7anah 9ala7 lech .... Allah ywafgech :)

Candy said...

hi sis,
wallah i had a friend who has the same issue of
enha mb merta7a lel elle te8addamelha,so
9alat 9alat el esti5ara,see if u feel that ur heart is comforted and happy toward hal person,
see,if not which is apparently is in ur post,
from the begining say yes;coz el esti5ara bas lelle mb 3aref of mo7tar o hesitated if she must say yes or no,
hope that helped u

Candy said...

i mean say no,in ma previous post,
بلاني قمت اشفر <_<

Lili3 said...

"the heart knows the best" but remember the mind does too. So think it over, if it felt right, and and it looked right, say yes! ^_^

Zaina said...

laish my comments yikhtifouuuun !!! aarghhhh!
I doubt this one will go throughhh

Fastidious Babe said...

its very simple: can u live without him? does he make ur life worthwhile? advantages disadvantages.. why r u saying no? think of all that in detail, and take ur time!

finally, istkheeree wtwakelay 3ala alla whatever u chose! x

eshda3wa said...

so u love him

but dont want to marry him?

commitment phobia?
cold feet?

maybe u should talk to a therapist to see whats wrong??

moi said...

thanx all:*** i think the problem is solved now:*

Anonymous said...

u should say yes ;p